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Zaryusu Shasha (ザリュース・シャシャ) is a lizardman of the Green Claw Tribe and is the younger brother of Shasuryu Shasha. He is the wielder of Frost Pain, one of the Four Treasures among the lizardmen tribes, and is amongst the few surviving lizardmen who fought against Cocytus. He was the last to die but was later revived by Ainz.


Zaryusu Shasha is a lizardman with dark green and charcoal black scales, similar to that of his elder brother Sharyusu Shasha. On his chest rests the crimson brand of a "traveler."


Zaryusu became a traveler not only because of his curiosity but his determination, resolve, and sense of duty to his tribe. When the tribe was threatened by Nazarick’s ‘invasion’, he showed his wisdom by convincing his tribe that the only way to survive was to form an alliance with the other tribes. He shows through his negotiation tactics with the chiefs of each tribe as well as his interactions with them that he is capable of doing whatever has to be done for the greater survival of not only his people, but his species and their culture as a whole, thereby showcasing his values.


Zaryusu Shasha is a traveler, one who has decided to leave his village to see the outside world. While given a great deal of respect and status within the villages, travellers don't actually have any say regarding important decisions in lizardmen communities. He is the younger brother of the leader of the Green Claw Tribe.

In Zaryusu's case, he is given even greater respect because he is the wielder of the magical blade known as Frost Pain which is one of the lizardmen's four treasures. The weapon was a spoil of war from the resource war. He was hailed a hero after he slayed the original owner, the chieftain of Sharp Edge. During his travels in the outside world, he studied the methods of aquaculture and upon returning to his homeland, began to create a fish farm in hopes that it will provide a sustainable food source for his people and prevent another resource war.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc
Overlord II EP01 123

Zaryusu and Shasuryu

While tending the newly established fishery farms of the tribe situated at the edge of the Green Tribe encampment, Zaryusu receives a visit from his older brother, Shasuryu Shasha. His brother praises Zaryusu's success in replicating the aquatic farming techniques he discovered during his travels. He comments that the cultivated fish are healthier and more nutritious than the ones the tribe used to harvest in the wild. Zaryusu brushes aside the praises, admitting that the farm wouldn't exist had it not been for Shasuryu's support.

They are interrupted after tides of dark storm clouds rush towards the Green Claw Tribe village, and would later continue to loom over the village. Sensing danger, the traveler and his brother rush back to the village. At the center of the village, an undead messenger appears and declares the imminent destruction of the lizardmen at the hand of the Great One in eight days' time, claiming their village as the second offering of death to the Great One. After the undead vanishes in a cloud of smoke, Zaryusu attends a tribe assembly with his brother. The Elder Druid voices his opinion stating that it is hopeless to fight, as the magic displayed by the messenger is stronger by at least twofold compared with the magic cast by the elder. The option of fleeing the Wetlands is given thought until Zaryusu is given a chance to speak. He reminds them that victory is still possible if they call out to the other tribes, believing that the only way they can defeat this new foe is to throw their reckoning off by uniting their forces.

Many in the assembly object to this idea as it is unheard of for a traveler to be given such authority, but their complaints are put down at the word of the chief who proceeds to hand Zaryusu his seal. After exchanging a few words of support and regret with his brother Zaryusu, he and his pet hydra Rororo travel together to enlist the help of the Red Eye Tribe.[1]


Zaryusu meeting Crusch Lulu.

Upon reaching the Red Eye Village, Zaryusu quickly becomes aware that the tribe does not have a ‘chief’, but an ‘acting chief’ instead. Upon meeting with them, he becomes smitten with the acting Chieftain Crusch Lulu. He immediately proposes to marry her, causing her to become befuddled at his sudden display of emotions. Later, on a more serious note, both discuss their race's predicament in the upcoming invasion. After some degree of urgency and subtle use of blackmail, Red Eye joins in the tribal alliance. Zaryusu, Rororo, and Crusch then make their way to appeal to the Dragon Tusk Tribe.

Overlord II EP03 019

Zenberu vs Zaryusu.

Upon entering the Dragon Tusk Tribe’s territory, they are met with hostility, as the members of the tribe were formerly tribesmen of Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge, tribes Green Claw had defeated in the resource war. The chieftain, Zenberu Gugu quickly demands a duel with the traveler, proclaiming that their tribe only heeds the words of the strong. The match ends with Zaryusu's victory and Dragon Tusk's acceptance of participating in the war.

