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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Worker Within The Fog (請負人は霧と共に) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on August 16, 2021 to September 1, 2021.


Nazarick gets suspicious information about an imperial worker who wants to conduct a large-scale subjugation of undead in the Katze Plains. There is also the possibility of movement related to the location and the case of Shalltear. Momonga immediately decided to send intelligence personnel to the Empire――[1]


In the Katze Plains, located southeast of E-Rantel an accursed land of the undead. Since the outbreak of the "World Cracks" the range of the fog generated by the area has expanded making the area more dangerous than ever. Currently a group of people are fighting undead through the cursed land in the fog that surrounds them. A trio composed of a rogue, magic caster and warrior fight the approaching skeletons. To them it is routine as they are workers seeing to earn some coin to cull the undead from the plains. Unlike adventurers, workers are not affiliated with the Adventurer's Guild as such the activities of workers are done so out of monetary greed and involve in many unsavory ventures such as murder or the criminal element. Their client, Zero who hired them on this undead subjugation mission shouts out orders as the workers advance into the fog and advises them to not to stray too far. Malmvist and Peshurian are part of the party and eliminate any undead they see. The duo find the subjugation to be a relief, much better than being turned into soup alongside Chaos Beasts. One of the workers in their employ hearing them ask if this is related to a story they heard somewhere north of E-Rantel. Distracted he fails to notice two looming undead behind him, but he is saved by two other workers, a pink-pig tailed eye patch girl and a red haired woman. The red haired woman proceeds to use her cosier to crush the oncoming skeletons stunning the workers with her strength. Zero seeing her realizes that she is one of the newcomers that fled from E-Rantel. The two women introduce themselves, as Shizuni and Regi.

Malmvist informs his boss that the two those escaped E-Rantel when Jaldabaoth raided the city. Though he finds it odd as staying in the city to help reconstruct it would have been more profitable. Regi answers that the city of E-Rantel was not to their taste as shady characters, plus they found the work of being adventurers to be too troublesome as one can't make much money unless you rank up. On this Peshurian agrees, citing that employment in the Empire is more lucrative as it pays for performance and strength be it if an individual is from the slums or a criminal. After sharing some brief encouraging words with the former members of Six Arms the two women go back to work in cleaning up the undead.

The party continues to fight the undead, and after a short interval break, Peshurian feels that the undead they have been encountering so far were actually controlled, and calls to his companions that they are close. Malmvist warns to Zero that the target will be arriving soon which Zero grins at the prospect and to get ready. A creaking sounds emanates from the fog and a large derelict galley emerges. Zero unsurprised by the sight tells everyone that it is a Ghost Ship of the Katze Plains. While the members of workers marvel at the ship floating above the misty ground, Regi confused ask who this relates to the job. Zero explains that the being who controls the vessel is an Elder Lich and one of the strongest undead in the plains and that he plans to tame it. Shizuni warns her employer someone is coming out. Malmvist cites that it is the elder lich and it brings to mind his old comrade Davernoch.

The lich introduces himself as Iguva and demands to know why the humans have come to him. Zero tells the undead that normally they would pick off the undead one by one for money, but the criminal mastermind states that he has something different in mind and it concerns the lich which he declares his intent to capture Iguva. Iguva jumping down from the ship, laughs at the petty materialistic desires of the living and states that the workers will replenish his thralls. The three members of former Six Arms are unfazed having expected this kind of reception and Regi and Shizuni prepare to follow their lead. Zero pauses for a moment and asks what happened to the other workers, which Malmvist reports that they fell behind in the march. Shizuni then directs her attention to Regi as to why she did not recover them. The other woman feigns that she didn't want to get lost and possibly die herself in the fog. The reason makes sense to the workers as their mission takes priority, something Zero commends as he does with Shizuni's sniping arm. Iguva believes they must be joking that the five could hope to defeat him.

The workers are undaunted and declare themselves to be well known as well calling out in a role call: "Thousand Kills" Malmvist, "Battle Demon" Zero and "Spatial Slash" Peshurian. The scene impresses Regi and Shizuni calling their poses "cool", though the lich thinks they are just making fools of themselves and the undead prepares to fight against the five. The undead force is shattered by the workers, leaving Iguva alone. Zero personally fights him and activates all his shamanic tattoos to empower himself with the abilities of different animals to send a blow straight into the lich's midsection before he could cast a spell. The blow sends Iguva tumbling back and as Zero relishes the victory, Shizuni notices that the opponent is not moving. Zero worries that he may have used too much force and hopes the target is not dead. Regi jokingly offers to use her healing magic on the undead, only for Malmvist to berate her if she wants to kill Iguva. The elder lich though is not dead and struggles to get up and wonders aloud to the worker why he has not destroyed him. Zero states that he knows the lich can command the undead to follow him in his Ghost Ship and asks him to become his subordinate to put that ability to good use promising that they could help each other. Iguva has not complaints about following the strong though he has a desire to continue his quest for the knowledge of magic. Zero states he figured as much as he had a lich companion with a similar companion and promises that so long as Iguva obeys him he will allow him that freedom to pursue his dream. Peshurian and Malmvist add that they their former comrade was Davernoch and that Iguva will need to hideout in their base for the time being. The conditions are judged to be fair and Iguva agrees to become Zero's subordinate. Regi and Shizuni strangers to what is going on asks their boss if they have completed the mission? Zero bold states that they have and if possible would like to ask them for another job in the future. Zero then orders Iguva to triumphantly steer the Ghost Ship back to Arwintar.[2]

At the Round Table Room, Momonga receives a [Message] on an update on an infiltration investigation in the field. To Albedo, Demiurge, and the protagonist, he tells them that it was a report from Lupusregina that she and CZ have successfully fulfilled the request as workers in the Empire. The two report that they will continue to infiltrate in cooperation with Iguva in order to gain Zero's trust.

