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Yellow Speckle (黄色の斑点) was one of the seven original lizardmen tribes that inhabited the Great Lake.


In the past, a war over the scarce resources within the Great Lake erupted between the lizardmen tribes. Two camps were formed among the fighting tribes. The three tribes, Green Claw, Razor Tail, and Small Fang joined an alliance. While Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge formed their own alliance as well. The outcome of the war ended with the three tribe alliance's victory. Yellow Speckle was forced to disband, with survivors being absorbed by Dragon Tusk.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

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When it was proposed by Zaryusu Shasha that they form a grand alliance with all the remaining tribes to combat the Supreme One, several tribesmen were hesitant of the idea. The reason being that Dragon Tusk contained survivors from Sharp Edge and Yellow Speckle wand would possibly still hold a grudge against Green Claw and its allies.[1]


In the Anime, Yellow Speckle was described as a tribe that was moderate.


  • Remnants of Yellow Speckle have not been spotted in the Dragon Tusk tribe with the exception of former members from Sharp Edge.


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