To celebrate, Dragon Tusk held a banquet in honor of their tribe's new alliance. Zaryusu, Crusch, and Zenberu got more acquainted with each other and discussed the upcoming battle. They travel together to the Green Claw Village where the remaining tribes had gathered. Zaryusu and the chieftains drew out a battle plan stands alongside the chieftains as they announce the dissolution of the tribes and the formation of the Lizardman Alliance.[2]

Overlord II EP03 151

Zaryusu slaying Iguva=41.

When the battle between the undead and Lizardman Alliance erupts and fell into the favor of the latter, Iguva=41 entered the battlefield. To defeat the undead, Zaryusu, Crusch, Zenberu, and Rororo fight together to defeat the elder lich. Thanks to his friends, Zaryusu manages to get close to the undead commander and finish him with a final blow from Frost Pain, but not before falling unconscious.

Overlord II EP04 006

Zaryusu and Crusch.

Zaryusu awoke a day later, in the care of Crusch who reveals that after Zaryusu slew the lich, the undead army had retreated. The two had a very tender romantic movement until they were interrupted by Zenberu, asking them to join the feast that was held to celebrate the lizardmen's victory.[3]

The next morning, Zaryusu and Crusch awake abruptly sensing something was amiss. The rest of the tribe likewise come to the same conclusion and to their horror saw a vast, powerful undead army at the foot of their village.

[Some content is likely missing here.]

Overlord II EP05 028

Zaryusu mating with Crusch

As a result, he and his brother approached Ainz Ooal Gown and his fearsome cohort in hopes of peacefully surrendering. However, they were forced to accept a challenge against Cocytus. After Zaryusu reported back to his fellows, Crusch fearful that he may die, asked him to impregnate her with his child.[4] He complied and spent the night with her before departing with his fellow warriors to fight Ainz's champion.

Overlord II EP05 089

Zaryusu prepares for his death.

During the first wave of attack, the majority of the lizardmen warriors are wiped out, leaving Zaryusu and the remaining lizardmen chieftains to fight Cocytus. The other chieftains are eventually killed leaving Shasuryu and Zaryusu. His older brother sacrifices himself to allow an opening for Zaryusu to get close enough to Cocytus to strike a blow. Cocytus had caught his blade, but the traveler coated the blade with his own blood making Frost Pain slip through the Floor Guardian's fingers. However, the attack is soon deflected thanks to Cocytus's special ability. Zaryusu is the last to be slain while earning the respect of Cocytus, who later petitions the lizardman's resurrection to his master Ainz.[5]

Overlord II EP05 132

Zaryusu's Resurrected

Zaryusu soon awakens after being revived and his limp body is quickly embraced by Crusch. Though he is confused, he is soon made aware of his situation. Zaryusu comes to the conclusion that Ainz Ooal Gown is a god. Thus, he then bows down to him in reverence and swears his fealty to the Overlord.[6]

The Invaders of The Large Tomb Arc[]

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Zaryusu along with several other Lizardman are present in Nazarick at the time when the worker groups invade the tomb, doing some training in order to become stronger. Zaryusu serves as Hamsuke's martial arts master in order for her to learn martial art skills. He bears witness to the fight between Hamsuke and Erya Uzruth. The battle ends with Hamsuke's victory and learning a new martial art skill. Zaryusu states that Hamsuke has proven herself ready to train for the next stage with battle armor.[7]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc[]

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Zaryusu has now become the father of a healthy baby boy that has the same albino skin as its mother, Crusch Lulu. He is summoned by Ainz along with Zenberu Gugu and the other lizardmen when Ainz came to their village to seek Zenberu for his aid in finding the Dwarf Kingdom.

At the same time, Ainz congratulates the new father and asks if he would like to join him in E-Rantel as part of his plan to integrate multiple races to live in harmony under his new nation. While at first, he is nervous to respond for the right answer, Ainz assures him to speak his mind and Zaryusu requests that he would prefer not to go for the sake of his family and instead took the proposal of finding other lizardmen to go in his stead.[8]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In the aftermath of the Catastrophe and the appearances of the Cracks Zaryusu sought the assistance of the adventurers in E-Rantel, to do a survey on the mysterious rising temperature of the Great lake. The lizardman was however turned away by the wary city guards. Unable to enter to city, the lizardman sat outside on the road looking to find any adventurer that would help him. His aid came in the form of the Slimeko and the protagonist who were interested in hearing his story. More help came Nazarick in the form of Cocytus, and Aura who believed that the existence of Caloric Stone was responsible for the incident at the lake and wished to claim the resource.

