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"Why, Climb. Are you on your way to show your face to that monster?"
— Prince Zanac's Introduction.

Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself (ザナック・ヴァルレオン・イガナ・ライル・ヴァイセルフ) was the Second Prince of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Despite being the second-born, he aimed for the throne and obtained it after his brother was killed and his father abdicated. However, his reign ended almost as soon as it began, as he fell prey to assassins.


Zanac is a short and fat person with short blond hair.


Zanac is a talented, pragmatic and sensible person, capable of comprehending the true natures of Renner and Marquis Raeven. Zanac is described as an incompetent person in the eyes of many nobles and the common folk, but in fact, it is all a ruse made by himself to mislead his opponents.

Beneath the facade he puts up, Zanac is actually insecure about his abilities. He recognizes that his intellect falls behind that of Renner's and Raeven's and has displayed envy towards them. The same goes for his father and his charisma. Still, he has great ambition and surrounds himself with people more competent than himself to make up for his shortcomings.

Despite his ambitions, however, Zanac has shown himself to be a patriot who prioritizes the greater good of the Kingdom. Although he aimed for the throne, he did so out of a genuine belief that he would make the better king than his brother. In fact, he claimed he would've been fine with abdicating the throne to his brother if the Kingdom prospered from it.


Zanac was born as the second son of King Ramposa III of Re-Estize Kingdom. Growing up, due to him only being the Second Prince, Zanac was mostly ignored by those around him, causing him to be somewhat lonely.

Despite him being the second born, Zanac believed he would make a better King than his spoiled older brother, Crown Prince Barbro. He thus began plotting to steal his brother's birthright, resulting in a bitter rivalry between the two princes. At some point, Zanac allied himself with Marquis Raeven, after he saw through his opportunist act, which caused the latter to see his worth and back his claim to the throne.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Zanac is first introduced along with Marquis Raeven while walking through the royal palace and sees Climb whose on his way to Renner's room. Walking into each other Zanac tries to warn Climb about his master and his younger sister, Renner. However, Climb disregarded his warning about her true nature.[1] 

Later, Zanac attends the meeting between Marquis Raeven and Renner. During their conversation, he becomes disturbed when Renner revealed her true nature and her twisted love for Climb. Zanac offers her to marry Climb if she supports his claim to the throne, to which she immediately agrees.[2]

Additionally, he is present when Renner and Lakyus call together all the adventurers in the Kingdom to battle Jaldabaoth and his demon army. During the battle between the adventurers and Jaldabaoth, Zanac along with some of Marquis Raeven's personal troops lead the civilians to safety. Using this, he earned the praise of the citizens and nobles. Thus, it helps him increase his chances to gain the throne over his older brother, Barbro.[3]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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Zanac is present during the meeting between the royalists and the nobility, where his father announced that the Baharuth Empire had allied itself with the newly founded Sorcerer Kingdom and declared war on them. When his older brother, Barbro, volunteered to fight on the battlefield, he tries to stop him and volunteered to go himself, arguing that it would be foolish for both the Crown Prince and the King to risk their lives on the battlefield. However, his father ultimately decides to take Barbro with him to the battlefield over him.[4]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

After the massacre at Katze Plains, his father, King Ramposa III fell into a depression due to the loss of Gazef Stronoff. With Prince Barbro's whereabouts unknown, Zanac had practically taken control of the Royalty Faction and is now first in line for the throne. However, he is also faced with a great amount of pressure and heavy burdens caused by the extreme tensions between the nobility faction and the royalty faction as a result of the war. Zanac is also having difficulty in gaining reliable security and allies as his closest confidant, Marquis Raeven, retreated back into his domain, refusing to provide any further support after the massacre he witnessed.

Yet at the same time, he is trying to contemplate how to proceed with relations in regards to the newly formed Sorcerer Kingdom. As well as dealing with the internal infighting for power that is plaguing the Kingdom for some time now. When he received news that the Sorcerer Kingdom would be sending a diplomatic envoy to their nation, these complications were instantly solved. Several days later, his father sent him to personally welcome the envoy, Albedo.[5]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Zanac is seen working in his father's office along with his sister back in the capital, looking at all the reports that have been plaguing the Re-Estize Kingdom. Among the many problems that have been listed since the end of the war, food supplies and manpower are revealed to be getting dangerously low. In addition to that, other possible threats out there include the endangerment of the remaining crop rations as they could suffer from cold snaps and droughts. Zanac has been seeking solutions to deal with them. He asked for his sister's opinion and suggested a few ideas like using high leveled druid adventurers as well as even using the excess surplus of grains purchased by merchants who got them from the Sorcerer Kingdom.

