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Zolue Solution (ゾルエ溶液) is a standard ingredient found in most YGGDRASIL potions.


Zolue Solution is a common ingredient necessary to produce YGGDRASIL potions.



Acting similar to a reagant, Zolue Solution binds magic to potions. To make a YGGDRASIL potion Zolue Solution must first be added into the bottle. The potion brewer will then activate their brewing skill in order to infuse magic into the bottled solution. During that time, an appropriate amount of YGGDRASIL coins will be automatically deducted as payment for the cost of production.


  • Zolue Solution was mentioned in the Web Novel.
  • Zolue Solution is a fairly common ingredient needed for potion-making. Thus players with a guild-base gain access to an unlimited supply.
  • There exists other types of solution needed to create special potions but those are event specific items. Normally YGGDRASIL players would only use Zolue Solution for general potions.[1]


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