Initially surprised working with not just 'humans', elves and an insect Zaryusu became intrigued that the organization that his allies came from was a multi-racial group. The group traveled to the Great Lake, briefly stopping at the Great Forest of Tob where the lizardman was further surprised that the Wise King of the Beast was a pet to one of his newfound friends. They set off towards the wetlands where they came to the village of Green Claw. There Zaryusu introduced them to his brother Shasuryu. The traveler and the team were heading to the north side of the lake where the temperature was rising getting into a scuffle with some members of Dragon Tusk. Zaryusu and his friends defeated them but rather than kill them, Zaryusu told them to leave as in this time of crisis they should be not fighting amongst themselves. At the north side of the lake Zaryusu and the others soon found the cause of the lake to be due to several Giant Lizards that were migrating from the mountains. Once Cocytus used their ice abilities to slay most of them, it was discovered that the beasts had not Caloric Stone within them but a new type of mineral. The stones were taken as payment for helping Green Claw.[9]

Zaryusu would later meet with his benefactors again this time with visitors from another world. The traveler had informed Nazarick that gold was discovered near the banks of the lake. The exact location of the gold vein was somewhere within the Azerlisia Mountains. The lizardman acted as a guide to a safe path to the mountains.[10]

When strange ghosts began to haunt the forest, came to the lake again to see if any similar incidents occurred. They met with Zaryusu and his introduced his pet Rororo to them. Hearing about the situation in the forest the traveler brought them back to his village where Shasuryu was speaking with Kyuku Zuzu the leader of Razor Tail. Zaryusu having been inspired by Nazarick's unity of races had convinced his brother to re-establish the old alliances of the other tribes in order to survive in these strange times they face. The two were just discussing about a more permanent alliance when the traveler brought his friends. Kyuku proved to be a valuable asset as he pointed Aura in the direction of an entity that might be responsible for the ghost haunting, the Demon Snake of the West. Using the information from the chieftain Aura and Zaryusu headed to the lair of the Demon Snake. When they met the entity they found out that he was not involved with anything in the Tob Forest.[11]

The lizardman would invite the protagonist, Slimeko and Cocytus for a feast prepared for them in their honor where four lizardmen tribes had already united due to the influence of their benefactors. At feast the trio from Nazarick are introduced to Zenberu Gugu by Zaruyusu. The chieftain of Dragon Tusk immediately challenges the warrior Cocytus, much to Zaruyusu chagrin. However Cocytus takes no insult and welcomes the challenge and soon Zaryusu joins the fight along with Kyuku Zuzu. Though they were defeated in the end the warriors gained respect from Cocytus.[12]

Zayusu would continue to work to unite all the lizardmen tribes in the Great Lake. His efforts led to not only Razor Tail joining but also Dragon Tusk. During one tribal meeting an unnatural cold wave hit the wetlands, coming from the mountains. Due to the weather, many monsters began to migrate to escape the cold and head towards the lake. Zaryusu and his fellow lizardmen not only had to fight the aggressive beasts but try to stay warm amid the freezing temperatures. Cocytus came to their aid lending his forces and sword to fight the encroaching monsters. To keep the lizardmen from freezing Cocytus ordered that the heatstones that wee to be shipped to Nazarick be used to warm themselves. To solve what was causing this change in weather, members of the Pleiades agreed to find the source of the abnormality. Zaryusu and his fellows saw them off. When they successfully returned the weather was returning to normal. Zaryusu thanked them from the bottom of his heart, affirmed that Nazarick's brotherhood was something to strive for.[13]

When the protagonist arrived with his party to pick up Zenberu to be a part of the Sorcerer Kingdom's delegation to the Dwarf Kingdom, Zaryusu and Shasuryu greeted them. Zaryusu was hopeful on the plans for co-mingling with other races that would be coming to the area. He became annoyed when Zenberu finally showed up and challenged Yuri Alpha for a match.[14]

Upon receiving a personal invite from Cocytus to attend the Sorcerer Kingdom's National Foundation Day Ceremony, the traveler graciously accepted the invitation from his peoples' benefactors.[15] The lizardmen were transported from the Great Lake region to Fake Nazarick via carriage. There the traveler and his comrades were greeted by Yuri Alpha and the Pleiades and brought to meet the other guests attending the event. At the ceremony, Momonga personally addressed Zaryusu and his people, acknowledging their alliance to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Furthermore Momonga was aware of Zaryusu and Crusch's upcoming wedding and promised to give them a wedding gift afterwards. Zaryusu and his party would be guided to the banquet of the venue where they enjoyed the delicacies provided, made small talk with Cocytus and participated in the ballroom dance. Before returning to the Great Lake, Zaryusu was able to admired the newly unveiled Sorcerer King Momonga Statue.[16]

The lizardmen were graced by a visit from an entourage from the Sorcerer Kingdom when the village was celebrating Zaryusu's union with Crusch. The visitors included not just the usual faces, but none other than Prime Minister Albedo. Zaryusu and Zenberu were the first to greet them, though the latter had the misfortune for nearly insulting Albedo with his poor manners, causing Zaryusu to apologize for him on his behalf.