He also has been motoring the situation with the humanitarian aid the Sorcerer Kingdom has been providing to the Holy Kingdom and had started to contemplate that all of this was set up so that the Sorcerer Kingdom is moving against them to eventually take over by manipulating events in the Holy Kingdom while also making the Re-Estize Kingdom look in an even badder light for not providing them aid as they had done.[6]

After learning of Philip's attack on the trade caravan, Zanac participated in a court meeting with his father about the gravest news about the Sorcerer Kingdom's response to it. Particularly, he announced to those participating in the meeting that the topic will focus on the declaration of war their nation have received from the Sorcerer Kingdom. He suggested to the king that they should bring the head of Philip as an apology to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Although he was quickly scolded by his father for that idea, Zanac refuses to yield and states that it is imperative for their nation to avoid a large loss of life with a small sacrifice. When the suggestion of an alliance with another country was brought up, Zanac immediately turns down that idea as negotiations have been unsuccessful with the Argland Council State and there has been no reply from the Slane Theocracy. Despite his father's other suggestion of forcing the Sorcerer Kingdom's army to retreat, he felt they are better off putting Philip on trial and giving him over to the enemy kingdom as a way to guarantee their nation's survival. Upon learning news of Prime Minister Albedo from the Sorcerer Kingdom arriving soon, he was given an order by his father to get dressed in a more formal attire and meet him in the throne room.

Once the meeting between King Ramposa III and Albedo had finally ended, he attempted to suggest chasing the Sorcerer Kingdom's Prime Minister down but his father quickly turns that idea down. When he and Renner had a private meeting with Ramposa, the latter suggested he flee from this nation that's about to be destroyed. However, both he and Renner refuse to abandon their home nation.[7]

Abilities and Powers

Zanac is aware of his incompetence, but he is capable of seeing through the facades worn by his sister and Marquis Raeven. Maruyama himself considers him to be a good ruler, on par with Pe Riyuro. Unlike his father, he is more than willing to take a few risks if it means to get results.

Job Classes

Main Equipment


Ramposa III

Zanac looks up to his father, Ramposa III. When the King fell into a depression following Gazaf's death, he worried about his wellbeing and wondered if he was still able to rule. Despite wanting the throne, Zanac never had any desire to overthrow his father. It was not until he refused to punish Philip for attacking a Sorcerer Kingdom transport, risking a war, that Zanac considered the idea. However, after his father attempted to offer up his own life to try to appease the Sorcerer King, Zanac viewed him as a true king.

Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself

Barbro is Zanac's older brother, whom he competed with for the position of their to the throne of the Kingdom. However, rather than a desire for power, he did so out of a genuine belief that he would be a better ruler than his spoiled brother, who would likely only have become a puppet of the nobles or the criminal underworld.

Due to their bad relationship, Zanac was actually happy that his brother went missing following the Annual War. Thus securing his place as Crown Prince.

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself

Renner is Zanac's younger sister. He feels uncomfortable around her and is sometimes terrified by her and her incomprehensible behavior. Zanac describes Renner as an unfathomable monster as he knows about her abnormal intelligence and inhumane mindset.

For a long time, he believed that Renner's objective was to destroy the kingdom since it was the cage that kept her imprisoned. However, this changed when he, his sister and Marquis Raeven spoke openly and he discovered her obsession for Climb.

Currently, Renner is Zanac's "ally," under the promise he will allow her and Climb to marry. After becoming crown prince, he now looks to her for advice more often since Raeven retired from politics. However, on the other hand, he keeps feeling that he's being manipulated by her and fears that she might revolt and steal the throne from him.

Elias Brandt Dale Raeven

Zanac and Marquis Raeven share similar interests and will cooperate with each other when necessary. However, Marquis Raeven left him after he was traumatized by the massacre at the Katze Plains.

Marquis Raeven holds some respect toward the prince but occasionally criticized him for his rivalry with his older brother, which divided the Kingdom even further. Despite this, however, Raeven does hold Zanac as the best candidate for the throne, with after Ainz's claim of E-Rantel and subsequent squabbling between the nobles, Raeven despaired that if Zanac did not claim the throne soon the kingdom may face ruin.


Zanac sees Climb as Renner's faithful servant. He once cautioned Climb that his sister was an unfathomable monster, but Climb disregarded his talk about her. Zanac feels pity for Climb after finding out about his sister's fetish.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Seeing how he single-handedly drove the Kingdom to the brink of collapse, Zanac wishes the Sorcerer King had never appeared in the New World.


  • Zanac's goal in life is to be the next king of the Re-Estize Kingdom, which he has come closer to achieving since he is now the next heir to the throne after the death of the First Prince.
  • On Maruyama's Governing Ranking, the second prince ruler's ability is on par with Pe Riyuro, over the Bafolk Lord Buser and below Queen Draudillon. Maruyama commented that if the Quagoa Lord possessed more knowledge, he would be superior to Zanac.[8]


  • (To Climb warning about Renner): "Listen, Climb. If you were a bigot then I wouldn’t have even bothered to say anything. But I’m giving you a warning since she could be tricking you. She’s a monster."
  • (To Renner): "Is that so. This is your true face. What should I say when you were young, it always felt like something was strange about you, but now I know you’re not normal."
  • (To Renner about Barbro): "Truthfully, our older brother has been receiving some money from the Eight Fingers as well. I wanted to use this as leverage against him, so I went ahead and investigated if they had a safe house in the capital. It seems they indeed do. I want to squeeze this place into the hit list as well."
  • (To Himself): "—ah—how frustrating! Why do I have to plan this out in the first place! If only the Sorcerer Kingdom did not exist! If only that freakishly powerful undead being did not exist"
  • (To Renner): "What do you get out of acting cute in front of your own brother? Go act for Climb instead, he's the one who's gullible."


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