Albedo seems to think that everything is going according to plan, since the no guild regulate the workers so becoming one is simple, making it easy to insert their spies. Demiurge notes that the two field agents though having shady identities, will be able to erase such concerns with their abilities. The protagonist informs the three a little more about Zero, that he appears to be man with strong ambition for a successful career. Willing to use suspicious people as he feels he is confident on his strength. Zero's reputation interests Momonga as the human has led a very eventful career, like being the head of security of Eight Fingers, fighting as as a representative of the Empire in the Trilateral Talks and finally becoming a worker.

The protagonist believed that all the members of Zero's party were killed along with all the workers when the Chaos Beasts invaded from the north. Though recently he found that he was wrong when Edström was found alive. Momonga recalling the workers battling the Chaos Beasts thorugh the Mirror of Remote Viewing at the time remembers it well, where the Empire used a strategy to lure the horde into the Melting Pot when they were engaged with the workers. The Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor comments that Jircniv earns his name as "Bloody Emperor" for devising such a clever plan. Though he wonders what has become of the emperor since he returned back to the Empire.

Attention for now is turned to what Zero is doing as the man led a large scale undead hunt to the area where Shalltear Bloodfallen was mind controlled. He thinks that there is a client involved and one who knows the existence of Shalltear and hence why Nazarick cannot ignore the issue. Strangely Albedo reports that no rumor of a vampire have emerged in the Empire nor in E-Rantel or the Kingdom. The protagonist likewise believes that whoever managed to control a being who can threaten humanity would not stay silent, but so far nothing of the like has turned up at the Adventurer's Guild. He sadly cannot confirm what the situation is on the Theocracy's side but advises that they should be cautious with the human supremacist nation and request an opportunity to investigate it.

However Momonga states that careless investigation should be avoided and for now that the Empire is their focus as they must take advantage of the opportunity they have. The Overseer Guardian clarifies that with the aid of Lupusregina and CZ as well as Iguva they were able to settle the undead in the Katze Plains ahead a schedule. Momonga initiated as he felt ever since Shalltear came under mental control in that region an outside party might have been responsible. So far Shalltear only found a Ghost Ship which wasn't that much. Demiurge is happy that they were able to prepare Iguva for the role and asks his master if he planned for Zero to add the lich to be one of his subordinates? The question prompts Albedo to recall that Narberal Gamma and Soi had disposed of that one member of Six Arms named Davernoch. She asks if Momonga truly made Iguva the captain of the Ghost Ship knowing that Zero would seek a replacement. Momonga admits that it was a cautionary action of his that worked out. In reality the action was just a convenient move of his as he wanted a captain that followed his will and used a random adventurer corpse that was collected in the plains. Still Demiurge believes that Momonga intended Zero to follow the undeath as a means. And Albedo admits that the man Zero seems affiliated with the underworld of the Kingdom with an ambition to rise up and carve a place in the Empire. Momonga taking that into account wonders why Zero and his client want to do with the Katze Plains. As they don't have enough information, the group plan to wait for follow-ups from their agents.

Somewhere in the Imperial territory. The worker team Zero were celebrating in an unlit hideout, toasting to the first stage of the request to have been completed successfully and to their new comrade Iguva. From Zero, Iguva learns that the former wants to use his ability to control the undead and states that the next part of the plan would have the lich protect some carriages. Iguva states that he can do that seeing as it was the real reason why he was brought into their group. Zero states that have to be cautious as their group seems to have some bad luck now and then. Peshurian and Malmvist add that Zero has nothing to fear as he is the strongest in the Empire and that part the bad luck stems from the emperor. Malmvist explains that the Bloody Emperor was nearly executed by the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth in E-Rantel, but somehow managed to return safely. But it's hard to tell was is fact and fiction nowadays. Peshurian drunkenly claims that the blunder in E-Rantel shattered the emperor's cohesiveness making him traumatized after being threatened by the demon becoming a Bloodless Emperor. He goes on to say that the the surviving workers know all about the emperor's plan to use acid to melt the Chaos Beasts. Seeing that he is getting too emotion, Malmvist urges his comrade to ease away from his drink, knowing that he only cutting loose to vent out some anger over the bad luck they faced. Before he ends his tirade, he raises a toast to Zero and to the emperor.

Zero turning to Iguva apologies for the scene as though they gain a new ally, there is some feelings of abandonment after some of the colleagues left. Iguva does not mind as he feels welcomed enough finding the turbulent life to be enjoyable as he was captain of his ship and yet was unable to traverse to where the living dwelled and yet here he is. Zero smiles and states that they should put their "past" and "future" and forge it into a new partnership. And while he doesn't it will replace what he had, he's more than willing to try which Iguva is willing to reciprocate. As he builds a relationship with his new team with the lich plots to complete and fulfill his mission for the Supreme Being.[3]

In the crowded streets of Arwintar, the imperial capital of the Baharuth Empire Regi and Shizuni were exploring the Central Market. The two found the city to be fascinating with the crowds though. Shizuni takes notes of a growing crowd in a certain area, making Regi think that something fun is happening. Regi wonder if they should get a bite to eat as there are many stalls lined up. The two Pleiades members are on assignment to act as workers, as the faces of Narberal and Solution are know to those outside Nazarick. There mission is to determine with the undead subjugation that they participated in before had anything to do with those who mind controlled Shalltear. Regi though can find no rumors about Vampire Brides in the Empire, but resolves herself to continuing to collect information. as for a snack Regi asks her partner what she would like to try. Shizuni states that she would like to try a Makyatia. The two having heard of it from Narberal opt to look for the item, only to be disappointed to learn that Makyatia is not sold at any of the stalls but in a luxury inn. Regi asks Shizuni how Narberal could afford to buy the drink, which Shizuni answers that she stayed at an inn with Soi and tried it there.

