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World-Isolating Barrier Experiment is a form of experimentation conducted by Pandora's Actor as the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown during his fight with the unknown warrior Riku Aganeia.


Considering the 1-kilometer wide barrier takes on a dome shape, Pandora's Actor starts deliberating what its capabilities and area-of-effect would be. Pandora's Actor ponders whether the barrier could be enter by an outsider and it is destroyable from the inside.


Pandora's Actor tried using his [Greater Teleportation] spell to escape the barrier. He also starts making contact with the barrier through exerting touch/force, a physical coin toss, and the spellcasting of [Lightning] at a pre-calculated angle.


The farthest he can teleported all the way to was the edge of the translucent dome. The barrier cut off his teleportation to the intended destination he seek outside the dome completely. Only teleportation in and out of the dome was disabled. He learns that if one were to try and teleport outside, they would instead be teleported to the edge of the dome closest to their intended destination. Although he realizes that teleporting outside the barrier was a failure, Pandora's Actor did confirm that teleportation can still be possible to anywhere or a destination that was within the dome itself.

While teleporting, Pandora's Actor discerns that his teleportation remains uninterrupted by the power of the barrier and did not do damage to him either.

After touching and exerting force on the barrier, he learns that contrary to its soft appearance, the wall of the dome was extremely hard and unbreakable. When tossing a gold coin at the dome, it simply hit the barrier and bounced right off. As for the use of his spell on the dome wall, it cannot get through or pass the barrier.


  • Pandora's Actor speculates that this barrier should at the very least be able to block off teleportation spells until he tried to experiment on that idea himself.[1]


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