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Zenberu Gugu (ゼンベル・ググー) is the chieftain of one of the five lizardmen tribes, the Dragon Tusk Tribe. He was amongst the few surviving lizardmen whom fought against Cocytus.


Zenberu Gugu has the appearance of a humanoid crocodile. He is quite tall, exceeding 2.3 meters when standing, which makes him rival in height with the 5th Floor Guardian, Cocytus. His body, covered by several scars, gives the impression of a veteran of battle. His most bizarre feature is his asymmetrical arms. Similar in trait with a fiddler crab, his right arm is especially more thick and muscular when compared to his left. His left arm’s ring finger and pinky are completely gone. On his chest is the crimson "traveler" insignia burned in the form of a two-headed snake.


Zenberu Gugu is quite blunt and to the point in verbal conversation. Having no need for formalities and niceties of diplomacy he seems to favor strength and duels to solve disputes. When he talks, his teeth clash together, making it difficult for others to discern whether he is being casual or threatening. In battle, however, he is calm and collective, preferring to wait out his opponent and then strike. While he is considered a battle maniac, he always honors his promises with friends and foes alike.


Before the resource war in the Wetlands, Zenberu once fought the Chief of Sharp Edge Tribe and was defeated. This defeat encouraged him to become a traveler so as to see new sights and get stronger.

According to Zenberu, he had climbed up and down slopes and peaks of the Azerlisia Mountains to find where the Dwarves were located at, spending a month in his fruitless search for them. It was only until when he was about to give up on his quest that he first encountered a Dwarf who came out to explore the surface. After that, various things happened, and he earned the Dwarves’ trust and was brought to their city. In a way, he was rescued by a dwarf and formed an amiable relationship with him. Zenberu settled in Feo Raidho and had acquired a vast amount of knowledge of dwarven culture in the process. Along the way, he had learned martial arts in the Dwarven city. Zenberu left once he gained enough confidence in himself and returned to the Lizardman village.[1] Before departing, his dwarf friend bequeathed Zenberu a steel halberd.

Zenberu then return to the Wetlands, and managed to be accepted back into his tribe. Despite his past as a traveler, he managed to rise to the top of the tribal hierarchy, no doubt using his new-found strength and experience from his travels. Zenberu Gugu now leads the Dragon Tusk lizardmen tribe. Every few years the Patriarch is chosen through a test of strength within the tribe and Zenberu has proven himself to be the strongest within the Dragon Tusk tribe. He is a unique figure in lizardmen culture, as in the past he was originally a traveler like Zaryusu Shasha.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc
Overlord II EP03 021

Zenberu Duels Zaryusu

When Zaryusu and Crusch Lulu visit the Dragon Tusk tribe to form an alliance, Zenberu immediately challenges Zaryusu, the wielder of Frost Pain to a duel. Losing the ferocious duel, they have a celebration and Zenberu tries and fails to convince Zaryusu to become the new chief of Dragon Tusk.[2]

Overlord II EP03 115

Shielding Zenberu

Before the onset of the first undead invasion, Zenberu journeyed together with Zaryusu and Crush to the Green Claw Village. After the tribes unanimously decided to dissolve all tribal lines to form the Lizardmen Alliance, Zenberu became a member of the chieftain elite unit. He was instrumental in obtaining victory for the Alliance by acting as a living shield for Zaryusu to get close enough to deal the final blow on Iguva=41.[3][4][5][6][7]

After the battle, the surviving lizardmen hosted a feast in honor of their victory. Zenberu, curious to see where Zaryusu and Crusch were, decided to go check on them. He inadvertently interrupted a tender moment between the two, earning their ire.[8]

Overlord II EP05 075

Zenberu Slain by Cocytus

The next day after the undead army was defeated, another soon appeared right at the Alliance's doorstep. Zenberu made a note to the others that the new army was equipped with magical weapons and that the lizardmen didn't stand a chance.[9][10]

Zenberu joined the tribal chieftains and a band of other brave lizardmen in a fight against Cocytus. After Sukyu Juju was killed he attempted to attack Cocytus, but was summarily beheaded and killed. After Zaryusu was resurrected, the lizardman pleaded to Ainz also resurrect his brother and Zenberu stating they were capable warriors. Ainz said he would consider the proposal and told them to care for the corpses until he came to a decision.[11][12][13][14]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc[]

