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Yuri Alpha (ユリ・アルファ, Yuri・α) is the vice-captain of the "Pleiades Six Stars," the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She was created by Yamaiko, one of the three female members of Ainz Ooal Gown.


Yuri Alpha is a beauty with an intelligent look, wearing glasses and a blue-collar around her neck, most likely to keep her head attached to her body since she is a Dullahan. She wears her hair tied into a low-cropped bun at the back of her head. Lacking a metal plate in front of her skirt, her dress emphasizes mobility rather than defense. She is equipped with spiked gauntlets.


As shown in her Karma value, Yuri is good-hearted and one of the two "safe" Pleiades to humans. Thus, she is relieved when Ainz tells her not to kill humans without proper reasons. When given permission to do as she pleases, Yuri chooses to help people in destitution. She uses "boku (ボク)" as a first-person pronoun when speaking in private, revealing a somewhat childish nature.

Her behavior is strict and like that of a teacher. She is a workaholic, unable to relax with the thought of free time. Due to her personality, she often works as a chairperson. While this does not extend to taking the jobs of others, she gladly accepts any request to do so. Interestingly, her status as an undead makes her very cold and calculating. However, her alignment and mental imprint of her creator allows her to enjoy short bouts of emotional outbursts, but these emotions are quickly repressed, similar to Ainz's emotions.


Yuri Alpha was created by Yamaiko as one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as the last line of defense against intruders. However, because she is unlikely to be unable to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Yuri Alpha, along with her sisters, are ordered to guard the 9th Floor by Momonga. She and the other Pleiades are on standby and waiting for him.[1]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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Yuri Alpha greets Ainz upon his return to Nazarick in the Treasury with Albedo and CZ2128_Delta. Together, they make their way through the Treasury's defenses with ease due to their undead and artificial statuses. Entering the inner Treasury, the group encounters Tabula Smaragdina. Sensing something amiss, Albedo realizes the one standing before them is a fake and orders the impostor's destruction. Both CZ2128 and Yuri are hesitant to attack the form of the Supreme Being. The situation is defused when Ainz orders Pandora's Actor to reveal himself. After Ainz retrieves the World Items and bequeaths Pandora's Actor with a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, she assists Pandora's Actor in moving the treasure to the Throne Room.[2]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

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Yuri Alpha, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, and CZ2128_Delta are sent by Ainz to help Narberal Gamma in her work as an adventurer.[3]

The Two Leaders Arc

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Yuri Alpha pays a visit to Lupusregina Beta at Carne Village after hearing that she was scolded by Ainz. She thinks that Lupusregina has gotten along with the people in the village but is proven wrong and she wonders why all of her little sisters are like this with the exception of CZ and Entoma. Yuri visits the Emmot residence and escorts Nfirea, Enri, and Nemu Emmot to Nazarick.[4]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

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Yuri Alpha is selected by the Floor Guardians to act as a host for the auction. During the auction, she says that if she is allowed to be biased, she would definitely cheer for Aura. When she reads the first collected requests from the guardians, she informs Demiurge that there is a problem because there are four inappropriate items mixed in the box and asks if they are allowed for the auction. After the problem is resolved, she starts the auction again.

Later, she reports to Ainz about the auction and the Floor Guardians' requested items. She informs him that Entoma wishes to have some human tender meat if possible, but Ainz refuses this request, stating that he won’t kidnap innocent people. When Ainz reads the other requests, he is left speechless because of their content. When he tries to ask Yuri for an explanation, she is unable to give him a proper answer.[5]