Seeing that their first option is a bust, the two then head over to the store to see if there is anything interesting. A wide range of street vendors proudly boast their wares to have a variety of weapons and tools and welcome the women to take a look. Shizuni takes notice of a beautifully patterned sword hanging at a store and asks the owner, a merchant with a wide belly on it. The merchant tells the girl that she has a sharp eye as the sword is a rune weapon crafted by a dwarf craftsman. Unfortunately it is not for sale and is used to attract customers. Regi though takes a interest in a jewel that is included. Staring at the sword, Shizuni is surprised that it is an item made by dwarves and not a swimsuit. The merchant overhearing her does not know what kind of equipment that is, but offers to show her other pieces of armor and weapons. When he presents a silver dagger to the women, Regi reacts with trepidation at the touch of the silver.

Shizuni wordlessly ask her partner is she senses that the are being watched and gets a confirmation from Regi. The two the depart the store and head to an alley. There they turn around and confront the one following them, which turns out to be Malmvist. Caught Malmvist asks when they noticed that he was tailing them. Regi states since yesterday, though since he was trying not to be obvious Regi assumed that he was out on an errand. Impressed Malmvist tells them that they really are skilled and states that Zero wants to invite them to join his tea. His sale's pitch to get them to join is not needed as Regi and Shizuni express their worship of the members of Six Arms. Malmvist taken aback by the worship feels proud of himself, which is the intent of the women, as they use his self-esteem to their advantage. To show them a sample of their skills, Shizuni offers Malmvist a gift to his boss, since they will be working to together. It is a jewel that Shizuni stole from the merchant at the store. Malmvist is shocked at the item and wonders how the girl got that out of the store, but realizes that the women intentionally had the merchant distracted on the rune weapon on display so that they could take the gem.

Regi states that its a part of Shizuni's character, a bad habit which has never been caught. The feat is impressive though the male worker asks if it's alright to keep hold of such an item. Seeing his point, Shizuni decides to return the item before it is missed. Before he could react she goes back to the store and comes back in a second, apologizing for the delay as there were knights on patrol but managed to put the gem back where it was suppose to be. Regi comments that thieving is much different here in Arwintar compared to E-Rantel. Malmvist is surprised that there was no commotion when she put it back, and can't recall of anything like the two's activities in E-Rantel when Zero checked their the women's identities. However if the two managed to not leave a criminal history it bold wells on their abilities. Happy to hear that the women are pleased at the praise. Before inducting them into his team, Malmvist unsheathes Rose Thorn and states that he needs to conduct a test of their physical abilities which the two agree to accept.

Later at the Singing Apple Pavilion, a bar and inn where workers gather, Malmvist takes the new additions to the team there where Peshurian is waiting. Regi entering notices that something smells good and Malmvist explains that the place is an establishment for workers like themselves in the Empire as the Adventurer's Guild don't support them. It's a convenient place as clients come to the bar with jobs for workers and plus the food here is delicious. Peshurian greets the new recruits and Regi asks what they recommend to eat at the inn, which Malmvist recommends trying the pork stew. The four them order bowls of the food to celebrate their new friendship. While eating Peshurian asks Malmvist about his mock combat with Regi and Shizuni. The other worker states that he fought Regi who's main job is a cleric and while he did not test Shizuni notes that she is skilled in range combat and accepted them after testing Regi. Shizuni notes their good fortune in finding work as it's a pain without a messenger. Regi inquires where Zero is and Iguva, though notes that the undead would probably not be welcomed in the establishment. Malmvist tells the women that Zero and Iguva are in a meeting with their clients for details on the next job.

In a certain aristocratic mansion, Zero introduces Iguva to their clients: a merchant and two nobles. The trio are pleased that the worker has completed his part of the agreement in acquiring the undead's aid as now their plan can proceed. A noble though asks if Zero's proposed plan can actually work with he help of the captain of the Ghost Ship which the undead states that he will protect the weaklings as ordered by Zero. Zero apologies for Iguva's rude behavior citing it to be his prejudice as an undead. The worker states that there is no issue to the plan to move through the Katze Plains as Iguva can pacify the approaching undead and though there may be stray Contaminated Beasts, he and his team Six Arms are able to defend them.

One nervous noble is glad to hear that though asks if Zero has truly severed his loyalty to Emperor Jircniv. Zero answers that he is a worker. Loyalty is nothing as he only respects the client and the strong man. The response is well received as the nobles believe that the worker made the right choice to leave the service of Jircniv and join their faction. The nobles in the room all have been wronged by who they call the tyrant Jircniv. The know that the Bloody Emperor escape death at the expense of one of his knights. They laugh at the rumors circulating the imperial citizens about the emperor, that he can been captivated by the heroes of other nations than the knights who serve him, becoming a bloodless emperor who was crushed by the devil. Now that their opponent is weak, the trio vow to regain the glory of the Baharuth Empire.

The leader of the trio informs Zero that the transportation route serving as their foothold will be secured. As they finish negotiating with their trade partners the nobles will gain access to weapons and manpower. For now they ask the worker to continue to protect them. Zero promises to uphold his end of the bargain as they are profitable clients that feed him. As for the Ghost Ship, Zero asks what should he do about it. Though the nobles decline to ride on the grisly vessel as they prefer to use their carriage for the route they will be traveling on only needing it as an escort.

At an inn room, Lupusregina, CZ, and Igvuva secretly gathered and shared information. They three have secretly entered Six Arms as Momonga directed with the replacement of the old Captain of the Ghost Ship a success with Zero none the wiser. Likewise the Lupusregina and CZ's identities have unblemished histories. Since Six Arms had experience with working with an elder lich, Lupusregina notes that they were more accepting to the undead, hinting that their previous elder lich that was in Six Arms was defeated by Zero in the same way. She praises Momonga for thinking this very thoroughly. Regi goes over what they know so far, that former nobles of the Empire are plotting a rebellion against Jircniv by starting a smuggling operation to finance the means to do so. Iguva reports that the ones backing the nobles is the Slane Theocracy and that there is a route that the nobles will use. They hired Six Arms to test the route to see if it is safe before proceeding on it themselves. The idea that the nobles are willing to go out and meet their partners is a bit of a shock to CZ, though Iguva states that according to Zero it is customary to dispel mistrust. CZ though thinks that it would still be beneficial to continue intelligence gathering in the Empire. The other maid agrees as plans to send various reports to Momonga to let him know of the developments. The trio then aim to work hard on their first mission as the new members of Six Arms to earn the trust of their new teammates.[4]