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Some time after the subjugation of the lizardmen, Zenberu was among the lizardmen that were resurrected. He was present in Nazarick along with a few other lizardman including Zaryusu Shasha doing some training when the worker groups invaded the tomb. While Hamsuke and Erya Uzruth fought against each other, he and his fellow lizardmen mostly just observed the match from a distance.[15]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc[]

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

When Ainz Ooal Gown and his entourage came to the Lizardmen's village, Zenberu was recruited to act as a guide to the Dwarf Kingdom.[16] During the expedition, Zenberu had difficulty recalling his exact path due to the terrain and his memory. In order to hasten the journey, Ainz asked to probe his mind so he could accurately pinpoint the entrance to the dwarven city that Zenberu had stayed over years ago. They eventually arrived at the entrance to the dwarven city but they discovered that the city was abandoned.

Upon their investigation, it was revealed that the dwarves had voluntarily abandoned the city after they discovered a lone dwarf miner named Gondo Firebeard in the city's mines. Zenberu shared a conversation with Gondo to learn what happened to his dwarven friend. [17]

Zenberu later went to Feo Jera after it was discovered to be where all the dwarves have migrated to. He was present during Ainz's discussion with the Regency Council and was asked to help make the measurements for the suit of armor for Zaryusu. He was left in Feo Jera while Ainz and company left to recapture the ancestral dwarven capital.[18]

Shalltear's Travel Diary Arc[]

Main article: Shalltear's Travel Diary Arc

During the night when Ainz's entourage, while heading to the Dwarf Kingdom, camps out in a fortress he created, the lizardman is briefly mentioned by Ainz as he speaks with Aura and Shalltear on the what he learned from Zenberu's memories and how near they were to the dwarven nation.[19]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Zenberu in the aftermath of the Cracks and the spread of the Chaos Beasts throughout the world, would later join his tribe with Green Claw and Razor Tail. During one of the chieftain's meetings, a cold front began spilling from the mountains and to the Great Lake, driving not just the temperatures to dangerous lows but also forcing the monsters that inhabited the north to the wetlands. Zenberu and his fellow lizardmen took arms to fight against the migrating monsters though they were slowly getting overwhelmed by the cold and attacks. They were saved when Nazarick sent help to drive the monster temporarily and also permitted them demi-humans to use the heatstones that were being stockpiled.

Zenberu would finally met the beings from Nazarick who inspired his friend Zaryusu to unite the tribes after he joined his tribe with the alliance of Green Claw. At a feast held in the village of Green Claw the chieftain met Cocytus and challenged him which the Floor Guardian accepted. The duel was joined by Kyuku Zuzu and Zaryusu wishing to test their skills against Cocytus. Though they were defeated in the end the warriors gained respect from Cocytus.[20]

Though he was grateful for their aid he was still hesitant to trust. Still he could not disagree that life among the lizardmen changed as now they were becoming miners like dwarves thanks to their new patrons. After members of the Pleiades were dispatched to investigate the mountains and then later returned having found the cause, Zenberu admitted that Nazarick indeed was a blessing for helping the lizardmen unite.[21]

Some time after the protagonist permanently immigrated to E-Rantel to coordinate with the Tripartite Alliance, the chieftain of Dragon Tusk was present when Crusch Lulu of Red Eye was introduced to Cocytus. There Zenberu told the Deputy Chieftain of Red Eye of how Cocytus's master lent the aid of three of his agents in red cloths to end the cold weather threatening to freeze the Great Lake. He and the other chieftains affirmed their wish to pay back the aid that Nazarick and the Supreme One had given them and asked Cocytus to relay the message to his master.[22]

For a mission to the Dwarf Kingdom, Zenberu was chosen to act as a guide for the Sorcerer Kingdom's delegation. He was the protagonist's second choice as guide, as originally the homunculus wanted to have the dwarf Tsuibayaya as a guide, but the dwarf declined due to his criminal record he had with his homeland.