The Maid Tea Party Arc

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Yuri Alpha participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party along with her sisters. She asks Entoma to prepare the tea and snacks. She acts as the Deputy Leader and opens the session. When her sisters start getting jealous of Narberal because of her closeness to Ainz, she interrupts them. She then reports her activities. She informs the others that she and CZ2128_Delta held the 1st Great Tomb of Nazarick Love Love Ainz-sama Guardians' Special Grand Auction. When Entoma accidentally spills blood in Shizu’s drink and is ordered by her to drink it as a punishment, Yuri supports her, saying that it is bad to waste food.[6]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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Yuri Alpha participates in Demiurge's Plan to make Momon a lasting hero in the Re-Estize Kingdom, She plays the part along with the other battle maids to act as Jaldabaoth's underlings with her face disguised with a mask. She partners with CZ2128_Delta. They fight against Evileye and continues to do so until Jaldabaoth orders a retreat.[7]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Yuri Alpha, alongside the other battle maids, except for Narberal, confronts Dragon Hunt on the surface of the Large Tomb. She calls upon the Nazarick Old Guarders and orders them to fight against the workers. All the workers of Dragon Hunt are defeated and she orders the Old Guarders to retrieve the bodies of the workers who are still alive, so that they can be healed and sent to the torture chamber.[8]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Yuri Alpha welcomes Emperor Jircniv, Fluder Paradyne, and the Imperial Delegation at the entrance of Nazarick. She tells them to wait until the preparations are done before meeting Ainz Ooal Gown in the Throne Room.[9]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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Ainz, who is reading through his box of suggestions written by the NPCs, draws Yuri Alpha's suggestion. She proposes establishing a structured education system to cultivate and scout out talented people.[10]

The Pleiades Day Arc

Main article: The Pleiades Day Arc

Yuri Alpha has begun training Tuare as a maid for the girl's eventual position as Head Maid in E-Rantel. After she finishes her session with the human, she finds herself with free time and is unable to think of anything to do. As a result, she returns to her quarters on the 9th Floor. Yuri meets with Lupusregina and Narberal, who are idly doing nothing, which frustrates her. Just as she begins scolding them for their lax behavior, she is summoned by Ainz Ooal Gown to address an altercation that has occurred between him and Solution.

Once Yuri forces Solution to answer Ainz and discovers her discontent, Ainz charges Yuri with assessing whether the other Battle Maids have any grievances they wish to address. She meets with Shizu and later Entoma, learning of their requests. Upon returning with her report, Ainz approves her suggestion of building a new orphanage and promises to put all of the Sorcerer Kingdom's resources behind her. She is allowed to request any help and permits her to free Pestonya and Nigredo from confinement.[11]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

After Ainz Ooal Gown slays Olasird'arc Haylilyal, he opens a Gate and transports the Dragon Lord's corpse to Nazarick, ordering Yuri to preserve it on the 5th Floor.[12]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Yuri is present with Lupusregina during Ainz Ooal Gown's secret conversation to Jaldabaoth. She reports to the Sorcerer King that they will challenge him together with the Evil Lord in a staged duel. Before being dismissed, Yuri asks if it is true that Ainz will be retiring to Nazarick after this for a year if he is defeated. Ainz confirms it, satisfying the maid's curiosity. Later, at the appointed time, Yuri is replaced by a Doppelgänger from the Erich String Orchestra so Ainz will not be restricted in holding back to kill.[13]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

After being revived by Momonga and witnessing the Great Tomb of Nazarick in ruins by the Cracks and Chaos Beasts, Yuri and her sisters were selected by Momonga to do a survey of the Crack in the Throne Room. Once they were deemed ready by Momonga to face whatever dangers that the Crack may produce, Yuri led the Pleiades, with the exception of Narberal Gamma, to the Throne Room. After facing multiple Chaos Beasts and risking exposure from the miasma the maids were able to gather some vital intel on the timings of when the Crack released Chaos Beasts which allowed Nazarick to prepare countermeasures at those times and start the work for the Nazarick Revitalization Plan.[14]

The vice captain of the Pleiades would later welcome back Narberal Gamma who returned from her expedition outside of Nazarick and like the others listened to Narberal's account in her encounters with humans. Taking Narberal's word about humans at face value due that they referring them as "maggots" was the norm, she and the maids practice with each other. The act was noticed by Momonga who then directed Sebas Tian to correct some of their misconceptions.[15]