For a change the lizardmen were sought help from their patrons, concerning information on usable fiber plants from the Tob Forests that could be used for fabrics. Zaryusu was delighted to help as Albedo had taken some time to congratulate on his upcoming fatherhood.

When he introduced him to Crusch, Albedo took an interest at a tapestry of the symbol of Red Eye, Zenberu spoke that it was just merely cloth, causing Albedo to ask if him knew more, though thankfully Zaryusu interrupted and told his friend to be quite and allow his wife to explain. [17]

Zaryusu would receive another visit from the Sorcerer Kingdom, when the protagonist and Slimeko brought Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore seeking the lizardmen's assistance in aquatic combat training. Eager to assist his benefactors, Zaryusu was willing to help as it would be good training for him and the others. His interest deepened when he learned that the training was a prelude to an expedition the Sorcerer Kingdom was planning to explore a isolated island via teleportation magic. The lizardman with some tribemates did mock combat with the elves in their swimsuits.

Later they were joined by his pet Rororo who he decided to allow to participate as it was one of the rare chances he could play with the hydra. Once training finished, Zaryusu invited them into his home, where Crusch was waiting. Before the Floor Guardians and their escorts left, Zaryusu asked to join the expedition to the surprise of his fellow lizardmen. The lizardmen argued that it would be best to have someone experience in aquatic combat, citing he could be an asset. Though a few were concerned that he should not due to his wife's pregnancy, Crusch permitted it and asked Aura and Mare to consider her husband's request as it was his desire as a traveler. His request was brought to Momonga who agreed to it as it would deepen their ties with the lizardmen and lead future projects for the island.[18]

Zaryusu inclusion was wise as he provided so insights to the topography of the island that even the protagonist missed. After the lizardman observed the bountiful marine life in the reef side of the island, he believed that the location was ideal to create a fishery. It was his ambition to use the island to supply much needed food for his village. When he saw how the former pirates met their end by remaining in their vessel and drowned, it related to him as he wanted to avoid the lizardmen in being complacent.

After the survey was complete, Momonga upon hearing his request rewarded him the right to the fishing grounds as long as the lizardmen assisted in building a base on the island.

Zaryusu returned home and also hosted a Swimsuit Sports Festival at the Great Lake as it would allow the lizardmen warriors to train with the Pleiades. He informed the other chieftains of the deal, although was worried that he acted without their consent when he accepted the reward. His worries proved to be misplaced as the chieftains trusted him to make the best decision for his people. Later he decided to focus on his family and to allow the future to take care of itself.[19]

When a unconscious human girl was found in the Tob Forest by the village rangers. After their guest awoke, Zaryusu, Crusch and Shasuryu learned that the human transported to the Great Lake area via a Crack and was from a place called Britannia and used a different system of magic in contrast to tier magic. Having no way to return their guest home, it was decided that they should notify the Sorcerer Kingdom. However the village was soon attacked by an unprecedented horde of Chaos Beasts that surged from Tob Forest. Crusch was asked by Zaryusu to evacuate with the non-combatants, due to her pregnancy, even though the female lizardman wanted to remain and fight, arguing they will need a druid to heal their wounds in the battle against the Chaos Beasts. She was finally convinced to evacuate after her human charge promised to take her role as a magic supporter and protect her husband Zaryusu. In the battle, Zaryusu tried to warn the human woman about a Double Sword Chaos Beast that was about to attack her. It looked as if she would be killed, by Cocytus arrived in time to slay the Chaos Beast.[20]

Later on at the isolated island claimed by the Sorcerer Kingdom, at Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself's request, Zaryusu went around the lizardmen community to collect their opinions for a reward from the Sorcerer Kingdom for the hard work the demi-humans put into the island infrastructure. One of the things that the lizardmen requested was the creation of a ice room. It was explained that the lizardmen heard of such a feature from Cocytus as a way to preserve food. In addition the ice room would be used by the lizardmen on the island as a way to cool down, given the environment was still a bit too hot for their kind.

The last request was a bit embarrassing for Zaryusu, and after much coaxing from Renner, he disclosed that his people wanted a statue of Momonga having been impressed when they saw the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue. And it was their intent to offer thanks for the fish they caught. Some days later, Zaryusu was back in the wetlands, were he was met with a visit from Renner and Slimeko, informing him and the tribal leaders that their requests were approved and that an ice statue would be installed within the ice room. This was more than Zaryusu could hope for than he hoped for, and was thrilled that the effigy would be made by Cocytus stunned that such a warrior had artistic talents.

