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Yuri Alpha (ユリ・アルファ, Yuri・α) is the vice-captain of the "Pleiades Six Stars," the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She was created by Yamaiko, one of the three female members of Ainz Ooal Gown.


Yuri Alpha is a beauty with an intelligent look, wearing glasses and a blue-collar around her neck, most likely to keep her head attached to her body since she is a Dullahan. She wears her hair tied into a low-cropped bun at the back of her head. Lacking a metal plate in front of her skirt, her dress emphasizes mobility rather than defense. She is equipped with spiked gauntlets.


As shown in her Karma value, Yuri is good-hearted and one of the two "safe" Pleiades to humans. Thus, she is relieved when Ainz tells her not to kill humans without proper reasons. When given permission to do as she pleases, Yuri chooses to help people in destitution. She uses "boku (ボク)" as a first-person pronoun when speaking in private, revealing a somewhat childish nature.

Her behavior is strict and like that of a teacher. She is a workaholic, unable to relax with the thought of free time. Due to her personality, she often works as a chairperson. While this does not extend to taking the jobs of others, she gladly accepts any request to do so. Interestingly, her status as an undead makes her very cold and calculating. However, her alignment and mental imprint of her creator allows her to enjoy short bouts of emotional outbursts, but these emotions are quickly repressed, similar to Ainz's emotions.


Yuri Alpha was created by Yamaiko as one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as the last line of defense against intruders. However, because she is unlikely to be unable to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Yuri Alpha, along with her sisters, are ordered to guard the 9th Floor by Momonga. She and the other Pleiades are on standby and waiting for him.[1]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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Yuri Alpha greets Ainz upon his return to Nazarick in the Treasury with Albedo and CZ2I28 Delta. Together, they make their way through the Treasury's defenses with ease due to their undead and artificial statuses. Entering the inner Treasury, the group encounters Tabula Smaragdina. Sensing something amiss, Albedo realizes the one standing before them is a fake and orders the impostor's destruction. Both CZ2I28 and Yuri are hesitant to attack the form of the Supreme Being. The situation is defused when Ainz orders Pandora's Actor to reveal himself. After Ainz retrieves the World Items and bequeaths Pandora's Actor with a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, she assists Pandora's Actor in moving the treasure to the Throne Room.[2]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

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Yuri Alpha, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, and CZ2I28 Delta are sent by Ainz to help Narberal Gamma in her work as an adventurer.[3]

The Two Leaders Arc

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Yuri Alpha pays a visit to Lupusregina Beta at Carne Village after hearing that she was scolded by Ainz. She thinks that Lupusregina has gotten along with the people in the village but is proven wrong and she wonders why all of her little sisters are like this with the exception of CZ and Entoma. Yuri visits the Emmot residence and escorts Nfirea, Enri, and Nemu Emmot to Nazarick.[4]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

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Yuri Alpha is selected by the Floor Guardians to act as a host for the auction. During the auction, she says that if she is allowed to be biased, she would definitely cheer for Aura. When she reads the first collected requests from the guardians, she informs Demiurge that there is a problem because there are four inappropriate items mixed in the box and asks if they are allowed for the auction. After the problem is resolved, she starts the auction again.

Later, she reports to Ainz about the auction and the Floor Guardians' requested items. She informs him that Entoma wishes to have some human tender meat if possible, but Ainz refuses this request, stating that he won’t kidnap innocent people. When Ainz reads the other requests, he is left speechless because of their content. When he tries to ask Yuri for an explanation, she is unable to give him a proper answer.[5]