The vice captain would continue to patrol the Crack on the 10th Floor before she passed the duty to Shalltear and avoiding her advances.[16] Yuri would attend other tasks for Momonga such as escorting him and Albedo to the Treasury.[17] When the protagonist and Slimeko were returning to the dungeon, Sebas Tian directed her to greet him and show him hospitality.[18] Piles of unwanted stone debris from the damage to Nazarick began to proliferate on all the floors. Yuri volunteered to find a way to clean them up on the 6th Floor. Rather than wastefully discard pieces of Nazarick, Yuri with the aid of Entoma and Shizu broke the tiles into sand so that the materials could be later refurnished for later construction work. The idea brought her much praise by Momonga as it displayed her level of mental growth in thinking beyond her parameters.[19]

Yuri continued her duties in coordinating the internal defense of Nazarick.[20] Often she would keep an eye on her sisters like Shizu and monitor their mental health especially with the trauma of dealing with Nazarick's fall.[21] She would he called upon to deal with such matters concerning her sisters like when Solution kidnapped Miyoshi out of jealousy. And even stepped in to intervene in the ongoing debate of who is eldest between Shizu and Entoma.[22][23] And even act as a confident to a recently revived Neuronist Painkill when the torturer was harboring feelings of envy on the protagonist. The maid suggested to Neuronist to speak with the homunculus to better understand him.[24]

Yuri would eventually get to explore the outside world when Momonga called the Pleiades to explore an island that connected to Nazarick via an unstable [Gate]. To assist them, Yuri and her sisters were given swimsuits by Pandora's Actor. With the protagonist and Slimeko's help Yuri and her sisters found that the island was once a base for a pirate crew. Upon discovering the base the Nazarick agents came to fight several undead pirates. Yuri leading the team found a hidden port and after swimming in the water she found the wreck. Once the wreck of the pirate ship was dredged up, Yuri was attacked by a Giant Mollusk forcing the maids to fight together to slay it. The adventure though ended with the maids retrieving many abandoned valuables for Nazarick.[25]

At the time of an infestation of Pumpkin Monsters in Nazarick, Yuri reported to Aura and Mare that more of the monsters were spreading on the 5th Floor.[26] In her duties to Nazarick Yuri acted as a guide for soldiers from another world, escorting them to the Great Forest of Tob to deal with Chaos Beasts.[27] And even participated in the Nazarick Fighting Tournament, joining a team led by Sebas Tian called Butler And Maid. Though she and her team were defeated by Crimson Team led by Demiurge.[28] There would be more events where Yuri would use her cooking class to help make Christmas Cakes for a Christmas party in Nazarick with Lupusregina and Solution. Their work would further be improved by Sebas Tian who helped them to craft confections with superior taste rather than just appearance.[29]

When a New Year's epidemic began spreading throughout Nazarick due to the appearance of a strange beast from the Crack, Yuri was among the NPCs that were influenced. Though unlike the others who could not disobey the new directives, the mental effect over her was not so severe as she could have ignored the new voice but chose not to as it was a "holiday". The mental influence was enough to subtly convince her to abandon her post and head to Fake Nazarick where she manned a calligraphy station with Lupusregina. Momonga encountering her found that she could have allowed Momonga to pass her station unless he ordered her and he believed that her partially immunity it was due to her being of the undead race. The mastermind behind this manipulation was eventually stopped and killed by Momonga.[30] However before the entity died he sent himself back into the past, restart the events of what happened. Though this time she was with the Pleiades, minus Solution, and Pandora's Actor barring the way to Momonga, his allies and his new friend Shiro from going any deeper into Fake Nazarick at the command of unfamiliar and strong urge. She and her sisters only allowed Momonga and his party to pass unless they played a game of karuta. Once the game was played and won Yuri and Pandora's Actor gifted Momonga a treasure bag and mallet. The spell over her was broken after Shiro who was really an amnesiac Shiramochi-ō was killed by Momonga at his request though she had no memories of what transpired.[31]

