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Zero (ゼロ) was the leader of Six Arms, Eight Fingers' security department. He was killed by Sebas.


Zero was a giant, bald man with half of his face and body covered with tattoos of various beasts. There is a panther on his legs, a falcon on his back, a rhino on his arms, a buffalo on his chest, and a lion on his head. Everything about him is large. The outlines of his muscular figure can be seen through his clothes. The cold glint in his eyes belongs to that of a seasoned warrior.


Zero was a strategic thinker who's always composed, examining any situation calmly. Given his experience, he was observant enough to recognize that the hole made by Sebas on the iron door of the brothel was made by a fist, not a magical item.

Zero was very arrogant and confident in his strength and skills to the point of stating that he is the strongest in the Kingdom and will make Gazef and Brain kneel before him someday.


At some point in the past, Zero met Davernoch and recruited him into joining Six Arms of Eight Fingers. In return for joining the criminal organization and to use his magical powers under his direction, he helps fulfill the undead's request. This was by having Zero introduced the undead to someone who was willing to teach it magic, and paid it appropriately.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Zero, along with the executives of Eight Fingers, meet in an undisclosed location to discuss various issues affecting the organization. Zero offers to assist Hilma with his resources but was turned down. However, one of the executives, Cocco Doll, requested for his security services in order to reinforce his hold over his declining slave trade division.[1]

After learning that the brothel had been seized and that Succulent and Cocco Doll were captured by the authorities, he orders Six Arms to bail Succulent out, as well as gather information on those who were responsible for the attack on the organization and punish them in return.[2]

When Sebas Tian is told to come to a warehouse alone due to Tuare's kidnapping, four of the Six Arms were there waiting for him. They engaged Sebas in combat but failed to even scratch him, resulting in them all being finished off effortlessly by Sebas. The other two members were waiting elsewhere and encounter Brain Unglaus, Climb, and Lockmeier. Succulent had disguised himself as Tuare in an attempt to get them to lower their guard down but fails and is next defeated by Climb and Lockmeier. Zero and Brain engage in a fierce battle but are interrupted by Sebas. Not believing that Sebas could kill four of the Six Arms by himself, Zero puts his duel with Brain on hold and attacks Sebas with his strongest attack. It, however, does nothing to the butler and Zero dies from a powerful heel dropkick.[3]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

After Eight Fingers collapse, Zero found himself without a job and switched his talents as a worker. At a bar he was approached by his old colleague Hilma who invited him to work at E-Rantel using her new position at the Pharmacist's Guild. Zero not wanting to be indebt to her refused and continued resume his criminal ways. Uninterested in starting his new career as just a worker, Zero intended to build a new organization with his comrades in Six Arms. In public he acted as an outstanding worker to build trust but behind the scenes he worked to build a new syndicate with him acting as the head. His nascent criminal empire started slow but was gaining momentum however he and his comrades lost their noble backers as the Kingdom was cracking down on all illegal activities as part of their concessions to the new Tripartite Alliance. Though this set Six Arms back, it opened a new opportunity to head to E-Rantel as it was becoming the new center of the world. It was there Zero intended to make a comeback and prove to the world he was the strongest in the three nations.[4] Later in order to destabilize the Tripartite Alliance, Zero made a deal with Zurrernorn to complete their Death Spiral ritual. The criminal kept his comrades in Six Arms out of the loop of the plan but they followed his direction and worked with him to guard the site of the ritual thinking it was just a normal job. He was the only member to escape when Blue Roses and their allies attacked.[5]

Blue Roses was assigned to capture the fugitive, But later he was found to be at a venue of the summit of the Tripartite Alliance having accepted an offer from Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix to join the Baharuth Empire and hence giving Zero immunity for his crimes. As part of a demonstration the participated in a mock battle against Gazef Stronoff and Soi. He was defeated by Gazef in the battle.[6] Due to him gaining amnesty for himself and by extension his comrades, the surviving members of Six Arms were freed. They acted as a unit to train and lead a group of workers to fight against a horde of Chaos Beasts that were heading towards E-Rantel. Zero was ordered by the emperor to lead the monsters into the Quarry where the imperial knights would box the Chaos Beasts and eliminate them. Zero followed his orders to the letter but when the reinforcements came he expected them to join in the fray. They did not and Zero suspected something was off. He then called his comrades to get off the quarry floor. That action saved their lives as the quarry floor was broken apart by a mechanism activated by the knights, causing the workers and Chaos Beasts to fall into the Melting Pot. The trap dissolved everyone that fell into the pit killing them. Zero friends who survived the trap watched in horror at the lengths of which the Bloody Emperor would use to achieve victory. On the contrary Zero praised the action as the best method worthy of a leader.[7]

