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World Searcher (ワールド・サーチャーズ) was a top Guild in YGGDRASIL.


World Searcher would be described as a guild in which the New World Adventurer's Guilds were supposed to be. Ranked number two in YGGDRASIL, they were a guild that was driven to uncovering new discoveries in the game.[1]

They are highly regarded by Suzuki Satoru as being the type of guild out there who often enjoyed exploring the unknown.[2] For Ainz Ooal Gown, It is indirectly implied that they are like adventurers that loved to travel, venturing into the unknown and trekking to various places around the world.[3]

It is highly hinted by Ainz that in YGGDRASIL, there were guilds like World Searcher who explored and adventured to turn the unknown into the known. They traveled on an endless journey with those adventurer-like feelings in their hearts.


While their guild base is considered poor and possesses few World Items, no guild surpassed them in discovering the many secrets of YGGDRASIL.

According to the Web Novel, they possessed the World Item known as Graeae.

They were weak in guild battles but threw themselves single-mindlessly into the unknown reaches of the world. At that time, he did not understand what they were thinking.[4]


  • This guild is only mentioned in the Web Novel.
  • It is said that this is the guild that best expresses how the company wanted people to enjoy the DMMO-RPG.
  • Ainz most likely used the guild of World Searcher as inspiration for revamping the Sorcerer Kingdom's Adventurer Guild.
  • At some point in the past, Suzuki had once thought that all the things members of the World Searcher guild were doing as pointless until he explored the New World's unknowns with Keno Fasris Invern.[5]


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