On her second mission outside Nazarick. Yuri along with Shizu were posted to chaperone some new visitors from another world as they attempted to help one of their comrades regain their senses in the Tob Forest.[32] After the drama ended Yuri was seen happily serving the guests of Nazarick food at the cantina.[33] The vice captain of the Pleiades would then ask their guests to help replicate the perfect dish of Kinako Bread as the Head Chef wanted to create a bread the had the same taste and feeling as the one from their world. She even as far to replicate not just the taste but also the store to give the guests a feeling of home.[34]

Later when Albedo volunteered to temporarily be assigned as a maid on the 9th Floor, Yuri helped her in showing the general duties of the cleaning the rooms and making tea. At the same time she participated in a drill to play out a scenario where an invader infiltrated the 9th Floor. Shalltear Blood fallen acted as the intruder and used her Einherjar to draw Yuri, Lupusregina and Narberal away from their posts so she could sneak and attack the Momonga Plushie that was acting as the target.[35] On a mission to investigate a lead on the possible existence of players near a seaside village, Yuri led most of the Pleiades in shadowing, the protagonist and his adventurer team. The mission soon developed into a collaborative effort with Blue Roses to assist a dwarf named Tsuibayaya in acquiring the scales of the Legendary Mermaid for his swimsuits. Due to the unexpected adamantite adventurers presence Yuri and the others had to act covertly without Blue Roses being the wiser. After the two parties separated to cover more ground to search the beach, Yuri and her sisters worked with the protagonist and his team to locate the place where the mermaid lived. Once the maids donned on their swimsuits, their search led them to a tide pool which Yuri dived and confirmed to lead to a series of underwater caves and possibly to the lair of the Legendary Mermaid. Yuri and the rest of Pleiades made themselves scarce to avoid Blue Roses becoming aware of their presence. After the Legendary Mermaid was fought against, the scales retrieved, and Blue Roses gone, the protagonist had Yuri and all the Pleiades dress in their swimsuits before Tsuibayaya to cement his cooperation to work for Nazarick.[36]

During Nazarick's hosting of a Harvest Festival in the ruins of Carne Village to purge away the supposed evil spirits haunting the Great Forest of Tob, Yuri and her sisters assisted in setting up the festival and wore yukatas for the occasion. It was later revealed that that a lonely fox named Kyuko was actually responsible for the hauntings and once the misunderstandings were cleared up, she voluntarily joined Nazarick. Upon hearing that Kyuko had been searching for centuries of others of her kind, Yuri informed her that a member of her species did in fact exist in Nazarick.[37]

To further Nazarick's goal of dominating the Tripartite Alliance, Yuri and Lupusregina under the orders of Demiurge secretly dug a way into the Northern Cave that housed an underground cave network that led to a cavern containing a Crack. With the help of a Stone Eater they avoided being detected by the guards stationed at the cave entrance. There the maids caused the cavern to crack open and make a way to the surface so that the Chaos Beasts trapped there would march out and head to E-Rantel.[38] In the next phase of the plan, Yuri played the role as being one of the Demon Maids of Jaldabaoth and fought against Lakyus of Blue Roses when a demonic army began pillaging E-Rantel. After the protagonist "saved" the city from the attacking demons, the maid and her sisters quietly vanished to allow the heor to take the spotlight[39]

In the Miyoshi-kun Cup, Yuri was one of the contestants in a bid to get the right to become Momonga's bathing attendant. However she was disqualified in the first round as she took too long to clean her charges.[40] Word would reach Nazarick that a strange cold front was sweeping to the Great Lake. Yuri was present at the meeting with the Floor Guardians, Pleiades and Momonga to deliver a response. When it was deemed that someone should be sent to determine the cause, Shalltear attempted to volunteer herself and Yuri as both had resistance to the cold, but the idea was declined by Momonga as he felt that the two women were more needed in protecting Nazarick. She was last seen at the second Nazarick Christmas party in he Amphitheater talking to Lupusregina, Entoma and Shizu after they returned from the expedition to the mountains.[41][42]