The Maid Tea Party Arc

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Yuri Alpha participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party along with her sisters. She asks Entoma to prepare the tea and snacks. She acts as the Deputy Leader and opens the session. When her sisters start getting jealous of Narberal because of her closeness to Ainz, she interrupts them. She then reports her activities. She informs the others that she and CZ2I28 Delta held the 1st Great Tomb of Nazarick Love Love Ainz-sama Guardians' Special Grand Auction. When Entoma accidentally spills blood in Shizu’s drink and is ordered by her to drink it as a punishment, Yuri supports her, saying that it is bad to waste food.[6]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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Yuri Alpha participates in Demiurge's Plan to make Momon a lasting hero in the Re-Estize Kingdom, She plays the part along with the other battle maids to act as Jaldabaoth's underlings with her face disguised with a mask. She partners with CZ2I28 Delta. They fight against Evileye and continues to do so until Jaldabaoth orders a retreat.[7]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Yuri Alpha, alongside the other battle maids, except for Narberal, confronts Dragon Hunt on the surface of the Large Tomb. She calls upon the Nazarick Old Guarders and orders them to fight against the workers. All the workers of Dragon Hunt are defeated and she orders the Old Guarders to retrieve the bodies of the workers who are still alive, so that they can be healed and sent to the torture chamber.[8]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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Yuri Alpha welcomes Emperor Jircniv, Fluder Paradyne, and the Imperial Delegation at the entrance of Nazarick. She tells them to wait until the preparations are done before meeting Ainz Ooal Gown in the Throne Room.[9]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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Ainz, who is reading through his box of suggestions written by the NPCs, draws Yuri Alpha's suggestion. She proposes establishing a structured education system to cultivate and scout out talented people.[10]

The Pleiades Day Arc

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Yuri Alpha has begun training Tuare as a maid for the girl's eventual position as Head Maid in E-Rantel. After she finishes her session with the human, she finds herself with free time and is unable to think of anything to do. As a result, she returns to her quarters on the 9th Floor. Yuri meets with Lupusregina and Narberal, who are idly doing nothing, which frustrates her. Just as she begins scolding them for their lax behavior, she is summoned by Ainz Ooal Gown to address an altercation that has occurred between him and Solution.

Once Yuri forces Solution to answer Ainz and discovers her discontent, Ainz charges Yuri with assessing whether the other Battle Maids have any grievances they wish to address. She meets with Shizu and later Entoma, learning of their requests. Upon returning with her report, Ainz approves her suggestion of building a new orphanage and promises to put all of the Sorcerer Kingdom's resources behind her. She is allowed to request any help and permits her to free Pestonya and Nigredo from confinement.[11]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

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After Ainz Ooal Gown slays Olasird'arc Haylilyal, he opens a Gate and transports the Dragon Lord's corpse to Nazarick, ordering Yuri to preserve it on the 5th Floor.[12]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Yuri is present with Lupusregina during Ainz Ooal Gown's secret conversation to Jaldabaoth. She reports to the Sorcerer King that they will challenge him together with the Evil Lord in a staged duel. Before being dismissed, Yuri asks if it is true that Ainz will be retiring to Nazarick after this for a year if he is defeated. Ainz confirms it, satisfying the maid's curiosity. Later, at the appointed time, Yuri is replaced by a Doppelgänger from the Erich String Orchestra so Ainz will not be restricted in holding back to kill.[13]


  • Yuri's creator, Yamaiko, was also a teacher and her weapon was also a pair of giant gauntlets. Yamaiko's personality might have influenced Yuri.
  • While other Pleiades members simply call each other by name or nickname, all of them call Yuri "big sis", treating her as the firstborn.


  • (To Ainz): "Ainz-sama, why are these treasures not left in a heap like this? Even with protective magic applied, this cannot be considered a good state of preservation. Should you give the order, we will immediately get started with tidying up."
  • (To Lupusregina): "You're terrible. You’re as bad as Solution. Why are my little sisters like this? Really, the only good one is Shizu… although I suppose Entoma isn't a bad girl."
  • (To Nfirea): "I am Ainz-sama's maid, Yuri Alpha. I am here to receive Nfirea-sama, Enri-sama and Nemu-sama. Will you permit us entry?"
  • (To Neuronist Painkill): "Worst Job, Worst Personality, Worst Homebase, Worst Looks and Worst Lewdness?"
  • (After finishing all the work she had done until now): "Too much free — no, too much standby time is a little...I want to have more work."


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