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Zoastia (ゾーオスティア) are a demi-human race living in the Abelion Hills.


The Zoastia were one of many races that Jaldabaoth enslaved as part of his demi-human coalition to attack the Roble Holy Kingdom.


Zoastia are carnivores with the upper bodies of beastmen. They were relatives of the centaurs and the orthrous. They wore plate armor and carried round shields.


Zoastia have no special abilities, but they are a heavy cavalry with the savagery and strength of wild beasts. Just one of them was very powerful. However, due to their lack of special abilities, they do not fare well against adventurers who could cast the [Fly] spell. Still, in a head-to-head clash in battle, even orichalcum-ranked adventurers would have a hard time dealing with any of them.[1]


Zoastia are often relied upon by orthrous for things. It was apparently a relationship similar to the kind between goblins and hobgoblins.

Zoastia put a lot of emphasis on self-discipline. Though bestial in nature, making animal noises was considered proof of not having emotional control and was seen as a shameful display for an adult.

The Zoastia had no particular preference for manflesh. To them, beef and horse meat were better. However, most of them would prefer fresh human meat to beef jerky.[2]

Known Zoastia


  • Among the Zoastia the title of Demon Claw holds great prestige as the strongest warrior in the race.


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