From the Crack it produced some previous visitors to the tomb which Yuri was happy to welcome back and cater to at the cantina. To help them relax the maid showed them the various facilities on the 9th Floor such as Spa Resort Nazarick and showing the new face in to group the night sky of the 6th Floor. To help her guests deal with an evil clone, a setting for a date was needed to allow one of the to use his powers to seal the clone. Yuri played a part by participating in creating a bazaar setting, operating a lingerie stall to create a mood for a date so that the clone could be seduced by shopping.[43][44]

At the time of Project Valentine, Yuri was having tea with Aura and Pestonya when the news was brought out to use leftover Valentine Chocolate to create confections for diplomatic purposes. Seeing Aura taking an interest, the maid was able to convince the Floor Guardian to participant in the chocolate competition offering to help her cook her dish. To aid her in making a suitable dish for the competition, Yuri asked her sisters for input. When the date for the competition came, Yuri and Aura went to look for some local ingredients to make a chocolate confection that was simple and yet exotic. They turned to get the help of Hamsuke and Kyuko who directed them to a grove of trees that produced longevity nuts which they had to fight against a Super Giant Sanitary Slime. Once they acquired the nuts Aura and Yuri used them to make Natural Forest Chocolate. The dish was regarded as the perfect confection to be serve to diplomats as it used a common enough ingredient that was recognizable in the New World.[45]

During the second campaign of LittleMass, Yuri Alpha and the Pleiades attended the final show at the Amphitheater where the cheered on Acidity and Alkaline.[46] Yuri would also participate in a performance test of Tsuibayaya's swimsuits against those in the Treasury. Like the others she concluded that the dwarf's creations while durable were still inferior to those in Nazarick's possession. While in her swimsuit she became uncomfortable by the advances of the perverted Shalltear causing the maid to seek refuge behind Lupusregina. When the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" was organized, Yuri chose to join Albedo's White Group. At the first competition called "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race" Yuri was unable to make it to the finish line in time, but White Group still won thanks to the extra points Albedo earned for defeating the obstacle monsters. In the second competition, which was the "Floating Island Survival", the deputy maid of the Pleiades was second to jump on the platform and maintain her balance in the center of the float. Solution used her sister' being in the center of the platform to her advantage by bouncing her chest against Yuri's and using the force to butt out a member of White Group, Narberal, off the float. Yuri would fall into the water with the rest of her teammates after their weight in the center caused the float to crack. At the last competition of "Mix Gender Water Cavalry", Yuri served as one of Albedo's carriers along with Narberal. They carried their team leader against not just Shalltear's Red Group but also Momonga. Ultimately the game turned into a tie, though Yuri and the participants celebrated the game as it proved to be a fun experience.[47]

In the field, Yuri was with Lupusregina and Shalltear at the Northern Cave. Having slip past the barricades set up by the Tripartite Alliance to search for a unknown monster specimen that was reported by the protagonist to have come from the Crack. There search proved fruitless and the trio decided to call it a day. While they could have returned together to Nazarick, Yuri and Lupusregina decided to explore the surrounding area so Shalltear decided to return first alone. However when the two Pleiades members returned to the tomb they were surpised to learn from Momonga that Shalltear had not yet returned.[48]

Through the maids Nazarick was able to retrace Shalltear's whereabouts to the Katze Plains. It was soon discovered that Shalltear was under the influence of a World Item, causing Momonga to head to the Treasury to retrieve the World Items stored there with Albedo, Yuri and Shizu. There she worked with Pandora's Actor to relocate some of the treasure to the Throne Room to prepare for Shalltear's second revival. At a situation meeting, Yuri tried to take responsibility for the incident as she believed none of the events would have happened had she and Lupusregina went with Shalltear. Momonga though did not blame her as it was he who approved their mission and return vectors.[49]

At the Tsukimi hosted on the surface of Nazarick, Yuri praised Narberal for making the new recruits very obedient with her personality.[50]