The lizardman while eager to help Cocytus's friends, though asked for a match and chose Yuri Alpha to spar with him. Yuri obliged and the lizardman found he was grossly outmatched. To his shock he learned that the maid did not consider herself strong like Cocytus who he learned was a members of a group who's strength were on another rank. The lizardman went with the delegation, first stopping by the forest to pick up Cocytus and Mare who would be acting as escorts. The lizardman worried at first that his patrons were about to wage a war with the dwarves, but after being assured that they only wanted to establish a trade agreement he agreed to guide them to the dwarven city he visited in the past.

The chieftain of Dragon Tusk guided the delegation to the mountains using the best of his memory. Sadly they reached a obstacle when they were in the vicinity of the entrance to the city of the dwarves but failed to locate the entrance. Since trade with Dwarf Kingdom ceased with the outside, Zenberu worried that the dwarves were wiped out. When it was suggested by Yuri to dig to the city, Zenberu advised against it as it would damage the area and make locating the entrance even more harder to find. Serendipity happened when Slimeko accidentally fell into a hole covered by snow that led to the entrance. The party proceeded to descend into the cave, but what they found was an abandoned city. Zenberu was shocked to see the place he visited just a few years ago to be deserted.

After investigating the city some more with his comrades, it was discovered that the city had been abandoned for a while and that there were indications that some demi-humans had occupied the city as well as large quadrupedal beasts. Following the tracks to the mines, the found the dead body of one of the demi-humans and also a pair of Giant Lizards feasting on a corpse. Once they killed the monsters, Mare detected that there was a presence in the tunnel with them. The presence was revealed to be a dwarf named Bigosa. From the dwarf they learned that the city, Feo Raidho, was abandoned intentional due to the aggressive encroachment of the local demi-humans and the entire population relocated to Feo Jera. However the dwarf was reluctant to show the delegation the way to the other city, as he explained that the city was under threat by the Giant Lizards that now infested the mountains and possibly was destroyed.

Ultimately the dwarf was persuaded and he showed them the path to the city by traveling on the surface. While traveling Zenberu learned everything that happened since the Incident in the mountains from Bigosa. Upon arriving at Feo Jera, the delegation and dwarf found only ruins. Bigosa despaired at the destruction, though Zenberu and Yuri believed that the dwarves may have escaped and asked if there was any place else teh dwarves could have fled to. From Bigosa's knowledge there was only Feo Berkana but it was inhabited by Frost Dragons. However a surviving dwarven soldier was found and he confirmed that the civilian population had fled to the city in hopes of gaining the dragons' protection. With no time to waste, the delegation then used Mare's magic to create a path directly towards Feo Berkana. Once there Mare stayed outside the city to battle the Giant Lizards that were starting to overrun it. Zenberu and the others managed to get there just in time to save the Master of Caves and Mines from being killed by the ruling Frost Dragon who refused to give the dwarves sanctuary.

The dragon refused to join an alliance with the Sorcerer Kingdom as well, having resigned itself to the approaching death of the world. The lizardman became a witness to Cocytus battling the Frost Dragon with relative ease. It was due to the Floor Guardians strength that the dragon decided to consider an alliance with the Sorcerer Kingdom as a matter of survival and agreed to protect the dwarven people in exchange.[23]

For the upcoming Sorcerer Kingdom's National Foundation Ceremony Day, Cocytus extended an invitation to Zenberu and the lizardmen. While the thought of alcohol being served at the ceremony was enticing, Zenberu decided to remain behind to guard the village as he was worried might do something embarrassing at a formal event.[24] In the end Zenberu stayed behind to lead the village with Kyuku while Shasuryu, Crusch and Zaryusu attended the National Foundation Ceremony Day.[25]

The lizardmen were graced by a visit from an entourage from the Sorcerer Kingdom when the village was celebrating Zaryusu's union with Crusch. The visitors included not just the usual faces, but none other than Prime Minister Albedo. Zaryusu and Zenberu were the first to greet them, though the latter had the misfortune for nearly insulting Albedo with his poor manners, causing Zaryusu to apologize for him on his behalf. For a change the lizardmen were sought help from their patrons, concerning information on usable fiber plants from the Tob Forests that could be used for fabrics. When Albedo took an interest at a tapestry of the symbol of Red Eye, Zenberu spoke that it was just merely cloth, causing Albedo to ask if him knew more, though thankfully Zaryusu interrupted and told his friend to be quiet and allow his wife to explain.[26]