Zero would return to Arwintar and be granted an audience with the emperor. Though he knew that the emperor used him and his workers as bait and caused many deaths of those under his command, there were no hard feelings. He also heard of what transpired in E-Rantel and how Jircniv was nearly executed by the Demon Emperor and was sympathetic having heard the rumors and new title of Bloodless Emperor that Jircniv had been smeared with. Still Zero wanted to be compensated for his part in helping the Emperor in his plan for culling the horde of Chaos Beasts. For his reward, Zero demanded to become one of the Four Imperial Knights as there was a position open with Nazami Enec's death. Though Zero's request for the position was not unreasonable, the emperor was hesitant to give it to him as he noted that the worker was not there when he needed him at the execution platform and that he wished to have another as his knight. Zero realized that this other was the "Dark Warrior", that the emperor had taken a shine to after being saved him him. Seeing that he could not compare to such a warrior that the emperor was fixated on, Zero asked what would he have to do to be granted knighthood. Just so it happened Jircniv wanted to make use of the skill of the worker.

Apparently since the emperor's image had been attacked due to the scathing rumors of his cowardice at E-Rantel, several nobles had been conspiring against him. He requires Zero's help in corralling all the detractors which Jircniv first requires him to take care of the undead in the Katze Plains. From the emperor Zero is told to tame the Captain of the Ghost Ship that lurks in the cursed land and recruit it to be a new member of his latest incarnation of Six Arms. Zero then proceeds to gather his two remaining comrades in Six Arms, Malmvist and Peshurian and several other workers on a undead subjugation into the plains. The workers delve deeper into the plains, culling undead and seeking the Ghost Ship. Zero and his comrades make the acquaintance of two strong workers named Regi and Shizuni. All the workers hired by Zero, aside from Regi and Shizuni, survive by the time they locate their target. Iguva having become the new captain of the Ghost Ship tries to kill the workers, but Zero defeats him. He gives the undead a choice to serve under him, and promises to grant him his wish to attain magical knowledge. Iguva faced with death agrees to the terms and becomes a member of Six Arms.

Upon the return back to Arwintar using the Ghost Ship, Zero hosted a small party at the hideout to celebrate Iguva's joining the ranks of Six Arms. Zero having taken an interest in the abilities of Regi and Shizuni, sends out Malmvist to evaluate them and recruit them into Six Arms. After the women accept the invitation, Zero he brings Iguva to the conspiring anti-Jircniv faction to prove that he has a means to safely transport the nobles through the Katze Plains by using the lich's abilities to pacify the undead. Though the nobles are initially wary of Zero's previous affiliation to the emperor, they accept his service believing that they effectively bought him and allow the worker to be incorporated in their plan to oust the "Bloodless Emperor". He learns from the nobles that they planned to establish a smuggling route to the Slane Theocracy and import weapons and slaves to bolster their forces in a coup to remove Emperor Jircniv.

Zero then leads the newly reconstituted Six Arms to the Katze Plains to confirm the safety of the smuggling route of the anti-Jircniv faction. Aboard the Ghost Ship, Zero is told by Iguva about the threat of the local Skeletal Dragons. Though the appearance of those monsters are rare, one appears coincidentally in front of them. Zero has a chance to see the powers of Regi and Shizuni and is satisfied with the results and direct the team to resume their survey of the area and route. A day later Zero at the hideout informs his team that the route will be in use and that they will act to dispel attacks by Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts. Not only will they be escorting cargo but also the nobles in their carriages through the fog to meet their partners in the smuggling operation.

En-route to the rendezvous point with the Slane Theocracy, the convoy is intercepted by none other than the three remaining members of the Four Imperial Knights. The nobles unperturbed cockily believe they are at the advantage, until Zero reveals that he is a turncoat and sold them out. Six Arms and the knights quickly dispatch the rebels and arrest them. Zero seeing that he successfully rebuilt his team, admitted to them though he wished to gain the status of an Imperial Knight, he would have abandoned the idea for the former as he sees its stronger than ever.