A day after the new Six Arms was formed, the workers went through the Katze Plain on the Ghost Ship to confirm the route to guide the Anti-Imperial aristocrats. Iguva directs his undead into the fog for any disturbances as he speaks with Regi and Zero on their roles in guiding the nobles' carriages through the fog. Iguva reports the horses driving the carriages should not have any trouble, but there are still dangers. Zero asks the undead to clarify, which Iguva states though he can force the undead to submit to him, it is difficult to control powerful undead beings such as the Death Knight and the Skeletal Dragon as they rarely surface. Peshurian hearing that hopes they could avoid such monsters on their journey, as does Malmvist since Skeletal Dragons are difficult to kill with their piercing techniques.

Malmvist asks why the nobles declined to travel on the Ghost Ship with the cargo. Zero states while it would be easier and effective, the nobles stated it was their preference. Shizuni atop the mast reports that there is something, a vulture which is contaminated and kills it. It seems Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts are still an obstacle in the plains. Even so Zero thinks that they are not much of a threat to their mission, but notes that Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts seem to be few in the area though he has heard that they have been seen wandering around the Great Forest of Tob. The leader tells his teammates that they should focus on eliminating any obstacles they come across and to work on their teamwork.

Malmvist states that a Skeletal Dragon would be a perfect target to test their cohesion, which Peshurian begs not to jinx. However it is too late as a Skeletal Dragon appears out of the fog. Regi acts surprised that a Skeletal Dragon came, though secretly she knows it to be a summon under the control of Momonga as a "just in case" measure for her and Shizuni to score some points with Six Arms. Zero seeing the foe calls out for Six Arms to attack the beast and disembark from the ship. Malmvist and Peshurian attack the beast in unison, landing blows on the undead though their attacks are not effective they draw its attention. At the same time Regi pepper the dragon with magic attacks until it finally collapses and dies. The feat shocks Peshurian as Skeletal Dragons are suppose to be the natural enemy of magic casters, plus her fighting stance has her more act like a warrior than a priest. Regi merely laughs it off stating she wanted to wrap things up so that Iguva would not get injured as they still need him to safely navigate the fog.

Zero states that its fine and though he was not the one who landed the final blow on the undead, he is not displeased on how the new Six Arms is, commenting that Shizuni and Regi's teamwork was superb. He now has an overall grasp on Six Arm's strength. He notes that they should be close to E-Rantel and within the range of the activities of the adventurers. So he orders Shizuni to return to the ship and make preparations to leave. After she goes, Regi asks Zero if she and Shizuni can be members of Six Arms both in name and reality. The worker says of course and Regi asks if they can be given names as well which eh states he will think about it. As they withdraw from the area, Zero wonders if the officials in E-Rantel are aware of the incident going on in the Katze Plains. While there is no way to tell, Zero decides to stay alert for any trouble as nothing can go wrong for his first job of the new Six Arms.

Around the same time, at the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild——the protagonist, Soi and Surako are meeting with Pluton Ainzach. The guildmaster reports that the frequency of encounters with the undeath in the Katze Plains has gone down. Though the thickness of the fog is as usual the soldiers of the Kingdom have been reporting undead have been scarce. Surako thinks that would be a good thing. Pluton wonders if the decrease of the undead is due to the adventurer team, Kralgra challenging the Ghost Ship and annihilating it and hopes that Igvarge's obsession with fame has been rewarded. The protagonist remembers the leader of Kralgra being the one adventurer who tried to achieve higher results in opposition to him and was the one who informed the homunculus that the workers from the Empire were moving to subdue the undead. The protagonist lies that the decrease of the undead in the area but surely by his rival's work paying off.

The protagonist had already received the reports of Lupusregina who infiltrated as workers and knows that Zero has been working to help escort the smuggling of weapons and slaves by Anti-Jircniv aristocrats. He wonders how the Sorcerer Kingdom should respond to this? Cooperate with the rebellion against the emperor... though he does not find it very attractive except for the merit of earning some foreign currency. Above all, he's worried that he can't see the movement of the emperor as it seems odd that Jircniv is doing nothing when a rebellion is forming right in his nation. In that case he should be prepared as he has information ahead of the other three countries, but it's still not enough to clear the fog in the Katze Plains.[5]

At the Round Table again, Momonga shares a series of information with Demiurge, Albedo, the protagonist and others. In light of the reports from Lupusregina Beta who infiltrated the Empire and the current situation, he declares that the the connection between the large-scale undead subjugation in the Katze Plains and the mental control of Shalltear——-to be extremely. Though Demiurge confirms that the site of Shalltear's mind control was indeed in the Katze Plains as evidence from the Vampire Bride's corpse. Momonga can only say that whoever mind controlled her did not spread news of their actions, as to why it confounds him. According to a report from Lupusregina, the large-scale subjugation of the undead was carried out by Anti-Jircniv faction in the Empire to prepare a smuggling route for weapons and slaves for armed uprising. Their business partner is the Theocracy which is confirmed by Iguva who had listened in on the conversation with his clients, the former nobles of the Empire, when Zero brought him to them. From the reports of Lupusregina tshe saw that there were elven slave in the Empire brought from the forest near the Theocracy.

The protagonist mentions that Princess Renner of the Kingdom advocated a prohibition of the sale and purchase of slaves, but the systems of the Empire and the Theocracy are different so smuggling should not be necessary if there is a slave trade between the two nations. Albedo states that wouldn't be the case if there were enough slaves for the armed uprising. Importing large numbers of slaves and weapons through open routes naturally increases the risk of being spotted by the politicians before the uprising. Now understanding the protagonist sees that the establishment of a smuggling route is to carefully move the plan forward under the surface. If the nobles have their own route even after the armed uprising, they could still use it as a transportation route for soldiers or as an escape route.

