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Zach (ザック) was a member of the Death Spreading Brigade.


A poor, deprived-looking man utterly lacking any sort of class or manner.


He was highly bitter and cynical, feeling no wrong nor regrets for his actions.


Born as a poor farmer in the Re-Estize Kingdom, his parents sold his adored little sister Lilia into slavery when he was young.[1] After his third draft in the army, he ran away and joined the Death Spreading Brigade which let him join to replenish its depleted headcount.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Zach was hired as a servant and carriage driver by Sebas who was posing as a butler to Solution Epsilon. He led them to an ambush on the road outside of E-Rantel by ten members of the Death Spreading Brigade. Fully expecting this treason, Shalltear Bloodfallen and the Vampire Brides butchered those who had wished to catch them off guard. Too scared to flee, Zach was led a little bit away by Solution whom Zach had hoped to rape but was instead ingested by her. He was slowly digested alive, his agony lasting for as long as two days.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Zach was a mediocre fighter and he was mainly used as a spy and manservant.



Lilia is Zach's little sister. One day after he returned home from work, he discovered that his little sister was sold as a slave. Zach cried out Lilia's name as his last word before he got swallowed into Solution.

Solution Epsilon[]

He was hired to drive Solution's carriage. He was hoping to rape her when he led the carriage to an ambush. He was surprised and scared of seeing the members of the Death Spreading Brigade being killed by the Vampire Brides. Too scared to flee, Zach was led a little bit away by Solution who he believed wanted to make love to him. He was instead ingested by the slime monster and was slowly digested alive.


  • Zach just happened to bump into Clementine when he's heading to report to his superior.
  • Zach was drafted three times in the Kingdom's Army.


  • (About Solution Epsilon): "I’ll have my turn to toy with her right?"
  • (To Solution Epsilon): "Ahhhh—! Fucking die, monster!"


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