At a formal Halloween Festival in Nazarick, Yuri dressed as a chocolatier for the masquerade. As part of the festival Yuri paired with Sebas Tian and CZ for the defense training part of the festivities and helped guide the non-combatants on the 9th Floor to the panic room. They came across several Eight-Edge Assassins disguised as Chaos Beasts, prompting her and the others to engage them in a mock battle.[51]

Yuri would be one of the maids acting as escorts to a trio of magical girls that arrived in Nazraick via the Crack. She would bond with one of the magical girls due to being older sisters to their respective families. Later she and her sisters would assist them in returning home by nullifiying the Chaos Beasts around the Crack in the Tob Forest.[52]

To fulfill a request by the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute for the Sorcerer Kingdom, Yuri along with Entoma were sent to escort the protagonist and Soi to the Azerlisia Mountains to act as advance guards to collect specimens for the researchers. Yuri helped to catch a Vulture for the protagonist by knocking the bird from its nest. When the protagonist and Soi were called back by Surako to return to E-Rantel, Yuri and Entoma continue the hunt for more specimens. Yuri would later be sent to the Tob Forest to be part of a monitoring team composed of Aura and Kyuko. Their mission was to observe the protagonist's team and their two charges Evileye and Nfirea Bareare and try to make it seem like the forest was too dangerous for humans to explore. Even after releasing several summons and Chaos Beasts on the party, Yuri's group were unable to strike fear in their targets making their mission a failure but were able to observe Nfirea's magical talent making the excercise not a total loss. Once the adventurers acquired the Longevity Nuts Yuri and Aura departed to Nazarick. The following night to aid the protagonist and Evileye in delivering medicine to cure the sick orphans, Yuri dressed in a Christmas Costume to distract the guards at the city gates. Upon the success of the operation, Yuri joined the Christmas party in the Amphitheater where her and Entoma's behind the scene contributions were hailed with praise. Yuri was happy to help as she took pride her efforts helped the children of E-Rantel. At the party she saw that Lupusregina, CZ and Entoma had gotten in a childish fight for which she apologized to Momonga for the unsightly behavior and was about to scold them but was stopped by her master as he found nothing wrong with it. Just before Momonga made a toast to the gathered party members, Solution knowing how much she enjoyed helping the human children suggested that she ask Momonga for permission to create a human identity so that she could interact with them, an idea Yuri was considering.[53]

At the orders of Momonga to prepare for a possible "New Year" event that would affect Nazarick Yuri with her sisters did a "general cleaning" of Spa Resort Nazarick. Together with Sebas Tian they found no traces of anything, and as they were checking the golems hidden there Yuri reminded everyone to take care due to the special conditions that could activate the golems.

Later when Momonga decided to forgo some caution against celebrating the "New Year" and host a Kakushigei Tournament, Yuri and the Pleiades were assigned to act as escorts with Sebas Tian and Pandora's Actor to protect the general maids in the spectator seats. Once again donning her kimono, Yuri enjoyed the opening ceremony and matches between the Floor Guardians. Once the tournament ended however, Yuri and the rest present in the Amphitheater found themselves transported in an odd Chaos Zone. Whilst Momonga and his party went to investigate the Bishamonten Shrine, Yuri stayed behind with the others to ensure the safety of the general maids. Once Momonga and his party defeated the one responsible for the translocation, Yuri and the others were returned to the Amphitheater. She and the rest of Nazarick were introduced to Shiro, the current Ruler of New Year, and now an ally to Momonga. To celebrate this new friendship, the maid joined in the festivities in watching Shiro play spinning tops with Aura and Mare.[54]

When a new pair of visitors came to Nazarick, Yuri escorted them to meet Aura and Mare on the 6th Floor so that they can conduct a subjugation of Chaos Beasts. There Yuri was able to observe that the guest known as the Demon Lord abilities and report to Momonga.[55]