The Overseer Guardian finds it ironic that the plans of rebellion which was suppose to be secret was leaked to a nobody adventurer like who became the origin of Iguva. Demiurge though states it took more than just a rumor to link the undead subjugation with a rebellion plan. At least now it explains why the workers were being recruited for a massive job. Momonga has to admit that the the humans have carefully planned their rebellion as in terms of quality using a elf would be much more effective than using humans. Slimeko is still not sure of the entire scheme, and shares her thoughts that in the first place, why did the preparations for the large-scale undead subjugation and armed uprising begin at this time? While she understand the grudge of fallen nobles, it was before the Catastrophe so why now?

Momonga understanding her confusion then tells her of a report he just received from Iguva about the reason. Apparently, in the imperial capital, there is a widespread rumor that Jircniv has "run away." The rumor was probably spread due to the instigation of the former nobles. The Bloody Emperor, who was an object of fear for the aristocrats and was a reliable presence for his subjects. Albedo states that the nobles are using the opportunity to drag the emperor from the throne. Slimeko sees now as old nobles, who had been afraid of the "Bloody Emperor" until now, view the emperor as weak after being beaten by Jaldabaoth and began to think that they might win against the emperor.

Plus Albedo adds that the military power of the Empire had declined since the battle in E-Rantel and has not fully recovered. Though last time she saw Jircniv at the Trilateral Conference, she noticed that the emperor was already intoxicated with the protagonist, and was almost as if he was in good health. The protagonist admits that he found the demeanor of the emperor and the rumors to be inconsistent. Demiurge finds that the emperor intentionally allowing the spread of rumors unattended is abnormal. When he asks Momonga on his thoughts, the Overlord has three possibilities of what could be happening.

Curious Slimeko asks what the three possibilities are. As Momonga has only a vague idea what the reasons could be he allows Demiurge to explain in his stead for simplification. The demon state that foremost, it's possible that Jircniv himself is the one who really controls the smuggling program as it would be understandable as to why he is doing it for his own country. The protagonist adds that due to the invasion of Jaldabaoth, the troops of each country gathered at E-Rantel have been severely damaged. So there may be an aim here to prepare the armament first and strengthen the nation's voice in the alliance. With that Albedo also notes that the use of elven slaves as troops while stronger than humans and effective to strengthen the army, in the presence of the Tripartite Alliance, it is difficult to openly hire. Though Demiurge believes that should it be a problem the emperor could use the Anti-Jircniv nobles as as scapegoats and possess deniability.

The next possibility is that this situation is left unattended and used as a way to expose the Anti-Jircniv faction and exhaust it. However, it is doubtful to think that the emperor's damaged reputation will be bought. As there is no good way to overturn the prevailing rumors. Even if there is a way to overturn them——if the timing is wrong, a real armed uprising will happen. There are many who have a grudge against the Bloody Emperor who had purged many nobles.

And lastly, Demiurge states that it is possible that Jircniv hasn't been able to grasp the movement in the Imperial City for some reason. It could be that he is lying in bed or is prioritizing on something else. If that is the case Albedo wonders if the nobles and the new Six Arms are just cooperating. The protagonist also suggest that it is possible that Zero is pretending to be subordinate to Jircniv, after all he was left to die to with the Chaos Beasts in the Melting Pot in the northern area of E-Rantel.

That certainly would amount o a grudge by Zero against Jircniv, but Albedo considers that rather than Jircniv is unaware, Zero is telling a falsehood. She wants to know the activities of the Four Imperial Knights who report to the emperor. That area is one place they should focus on to understand the situation. Slimeko having listened to the lecture understands the reasons thanking her summoner for the talk and promises to collect information on the activities of the emperor. Momonga advises everyone to watch the situation carefully as currently, Lupusregina and the others are close to the source. It would be regrettable to miss this opportunity. Everyone agrees as though they were unable to find a clue to Shalltear's attackers the could at least benefit from this unexpected situation. Only Nazarick seems aware of what is going on in the Empire and so must no squander opportunities like this. Momonga happy at the share of information has his subjects prepare for information warfare. To Gather, analyze and use information and emphasize risk aversion. That in mind he calls the meeting to be adjourned.

In the hideout of the new Six Arms in the imperial territory, various preparations for proceeding with the transportation route whose safety was confirmed the other day in the Katze Plains were steadily progressing under the direction of Zero. Regi confirms that they have enough food an water for the journey. Peshurian reports that the nobles are ready to travel and Malmvist confirms that the cargo has been secured but warns his teammates not to touch it else it will damage their credibility.

Shizuni asks her teammate on what they are transporting and is answered that its similar to the item that she and Regi were trying to steal in the Central Market: a dwarf sword, armor, and a shield set. Regi asks if it is a rune weapon and if its really that valuable. Zero explains that the set is a gift for their clients' partners. Rune weapons apparently have become rarer since trade with the Dwarf Kingdom ceased. Zero then tells his subordinates that they will be joined by workers hired by the nobles and escort the carriage. They on the other hand will be in charge of dealing with Chaos and Contaminated Beasts. While he doesn't care if the workers are injured, he stresses that the nobles and the cargo are not to be damaged.

A question is raised by Shizuni asking if having two carriages being escorted is a bit noticeable, Zero explains that the carriages are supposedly heading to E-Rantel. The number of workers hired by the nobles was also limited to a small number from the Imperial City. The rest is a calculation stage that are suppose to join them in the Katze Plains and serve as decoys. The carriages in reality won't stop at the fortress city but will head straight to the Katze Plains where the Ghost Ship will be waiting. Iguva will greet them and use his magic to prevent the undead from attacking. Regi worries if they should be concerned about the Empire finding out what they are doing. Though Malmvist states that they have nothing to worry about aside from the Four Imperial Knights. If anything happens their boss is more than enough to handle things. Zero acknowledges this and starts the first job of the new Six Arms.