He did not think that his people could repay all the kindness the Sorcerer Kingdom have given them. And when he learned that the emissaries of the Sorcerer Kingdom were going to the Azerlisia Mountains on an expedition, he offered to accompany them, but was declined, though was content to give the group a send-off to the mountains.[21]

Some time later, the village was graced by a visit from the Sorcerer King leading a delegation. After some shock and confusion, the demi-humans were given New Year's gifts in the form of fish produced by the Cauldron of the Daghdha. Zaryusu marveled at the fish notice them to be of superior quality to the fish produced at his farm. When Zenberu casually commented he was grateful beyond jealousy at the gifts, Zaryusu scolded him for his rude behavior. He thanked the Sorcerer King, having never expected that the sovereign would come to his village in person. After being asked if there were any odd occurrences in the area, Zaryusu reported that none have happened so far. Before the delegation left to journey to the Azerlisia Mountains, Zaryusu and his tribe bid the farewell, expressing hope to repay the Sorcerer Kingdom for their genorosity.[22]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers[]

Zaryusu Shasha is seen as one of the strongest lizardmen alive. He is the wielder of Frost Pain which is one of the Four Lizardmen Treasures. Even Cocytus is impressed by the strength and ‘spirit of a warrior’ he displayed.

Racial Classes[]

  • Lizardman (1)

Job Classes[]


  • Whirlwind (Web Novel Only): It was an area of effect attack.
  • Eyes in the Back (Web Novel Only): It allows the user to notice attacks outside of one’s field of vision.[23]

Main Equipment[]

  • Frost Pain: A magical sword that inflicts ice damage, as well as protects its wielder from ice-based attacks of a similar level.


Crusch Lulu[]

Zaryusu fell in love with her at first sight and immediately proposed to her. Initially, Crusch was embarrassed by the proposal, but after confessing to her multiple times she eventually reciprocated his feelings. After the Lizardmen Alliance was conquered by Nazarick, she married Zaryusu and birthed his child.

Shasuryu Shasha[]

Zaryusu is the little brother of Shasuryu, the two of them share a deep brotherly bond. He considers his older brother as a trustworthy and competent chieftain. When he realised that he was killed, Zaryusu pleaded for Ainz to resurrect him.

Zenberu Gugu[]

Zaryusu and Zenberu initially saw each other as enemies, but after they dueled, Zaryusu now views Zenberu as a competent warrior and friend. Though he is a bit annoyed by his peer's perverted comments and overbearing nature, Zaryusu was unwilling to accept his friend's death and requested Ainz to resurrect him.


Zaryusu is Hamsuke's martial arts master.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Zaryusu regarded him as an undead monster when he attacked the lizardmen. After his resurrection, he thinks of Ainz as a divine existence.


Zaryusu's pet hydra which he picked up during his travels after its mother abandoned it because of its deformity. (Rororo has 4 heads while normal hydras have 6 heads.) Regards Zaryusu as its parent and is more than willing to die to protect him.


Zaryusu was killed in battle by Cocytus. After Zaryusu's resurrection, he became a direct subordinate of Cocytus and received warrior training from him in Nazarick.


  • Zaryusu and his fellow lizardmen visited the Great Tomb of Nazarick to train and went back to the village to spread word of the amazing worlds that they saw inside Nazarick.
  • Zaryusu and his fellow lizardmen stay at the 6th Floor where there are ten log houses built for them.
  • Zaryusu and his fellow lizardmen were training in a large room where Shalltear governs and they were wearing a collar around their neck with a broken chain hanging off it, which might be equipment that Ainz promised to lend to the lizardmen to make them stronger.
  • At some point, after the events of Volume 10, Zaryusu was recruited by Ainz to become an instructor at the new training facility for adventurers.[24]


  • (To Slimekoale): “Personally, I think one like sister-in-law's is also fine."
  • (To Crusch about her appearance): "...It's like the white snow that covers the top of the mountain range."
  • (To Crusch): "It was love at first sight. Besides, death may result from the war this time, and I do not wish to leave any regrets behind."
  • (To Hamsuke): "I think it's pretty short. Hamsuke-san, it usually takes about a year to learn martial arts. Considering that, you're learning pretty fast."
  • (To Zenberu): "That's right. Real battle experience, healing when you're injured, fighting stronger opponent with enhancement magic, etc. It might be hellish training, but it gets results."



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