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YGGDRASIL Wiki was said to be a famous site of where important information about YGGDRASIL is posted.


YGGDRASIL Wiki apparently contains fifty of the two hundred World Items covered in their site. All of this information surrounding it and other sorts was put there by players specialized in espionage and deceit. This correlates with how attempts to steal key information will occur and because of that, owners of such items will desperately tried to find a way in concealing the fact from other fellow players.[1]

By the following rule, owners of YGGDRASIL Wiki will charged its members a fee each time they tried to gain access to certain contents and information. At some point in time though, the owners decided to make this information site free to access without needing to pay a subscription fee for it.

When spies of different top-ranking guilds found the information they want, it is later posted here in this wiki with the purpose of gathering intelligence from all opposing sides.

For starters, in the Web Novel, Ainz states that his said strength and cards he had up his sleeve as a YGGDRASIL Player made himself doubtful. This was due to the fact that the wiki got every bit of information about him in their site for the public to see in the open especially his enemies. Since the guild Ainz Ooal Gown was of the strongest class, a certain level of information about each of his guild members was already written and recorded in the wiki.[2]


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

According to Ainz, the Gaming Administration did not bother to punish any players from stealing information and post it here on YGGDRASIL Wiki. Instead, it was quietly accepted as a means for players to acquire information. However, the guilds who had been stolen from were much less forgiving and repeatedly PKed the guild who was behind it all until they finally disbanded.[3]


  • The owners of this site are all affiliated with the former guild, Three Burning Eyes.
  • There was said to be a large amount of data embedded on the YGGDRASIL Wiki that made the site easy to understand.[4]
  • While it's not listed on the YGGDRASIL Wiki, Ainz has manage to acquire a secret class that has yet to be covered on that site. He already has countermeasures in case the secret leaks out.[5]


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