While Zero is preparing, at the Imperial Castle, the three knights were reporting the status of the Imperial City to Jircniv. The emperor is surprised that Zero has formed a new Six Arms. Nimble Arc Dale Anoch tells his liege that the former criminal has replenished his manpower and resumed his activities again. There is also information that nobles are plotting a rebellion against the emperor and are also moving to form a coup. Jircniv seems unconcerned about the idea of a rebellion only taking an interest that other factions are replenishing their strength. The same could not be said about his Four Imperial Knights, who are now only three something which shames all three of the knights. He references Nazami Enec who was killed by Jaldabaoth and despite reaching out to Princess Renner to acquire Blue Roses revival magic, the 5th tier of magic was not enough to bring back Nazami.

Nimble argues that it was not Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra's fault as Nazami's corpse was crushed beyond recovery as the Demon Emperor saw to that. Jircniv asks Nimble why their spirits are not broken despite losing to that demon. Though theyw ere defeated and lost a lot of good soldiers, Nimble believes that they must overcome it as a way to honor the dead. Baziwood Peshmel agrees or else he would never be able to face Nazami and begs the emperor to give them orders on what to do.

The emperor informs the knights that his name has been viewed as a joke and is spreading inside and outside the castle, and received a new nickname of the Bloodless Emperor. Nimble urges Jircniv not to take this abuse from the populace as it needs to be amended. Even Leinas Rockbruise finds the behavior of Jircniv unsightly swearing that they wish to make up for their dishonor and thus have been training to get stronger. The knights urge the emperor that they can prove to the Empire that their lord is not weak and neither are they.

The emperor is silent for a moment before he reverts from a listless air to that of amusement. Now showing a more confident self, he laughs of how the rumor of him grow cowardly has been put to good use, noting that even the Theocracy are attempting to use it to their advantage. Nimble is left stunned, having been worried for his majesty like his comrades only to find that they had been deceived. Though he quickly tries to tell himself that he wasn't deceived and concentrates on aiming to support the emperor with his comrades and regain full reconciliation of their self-esteem to aid their liege.[6]

At the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild, Pluton and the protagonist receive a request from a client: Nigun Grid Luin and Ian Als Heim of the Sunlight Scripture. Pluton asks why the priests want to investigate the Katze Plains. Nigun explains to the guildmaster that undead have been decreasing in the Katze Plains not just near E-Rantel but according to reports around the Theocracy. In fact the frequency of seeing undead has dropped a day has become extremely low. While the the situation is viewed as good Nigun believes that they should not just rely on faith and optimism.

The protagonist studying their reactions, wonders if the real reason could be involved with Shalltear though it is too early to make presumptions. Nigun goes on to say that the Theocracy wants an investigation and since his Sunlight Scripture is stationed in E-Rantel he has been assigned the task. Though he wants to do it through the official channels of the guild to avoid undermining the security of E-Rantel. He suggests that they do a reconnaissance involving a small number of elites as the best choice. Ian states that he and Nigun will be part of the reconnaissance and only require adventurers to be their guides.

Since this mission involves the safety of E-Rantel he asks for their cooperation. Pluton has no issue as both he and the protagonist were also talking investigating the plains, though were unable to move as no request came forward. The protagonist believes that they can work with this situation and offers his team to join the priests on the investigation with the permission of the guild. The guildmaster has no qualms and approves of the initiative to allow "Darkness" to be sent out. The fact that two adamantite adventurers are joining them is a relief to the Sunlight Scripture members. The protagonist smiling at the prospect wonders to himself if this is all part of Momonga foresight. At the same he takes a liking to the name Pluton gives his team, and decides to use it before arranging a meeting with Soi to inform her of the new request.

News of the Theocracy's investigation of the Katze Plains was reported to Momonga who once again called a meeting at the Round Table Room. Momonga is interest that there is movement on the Theocracy's side in E-Rantel. Now is viewed as a good opportunity to get information on the nation and to determine if there was any involvement with Shalltear's mind control. Albedo praises the idea seeing was this is why Momonga was maintaining a "wait-and-see" policy to observe how the humans would respond to the incident.

In addition, Momonga states that Iguva has reported that a group of carriages carrying the former nobles of the Empire have entered the Katze Plains so the situation is progressing. Demiurge finds it to be expected as Momonga knows and controls the habits of humans. For the next step, Momonga though he would find it interesting if the Empire and the Theocracy encountered each other now, it would be better if the two aims are completed separately and not intersect.

Thus that's where the Ghost Ship and Death Knight in the Katze Plains comes in. Albedo lauds Momonga for his foresight, though Momonga brushes the thanks as if he had the ability to predict the future then Shalltear would not have been mentally enslaved. He plans to order Regi and Soi to deploy the undead to make sure that the two nation's don't encounter one another. There should be not issues with the Death Knight Momonga has placed under the command of Iguva and dismisses everyone.

Much later, five shadows can be seen in the thin fog of the Katze Plains. The protagonist, Soi and Surako, have accompanied Nigun and Ian to investigate the cause of the decrease in the undead. The party were cautiously advancing through the reddish-brown land staying close to one another to avoid getting lost. Soi observing the landscape having been informed of the declining numbers of undead can scarcely believe it but so far the group has not encountered any since their journey from E-Rantel. The protagonist also acts surprise but cautions them that may not be the case as the visibility is poor. Danger still exist though as Soi dispatches a contaminated wolf and bear in the path. Nigun tells his companions that the fog itself has an undead reaction so it is nearly impossible to discern if there are any undead hiding in the area.

Ian still cannot fathom as to why the area is constantly being subjugated for undead. Soi shed some light to that as for both adventurers and workers in the Kingdom, undead extermination in the Katze Plains was a way to make some easy money even if there was no request. Nigun interested asks the adventurer to continue her explanation, which Soi does to earn their trust to gain some intel on the Theocracy. In her opinion the decrease of undead may be due to the ceasing of the Annual Wars which has robbed the area of the casualties that usually happen during the conflict. And for why the undead still sometimes appear in the plains, the protagonist adds that it is due to the burials from E-Rantel. Since the invasion of the Chaos Beasts and Jaldabaoth, the E-Rantel's Cemetery has been filled to overcapacity, so the dead are buried in the plains.

