XX to Match the Supreme Being (至高の御方にふさわしき〇〇を) by Spirit (幸禿) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Ainz Ooal Gown is browsing through the shelves of Ashurbanipal where he encounters Demiurge. The Floor Guardian surprised at seeing his master offers to assist him. Ainz quickly hides a volume title How to Become a Favorite Boss behind his back. He makes an excuse that he wishes to see how Demiurge is doing. Happy at his master's consideration, Demiurge is interrupted by the appearance of Pulcinella carry a stock of Magic Scrolls. Pulcinella urges Demiurge on some important matters concerning the ranch which the demon quickly apologizes to Ainz excusing himself and disappears. Ainz left alone at a table stacked with books, notices a paper manuscript from Demiurge's table title to him, containing throne designs. Thinking it to be a gift he reaches a hand towards it, though not interested in receiving a gift, Ainz's inner voices taking the form as Touch Me and Ulbert Alain Odle. Both respectively act as Ainz's good and bad consciences and have a struggle on what Ainz should do. In the end, Ainz opens the book and finds the design for a throne inspired by the preferences of Ulbert. Ainz is visibly impressed with the design but soon backtracks the thought, believing that the other Floor Guardians will think the design to be unfit for him. Looking at another entry, he discovers it concerns the use of "sheep" leather and the different qualities. He wonders why its mentioned in the book and wonders if sheep leather can be used in furniture, and imagines a presidential chair. Nevertheless, the Overlord is proud of Demiurge's work. That is until he sees another throne design he finds involves the use of three Vampire Brides to serve as a living chair, having been inspired by Shalltear Bloodfallen. Putting his hands on his head, AInz wonders if he should talk to Demiurge. Mentally he asks what is going on with him and he should receive a gift no matter how ridiculous it is.

Demiurge having return presents Ainz with a pillow, who compliments the texture and asks what material it's made from. The demon clarifies it is made of the fur of Aura Bella Fiora's Fenrir. This shocks Ainz, but Demiurge clarifies that it was made from fur that Fenn shedded.

Character Appearances

Chapter Notes

  • Pandora's Actor appears shape-shifted as a dog on Ainz's lap in his imagination.
  • The events in this non-canon chapter take place after Overlord Volume 04.
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