At the time of the Sorcerer Kingdom's preparations for an expedition to an isolated island, Zenberu was absent when members of Nazarick arrived at the village of the lizardmen. Itwas explained by his peers that it was the chieftain of Dragon Tusk's turn to unload the ore from the mining site at the Azerlisia Mountains.[27]

The chieftain eventually returned by the time Zaryusu returned from his trip to the isolated island. The other traveler told the chieftains how he agreed on behalf of the village to assist in turning the island into a fishery for them. When Zaryusu tried to apologize for overtopping his authority, Zenberu told him not to worry, as while there were some among the tribe still wary of outsiders, Zaryusu accord with the Sorcerer Kingdom presented the lizardmen an opportunity to repay their debt to their benefactors.[28]

Shortly after the village of lizardmen took a human woman under their care, a mass of Chaos Beasts emerged from the Tob Forest to attack the village. Zenberu and Kyuku quickly alerted the chieftain and his family of the situation, before heading to the mount a defense of the village. Just as the lizardmen were being tired by the endless number of foes, Cocytus appeared to cut down a Double Sword Chaos Beast which caused the former traveler to celebrate as they were saved.[29]

Some months after the Calamity of Cracks, Zenberu was approached by Yuri and Entoma who wanted to question him about his knowledge of the bathing customs of the Dwarf Kingdom. He confirmed that there were public bathhouses in each city and were frequented by not just the sick and injured, but also miners on their time off.

He was visited again by a expeditionary team led by the protagonist and Sebas Tian heading to the Dwarf Kingdom to conduct an investigation of the dwarven bathhouses. Seeing how Zenberu knew the way to the Dwarf Kingdom and the citizens already being familiar with him, which would prove useful in negotiations, the lizardman was asked to be a guide to the expeditionary team. The former traveler accepted the job, provided he was offered something in return, which Sebas concluded he wanted a sparring match against him which he provided.

The lizardman led the team to the surface entrance of Feo Jera. At seeing the city filled with life, it reminded him of the city of Feo Raidho when he first visited years ago. Together with the expeditionary team, Zenberu reunited with Bigosa who after learning of the mission of the Sorcerer Kingdom emissaries provided them assistance.

Later Zenberu joined the group to see the famed bathhouse of Feo Berkana, though it was ruined by the Frost Dragon. Once the dragon was disciplined, Zenberu took pity on the dwarves for the loss of their bathhouses. He was surprised that Soi also felt the same and did not wish to leave things as they are.[30]

Afterwards, when the lizardman village received a surprise visit from the Sorcerer King, on his way to the "first sunrise", bringing New Year's gifts of fish made from using magic, Zenberu expressed he was grateful beyond jealousy, causing him to be scolded by Zaryusu for his rudeness. When asked by Momonga on any odd occurrences in the area, the lizardmen had nothing to report. Zenberu seeing Lupusregina, in her priestess costume, blurted out that she was wearing red again, earning him a punch from Crusch for being rude. Zenberu learning that the delegation were heading to the Dwarf Kingdom, offered to be their guide, but was politely declined as Mare knew the way.[31]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers[]

In brute force, Zenberu Gugu is most likely the strongest of all the lizardmen. Zenberu is not a warrior by profession, but a monk that fights utilizing Ki to enhance his natural physical abilities. He prefers to fight unarmed, using his claws to rip apart his enemies.

In armed combat, he wields an enormous halberd made of metal with a length close to three meters. A length that ordinary lizardmen would require two arms just to lift, but Zenberu is able to lift it in relative ease with only his right. While Zenberu seemingly effortlessly wields this huge weapon, he has no real weapon skills and so it's main role is to deceive the enemy, making them underestimate the lizardman martial abilities.