For the Sorcerer Kingdom’s National Foundation Day Ceremony, Yuri was charged by Sebas Tian to lead the Pleiades to serve as security for the venue.[56] On the date of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, Yuri along with the rest of the Pleiades greeted the lizardmen delegation arriving at Fake Nazarick. Afterwards she and the maids, minus Narberal and Solution, guided them to meet the other guests which included Hamuske, Kyuko and a Death Knight, at a separate chamber where both groups became reacquainted with each other. Yuri then escorted them to the replica of the Throne Room for the ceremony. At the banquet portion, Yuri helped to accommodate the lizardmen with the various delicacies provided by Nazarick and witnessed the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue.[57]

Yuri and her sisters were called again to participate in the live shows of LittleMass’s successor LittleMasStar. In the first live show, she and the Pleiades conducted a mock battle with the idols and later enjoyed watching the entirety of the idol campaign.[58]

Under Momonga’s orders, Yuri was stationed on the surface of the Great Tomb of Nazarick with Lupusregina. They were to prevent the escape of a summoned guest from another world. Having heard that the guest was able to transform himself, Yuri directed Lupusregina to attack the Skeletons that emerged from the tomb. The two would fail to stop the fugitive, but it matter little as Momonga had told them to allow so Nazarick would remain unharmed. And that the other Pleiades could pursue and track the fleeing target. [59]

Yuri participated in the trial test of Casino Resort Nazarick. After three days playing baccarat and roulette, the Pleiades maid came in seventh place with the most chips. Using her winnings she selected the door-knob cover of Momonga made by Albedo to decorate the Her sisters’ door.[60]

For the delegation to the Dwarf Kingdom, Yuri and CZ were selected to act as escorts. In the Tob Forest she met with the protagonist and Slimeko, where the former divulged in the real purpose of diplomatic mission, which was to locate the older races living in the mountains to learn more about the Incident. Before they headed to the Azerlisia Mountains, the party checked on Hamsuke on the status of the Crack in the forest and then with Aura where she finished making Fake Nazarick in a perfect replica of the original. Once it was deemed that there were no one tracking them, the four headed to the Great Lake to fetch their guide, Zenberu Gugu. While the lizardman agreed to guide them to the city of the dwarves that he visited in the past, he requested to match with Yuri. The demi-humans was outmatched by the maid's strength and was beaten. When the lizardman called her string, Yuri humble stated that she did not consider herself as such, compared to Cocytus and his colleagues. The group then met back in the forest and were joined by Mare and Cocytus who acted as their additional escorts.

Using Zenberu's limited recollections of his first trip, they managed to locate the general area of where the entrance to the underground city was but were unable to locate the chasm. Seeing that they could not find the entrance, Yuri suggested they dig one themselves, but Zenberu advised against the idea as it would disrupt the scenery and make it even harder to locate the real entrance. Serendipity happened as Slimeko fell into the a patch of snow that covered the entrance. The party expected to see the city of dwarves, but were shocked to find the city abandoned for some time. The followed two sets of tracks of two different creatures into the mines, where they saw that they belonged to a demi-human species and Giant Lizards. The latter were busy eating a corpse of a demi-human, so Yuri and CZ went forward to slay the beasts. Mare though detected a living presence that was invisible who turned out to be a dwarf named Bigosa who happened to be the father of Tsuibayaya. From him the delegation learned of the dire situation in the mountains and how the dwarves were driven to Feo Jera from Feo Raizo by the Contaminated Beasts. They managed to convince the dwarf to guide them to Feo Jera despite the danger. As they journeyed to the next city, Yuri noticed that they encountered no Chaos Beasts in the area and asked the dwarf if such monsters existed in the mountains. To her shock Bigosa answered that no such monsters have appeared.

But when they reached the city, on their mounts they were too late as the monsters had already breached the city and destroyed it. Though Bigosa was distraught over the fate of his people, Yuri comforted him stating that the bodies they found were far less and belonged to only soldiers hinting that his people may have evacuated. Bigosa was unable to know where else his people could have gone, but from a surviving soldier they were directed to Feo Berkana where the Regency Council hoped to gain the protection of the Frost Dragons.