Zero seeing that he fulfilled his part of the bargain asks about his reward. Nimble informs Zero had skill and ability for a Imperial Knight, though he would still have to test his strength against one of the current members. Zero understanding asks for a duel but the knights requests at another time as the prisoners took priority. Though Zero was not promoted immediately as a Imperial Knight, he was congratulated by his old and new comrades. That in mind Zero is satisfied that he is closer to his goal, though feels that being a worker is not so bad content to lead his new Six Arms.[8]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Zero was a monk-class, close-combat specialist who used shamanic possession (channeled through the tattoos on his body) to improve his already formidable fighting power, which made him the strongest member of the Eight Fingers. As a High-level monk, he had fists as hard as Orichalcum and was estimated to rival adamantite ranked adventurers.

Known Classes[]


  • Iron Skin: A Monk skill that renders the user's body as hard as metal.
  • Single Strike Kill: Simultaneously channeling every single one of the animal spirits empowering his shamanic tattoos (Panther, Falcon, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion), Zero executes a tremendously powerful punch that, given the name, is likely capable of killing most New World inhabitants in a single hit if it connects.

Main Equipment[]

  • Monk's Black Belt
  • Armband of the Beast King
  • Boots of Speed


Eight Fingers[]

The leaders of the Eight Fingers were aware of Zero's might and valued it highly.

Six Arms[]

Zero was the leader of the Six Arms and demanded their respect.


  • Zero's strongest skill, a demonic skill that was the true embodiment of the phrase, "single strike kill," ironically did not even budge Sebas Tian.
  • His arrogance actually brought disaster upon himself and the rest of Six Arms and Eight Fingers.


  • (To Hilma): "Why not hire me? Do you think the mooks on your payroll can protect anything?"
  • (To Cocco Doll): "Gotten ourselves into big trouble, haven't we? Have no fear. My strongest subordinates will protect your assets."
  • (To Six Arms): "This is too big to be a mere joke. I need to apologize to Cocco Doll. I lent him Succulent of Six Arms, but to think this place was taken down so easily, and on the day I sent him over...What a joke."
  • (To Edström): "There's no need to go to such lengths. Even a man like him has his uses. I'll just ask the Count to release him...that'll cost a pretty penny, though. Go make a list of what the Count likes."
  • (To Davernoch): "Don't be foolish. If we obtain it, the other divisions will be even more suspicious of us. People are already suspecting that we were behind all of this. If we find the guest list somewhere, give it to Cocco Doll several days later and apologize. Besides, the list ought to be in an unbreakable code, so you won't be able to use it anyway."
  • (To Six Arms about Sebas Tian): "First, we pay the bail on Succulent and the others who were arrested and gather information. Once that is done arrange for people who know how to torture. We will show the invader hell. He will greatly regret his foolishness!"
  • (To Climb about Renner): "...Indeed, kid. You're that whore's slave, aren't you? Hmph! To think there'd be ants crawling in here. Just leave a bit of bait out and you're everywhere. It pisses me off."
  • (To Brain Unglaus): "Hahaha! Your desires do run deep. You're talking money before begging me for your life. You can't take it with you, you know."
  • (To Brain): "You've got a mouth on you, Unglaus. A lot of people talk better than they fight; are you one of them? Or did you get cocky because you beat Succulent? Then here's a sincere apology for making you so full of yourself despite only beating the weakest member of Six Arms."
  • (To Brain about Climb and Renner): "Unglaus, I will make you the foundation of my reputation as the strongest warrior. I'll use your tombstone to show everyone the fate of anyone stupid enough to challenge Six Arms! As for the whore's slave, I'll pretty his head up and mail it back to her."
  • (To Brain): "I will punch straight through you from the front. I'll shatter that move you're so proud of and attain victory. First I'll defeat Brain Unglaus, and then someday I will have Gazef Stronoff kneel at my feet. That way, I'll be the strongest man in the Kingdom."
  • (To Sebas Tian): "...Nonsense, utter nonsense, enough of your bullshit. They might not be a match for me, but they're still warriors whom I gifted with the title of Six Arms. How could you have made it here unscathed?!"
  • (To Sebas): "It, it can't be! How do you expect me to believe that!?!"
  • (To Brain): "...Brain Unglaus. I'll fight you later. I'm going to show this man the power of Six Arms!"
  • (To Brain and then Sebas): "Bullshit!...Old man! You'll pay with your life for that nonsense you spouted!"
  • (Zero's last words to Sebas): "Wh-What are you....?"


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