Racial Classes[]

  • Lizard Man (5)

Job Classes[]


  • Natural Steel Weapon: Using his Ki, Zenberu is able to harden certain body parts— such as claws and fangs to make them as strong as metal. With the proper training one can use this attack to pierce even adamantite, but the Dragon Tusk chief is not at that level yet. The most he can pierce is steel.
  • Resistance Massive: A skill of monks, granting the ability to reduce magical damage by dispersing the Ki from one's body in an instant. This is a skill Zenberu learned from his traveler days, after he lost to Frost Pain's 'Icy Burst' attack.
  • Steel Skin: Similar to 'Natural Steel Weapon', this ability is more defensive in which it allows a monk to turn his entire body as tough as steel. Using this ability make him virtually invulnerable to even the slashes of Frost Pain.

Main Equipment[]

  • Steel Halberd: A parting gift he received from a dwarf comrade. Made of pure steel, with a length of three meters the lizardman monk uses this weapon to batter his opponents to pulp.
  • Ring of Sustenance
  • Flight Necklace (formerly)


Zaryusu Shasha[]

Upon meeting the traveler from Green Claw, Zenberu challenged him to a duel to see if he was worthy of wielding the Frost Pain. He admitted his defeat realizing the wounds inflicted by Zaryusu made him a worthy foe. His respect for Zaryusu is great enough to a point where he even attempted the young traveler to take his place as Dragon Tusk's chief. He enjoys making lewd remarks about Zaryusu's relationship with Crusch.

Crusch Lulu[]

When he first met Crusch in her bush disguise and as a result he began to playfully call her 'Plant Monster'. This infuriates her to a degree where she acts sarcastic with him, viewing him as a simple buffoon. However Zenberu is oblivious to this, even mistaking her remarks as praises. He enjoys making lewd remarks about Crusch's relationship with Zaryusu.

Shasuryu Shasha[]

Zenberu, after meeting the Green Claw chieftain, challenged Shasuryu Shasha to a duel during the initial chieftain introductions in order to see who was stronger. Much to his delight Shasuryu agreed but asked to postpone their duel, until after the scouts that returned gave their report of the enemy's movements.


Zenberu commented that Cocytus was a nice guy due to his consideration in giving those that came to fight against him a chance to back away.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Though loyal to his new master, Zenberu was hesitant to guide his liege to the Dwarf Kingdom in fear that he would bring war to his comrades there. He was willing to disobey orders and risk death than betray his dwarven comrades. However, he was reassured by Ainz's sincere vow that his visit was solely for diplomatic purposes.


  • Zenberu's favorite food was mud crab, but after fighting alongside Crusch's Snap Grasp, swore never to eat it ever again.
  • When the undead messenger came to the Dragon Tusk Tribe, Zenberu was napping so he was unable to seriously assess the situation.[32]
  • Zenberu was the first lizardman to visit the Dwarf Kingdom.
  • The English translation has him named as Zenbel.
  • In the Web Novel, it is stated by the author that Zero would be able to defeat Zenberu.[33]


  • (To Zaryusu): "I can roughly guess what you plan to say. However, we only believe in strength. Unsheathe your sword."
  • (To Zaryusu and his tribesmen): "Oh...then let me taste defeat with satisfaction! Hear me well! If I were to die in this battle, he will be your tribe chief! There will be no objections to this!"
  • (To Zaryusu): "You really do like her to the point that no medicine can save you."
  • (To himself about Zaryusu): "Incredible! No wonder he is the master of Frost Pain! The strongest male lizardman amongst all lizardmen!"
  • (To Zaryusu): "Is that so? Then remember this, friends who drink together will become buddies, that is the teaching of the dwarves. There might not be much time left, but we should start our talks soon. Am I right, Zaryusu Shasha?"
  • (To Zaryusu): "Yeah, I guessed as much, there are no guarantees in war. If someone assured victory without knowing the strength of the adversaries, I would beat him up and tell him to stop bullshitting."
  • (To Snap Grasp): "Thank you, giant crab. I will not eat mud crabs for a long time as thanks."
  • (To Ainz about the Dwarf Kingdom): "In addition, if you launch a surprise attack and begin their extermination after I lead you there, I pray you will forgive me for taking up arms against you."


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