With no time to waste, Mare used his magic to carve a path directly to Foe Berkana. What awaited them there was a horde of Giant Lizards preparing to attack the ruined city. Mare stayed behind to allow the others to speak with the ruling Frost Dragon and negotiate with it on behalf of the Dwarf Kingdom. The dragon was about to dismiss the dwarves from its palace as it refused to get involved or provide them sanctuary due to its belief that the end was approaching and everything was pointless to stop it. When it called Cocytus weak, Yuri witness the Floor Guardian give it a punch that defeated it. From her point of view the dragon was not very strong, stating even a Pleiades member could defeat it. After being pummeled and hearing how Mare killed all the Giant Lizards, the dragon reconsidered its opinion of refusing an alliance with the Sorcerer Kingdom. In the end it agreed to forge an alliance and also protect the dwarves on the Sorcerer Kingdom's behalf.

Yuri and CZ were the only escorts that stayed with Slimeko and the protagonist as they returned to E-Rantel. Just as they approached the city, the four caught sight of an army outside the boundaries facing against defenders from the Re-Estize Kingdom. Having a bad feeling, Yuri urged her friends to get closer to determine the situation.[61] From their position Yuri reported that King Ramposa III and Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself that were leading both armies had just vanished, followed by several soldiers in the armies. She and her companions could not discern what was attacking them as it appeared to be invisible. The maid followed the protagonist in heading to the city where they found it to be in chaos due to Chaos Beasts that had appeared via the many Cracks that opened in the area. Worse all magical communication was blocked in the city leaving them without support from Nazarick. Yuri and CZ escorted the protagonist and Slimeko through the city to reach the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute to hopefully meet up with Soi stationed there. The group traveled through the city, fighting when they had to and even fleeing when an invisible entity appeared. The group met up with Jugem's Goblin Troop and afterwards separated to reach the E-Rantel's Cemetery. There at the institute, she and her friends were horrified to find the place in ruins and all the researchers dead. Thankfully they found Soi, Fluder and Nfirea still alive on the lower levels. Before they could approach Soi warned then of the Spear Chaos Beast that was still there. Yuri and CZ were forced to fight the creature, but found that the monster was able to vanish and reappear, making it difficult to attack. Once it was determined that the Chaos Beast was not using invisibility but teleportation, Yuri and CZ were able to somewhat launch a counterattack, but stepped out of the way to allow Soi to deal with it so that they could rest. But even she was not match for it, forcing Nfirea to release a recently cured Gazef Stronoff from his cell. Yuri and her sisters watched in awe as the Warrior Captain not only fought on par with the Chaos Beast but displayed superior abilities that that were beyond a human's capability. Soon Brain Unglaus and Climb arrived to deliver Razor Edge to Gazef so he could slay the monster, only for a Crack to form directly in the room.[62]

END of NON-CANON content


  • Yuri's creator, Yamaiko, was also a teacher and her weapon was also a pair of giant gauntlets. Yamaiko's personality might have influenced Yuri.
  • While other Pleiades members simply call each other by name or nickname, all of them call Yuri "big sis", treating her as the firstborn.


  • (To Ainz): "Ainz-sama, why are these treasures not left in a heap like this? Even with protective magic applied, this cannot be considered a good state of preservation. Should you give the order, we will immediately get started with tidying up."
  • (To Lupusregina): "You're terrible. You’re as bad as Solution. Why are my little sisters like this? Really, the only good one is Shizu… although I suppose Entoma isn't a bad girl."
  • (To Nfirea): "I am Ainz-sama's maid, Yuri Alpha. I am here to receive Nfirea-sama, Enri-sama and Nemu-sama. Will you permit us entry?"
  • (To Neuronist Painkill): "Worst Job, Worst Personality, Worst Homebase, Worst Looks and Worst Lewdness?"
  • (After finishing all the work she had done until now): "Too much free — no, too much standby time is a little...I want to have more work."


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