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Wyverns are a sub-species of dragons found in YGGDRASIL and the New World.


In the Web Novel, they are described to have long scorpion-like tails, and winged forelegs.[1]


Considering these creatures are used to carry riders on air, they have the ability to take flight while flying with its owner such as those from the tribe. It takes some skill and training to tame the Wyverns.   


  • Supposedly, there exists a tribe that specializes in taming and riding these beasts near the Baharuth Empire.[2]
  • Monstrous riding animals like wyverns can be used as mounts for people to ride on.[3] They are the kind of mounts particularly used for special cavalry units.[4]
  • In the Web Novel, it was revealed that the Throne of Bones were made of animals like Wyverns.[5]


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