Now understanding the scope of the changes in the Katze Plains, Nigun finds it pitiful for families to bury their loved ones in the desolate area, but knows that burials in a graveyard in the city carries dangers. Soi states that disposing of the undead hear is more practical as it also keeps the city safe and allows the adventurers and workers to earn some coin when they cull the undead. Hearing that Nigun wonders if Soi was formerly a worker before. He makes it clear it did not mean to offend, as from the perspective of adventurers, workers are looked down as villains. Such would be the same thoughts of Nigun in the past, but now he has a more different opinion. On the day when the Demon Emperor attacked, he heard of how a large number of Chaos Beasts appeared and that many workers sacrificed their lives to halt it. From what Ian heard though, the workers died by leading the Chaos Beasts into the Melting Pot prepared by the Empire.

The protagonist agrees that it was a worthwhile sacrifice, though he comments to himself that the Theocracy has a strict view on discipline to compliment the workers, though it is only his opinion and Soi also figures that the priests are a bit ignorant on the activities workers commit. NIgun goes back on the topic of what could be causing the rapid decrease of undead. The protagonist does not answer but asks a question on whether the priests know of the rumors of the captain of the "Ghost Ship" that is said to haunt the plains and command the undead. Soi asks if the two priests know what type of undead it might be. Ian figures that it must be a elder lich. In contrast the protagonist believes that it could be a vampire. Ian finds it unlikely as those undead are often in places where the sun doesn't reach, like inside a citadel. Plus he hasn't heard any witness accounts that vampires were in the area.

The captain of the Ghost Ship must be a elder lich. The idea of a conversation with the undead crosses Nigun's mind as it would be useful to learn more about what is going on in the Katze Plains in spite of the prejudice of the undead. Surako points out first they would have to find the Ghost Ship. From the conversation the protagonist confirms that neither men know about the Vampire Brides that were kill or even Shalltear's existence. Above all he figured if anyone could control a powerful vampire, then it would not be kept quiet in any country. Even so the protagonist's suspicions with the Theocracy are not cleared.

The party is interrupted when a creaking and rattling chains is heard in the fog. The group see the image of a massive Ghost Ship, as planned by the protagonist, and several skeletons and a Death Knight drop from it. The Death Knight immediately charges at Ian who is frozen in place at the powerful presence. Soi manages to get between them and parry the knight's blade with her dagger. The actions shocks Nigun as the woman just pushed back an existence with an estimated difficulty rate of over a 100. Ian recovering recalls that a Death Knight was fought by Fluder Paradyne but had to use flying magic to carpet bomb to defeat it.

The party then fight the Death Knight and after a intense battle it finally falls. Nigun can't believe that they just faced a terrifying opponent as even if they had adamantite adventurers and army should be needed to take it down. Though he guesses with the protagonist it's no longer surprising. He noted that the adventurer took a seat back from the fight and relegated to judging the situation and giving instructions which he chalks to be the adventurer have his power restricted and conserving his power.

Soi claims that it was a hard battle, as she can handle a Skeletal Dragon, but fighting a Death Knight might be stretching their skill. Nigun deems that it to be too dangerous to proceed any further and call that the investigation to be over. In his report he will state that the undead are no disappearing so it should be enough for his homeland and thanks the protagonist and his team for their cooperation. The group heads back to E-Rantel, though with Surako noticeably falling behind. Soi join her in the back seemingly to tell her to take care, but whispers if she got in touch with the others, which the other slime confirms that Iguva got the message. Their cover story for the Sunlight Scripture was complete allowing Zero to go through his own plan without interference.

Those at the Round Table Room are informed via the Mirror of Remote Viewing of the protagonist's success in hoodwinking the Scripture. Momonga is pleased that the Death Knight he stationed in the plains was put to good use as now the protagonist has the Scripture in his debt. Demiurge cannot help praise that his master's "wait-and-see" strategy yielded such a good situation. And even Albedo believes that everything that has happened with the new Six Arms was all of Momonga's manipulation to the Sunlight Scripture being completely fooled. Though Momonga states he only took the most effective path, he admits he was just lucky to his ears only.[7]

Approximately at the same time as the Sunlight Scriptures ended the investigation, at the northern end of the Katze Plains, the Anti-Jircniv nobles and a group of carriages carrying gifts to their trading partners were slowly moving south through the fog, protected by their escort workers. Along the way Contaminated Beasts are killed to make a path. The workers in the group marvel at the new incarnation of Six Arms, especially at Regi who they find to be a beauty. Though they are unnerved by Iguva even if he is an ally. In spite of the dense fog, Iguva reports that up ahead there is a departing group of priests and adventurers which could be a research team from E-Rantel. Zero then tells Iguva to adjust their direction so they run parallel to the other group and to speed by them before they are noticed. The other members of the group see that recruiting Iguva has finally paid off

Shizuni and Regi silently speak among themselves noting that there are a large number of workers in the escort and that they should prepare for whatever happens. In the carriages containing the nobles and merchant, the trio are confident that their plan will succeed. However their carriages stop prompting the trio to peek outside to see what is going on. To their horror standing in front of the convoy are the three Imperial Knights. The knights greet the treacherous nobles, sarcastically asking why they are making a detour from E-Rantel in so a morbid location. Though it appears that the knights know that the nobles are trying to establish a smuggling route to the Theocracy. In face of the knights, the rebels are still firm that Zero and his Six Arms can defeat the knights.

Zero and his teammates then stand from the workers proudly shouting their monikers, along with their new members: "Laughing Mace" Regi, "One Eye in a Hundred" Shizuni and "Undead Captain" Iguva. But instead of facing the knights the members of Six Arms have their back to them and facing their employers following Zero's lead. The nobles realize it was Zero who betrayed them to the Empire. Zero though states that he never betrayed them, claiming that they were never his real employers to begin with.

