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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

Yuri is a melee fighter who specializes in close combat. Compared to Entoma, who has the same level as her, Yuri's skills are more focused towards dealing direct physical damages.

During her battle with Evileye, Yuri is shown to be adept at Fa Jin, a Chinese martial arts technique, which shatters the former's Crystal Wall defense.

During Ainz's battle against the Doppelganger Pleiades, it is revealed that Yuri is also capable of using Qi Gong, another Chinese martial arts technique, to heal herself or her allies.[1]


  • Armament Enhancement: It bolsters the power of the user's physical skills.
  • Presence Search: It is an ability that tells the user the numbers and difference in strength. If there is to large a level gap, an undead or construct, it cannot be used, but it can detect invisible presences.[2]
  • Kibakushou: The user gathers light between their palms to perform this move. The technique acts as an anti-individual attack when it touches the enemy, but becomes a spreading shockwave if it does not make contact. Naturally, as an attack intended for direct contact, it becomes very weak when it is used as a spread effect.
  • Impact Blow: It single-targets a foe with physical damage.
  • Iron Skin: It increases the user's physical attack power.
  • Strike: It lets the user deliver single-target physical damage on one foe.[3]


  • Unnamed Resistance: In the battle against Evileye, Yuri has shown that she has resistances against immobilization, blindness, silence, and dazzling effects as well as the negative energy that drains life force.[4]

Main Equipment

  • Fly Pendant: Given to her by Ainz. She uses it when visiting Carne village for the first time and meets Lupusregina in the skies.[5]
  • Gauntlets: Yuri wears a pair of spiked gauntlets in the Pleiades illustration. This complements her image of being a close-range brawler.
  • Unnamed Maid Armor: In the Web Novel, the skirt part of her maid uniform has a magical defensive plate made of a black magic metal on top of the cloth. In addition to that, it is three plates of magically transformed metal, adamantium, a mix of mithril and beliad, and a magic metal known as Galvoln. Her chest armor also uses this as well. Of course, the magic added is top grade. Data Crystals that only Players that are over level 90 could get are used. If one thinks about its defensive properties, rather than a maid uniform, it is more like Full Platemail armor.[6]
  • Unnamed Glasses: Yuri possesses a second pair of glasses that she can wear when she needs to see through invisibility.[7]


  • Though she is a level 1 cook, Sebas excludes her from the NPCs who can cook.[8][9]
  • Yuri Alpha can only fly by using a magic item given to her by Ainz.
  • In the Pure Pure Pleides series, Yuri is stated to be a Vanguard, which implies that said job class is part of the 'etc (24)'.[10]
  • In the Web Novel, members of the Black Scripture estimate her to rival in strength to their captain.[11]


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