Before Luspusregina's team came to the Empire, shortly after Jircniv returned to the imperial capital, Arwintar, Zero had paid him a visit. The emperor was surprised that Zero was alive. Zero asks Jircniv if he is surprised that he managed to avoid perishing in the Melting Pot with the Chaos Beasts. Since Zero is here the emperor praises for avoiding his strategy and hence why he permitted Zero to have an audience with him. Zero then gets to the point and demands to be a member of the Four Imperial Knights. Amused Jircniv is pleased to know the former criminal's ambition has not been crushed and while there is an open spot, the emperor recalls that Zero was not there for him when the Demon Emperor had him on the execution platform.

Zero asks the emperor if the rumors are true that Jircniv has been intoxicated by his savior the protagonist. The emperor admits that he has mentioning that the protagonist was a worthy soul to be at the top of humanity. In contrast to Zero, the position should go to a more worthy candidate like the adamantite adventurer. Considering this, Zero asks the Bloody Emperor what he must do to be a knight. Just so it happens Jircniv has a plan requiring workers. Currently there are some who are plotting against his reputation and Jircniv needs Zero's assistance to rounding the detractors up. The details of the plan are asked by Zero, which the Jircniv explains would require the leader of Six Arms to take care of the undead in the Katze Plains.

Back in the present Zero tells his the rebels that he was using them to climb to the top fooling them into thinking that they bought him out with money. Even with the game up and the three rebels refuse to accept defeat and the workers hired by the trio start to wonder what they got themselves into. Many of them were actually in on the rebellion, out for revenge against the Bloody Emperor for their friends that were used as sacrifices. The way they see, even if they surrender now the result will be the same so they decide to fight with the nobles and at least make the knights pay.

Six Arms seeing that their opponents do not understand the disparity in strength then agree to enlighten them and the Four Imperial Knights. The workers fight against their former associates whilst the imperial knights watch before also moving to support them. The fighting dies down and all the rebels have been captured. Their request from the emperor is now complete. Shizuni concerned about her sister and Iguva's fate ask what will happen to them? Malmvist seeing that the tri think they will be eliminated states that is not the case as they don't betray their clients. Zero clarifies that the plan was part of Emperor Jircniv's plan so that he could gain the status as one of the Four Imperial Knights. Truth be told if he had know that he would eventually reform Six Arms he would have reservations of accepting the deal with the emperor.

Celebration is to be expected as Zero will now rise to a knight. Nimble interjects stating that there is a message from the emperor. While Zero may become a knight by completing the task given to him by Jircniv, to actually earn the seat Zero will have to show strength of the same rank as it previous holder. Zero understands what is being asked, a duel. He accepts and challenges the knights right now, but unfortunately Nimble they will have to postpone it as he and the knights are bust transporting the traitors for punishment. The knights though request Zero that next time they will take his challenge but in the mean time advise him to polish his skills and abilities.

Zero grimaces seeing that's how they are playing at. Nevertheless, his comrades compliment him and are glad that the new Six Arms will still exist for now. The leader of Six Arms considering finds it ironic that having been a worker for a while it hasn't been that bad. Six Arms then heads back to their hideout.[8]


At the Imperial Palance, Jircniv is satisfied by the news brought to him by his knights. All the nobles involved in the plot to overthrow him have been arrested, many who belonged to the old empire regime as well as a few merchants. The all believed the rumors and falsehood of the emperor ignorant of the hell he had been through by the Demon Emperor. Such a thing would normally be the jurisdiction of the information bureau, though the emperor believes that the nobles were also prompted to action due to Fluder Paradyne's absence as with the old man the Empire's stability was secure from foreign and domestic threats. Alas the wizard is no longer in the empire as mused by Jircniv. Last Jircniv had saw the old man was when he was climbing the stairs to his execution. What is clear is that Fluder had betrayed him. Though he does not know the whereabouts of his old mentor, Jircniv believes that he will be found and be punished. For now the Empire needs to rebuild itself. A part of his first changes involves the Ministry of Magic, and decides to allow the Chosen Thirty compete for the position of Imperial Court Wizard so as the strongest comes out on top. Jircniv intends to use the experience with Jaldabaoth as a lesson and strength his forces and retrain his forces.

The knight are then dismissed from his court. Outside the three talk amongst themselves . Baziwood while agreeing with the measures for the Ministry of Magic has some doubts about preparing the troops. Nimble though thinks that the emperor may seek aid from the workers. Leinas discloses that she is not keen on the idea of allow that 'worker' join their ranks. Her opinion is not shared by her fellows as Baziwood seems to think that the one in question is a strong man as he was able to survive being trapped in the Melting Pot or many he was just lucky. However Nimble states that the person Jircniv has eyes on is the "Dark Warrior". He also iterates that the emperor ordered the masterminds of the attempted coup to be arrested instead of purged which indicates that their is a reason for the rebels in being spared.

In private, Jircniv speaks to himself on how brilliant his plan to capture the slavers and smugglers went. Though it was easy to cut the perpetrators heads, he instead plans to hand them over to the Kingdom to shame them and also to show a level of cooperation with his neighbors. He cannot wait to see the face of Princess Renner at the rejoicing of the boon and by his prediction her gratitude will be transmitted to Lakyus and then to the protagonist. The emperor believes that his actions will raise more awareness than if he proclaims it himself. And if his achievements are communicated to E-Rantel, it will result in an increase in my reputation within the Alliance...that is, in the continent.

And above all, since it was the elves that the rebels were trying to enslave, the act of saving a different race will work effectively as an appeal to the Sorcerer Kingdom. He looks forward to it when he is thanked by that person, the hero is of the national interest, and it also the center of Jircniv's spiritual well-being: the protagonist who he is willing to do anything for.

In the Great Tomb of Nazarick in the Round Table Room, on the 9th Floor, Momonga gathered the Guardians of each floor and shared information about the series of events in the Baharuth Empire as reported by the protagonist. It becomes apparent that the recent undead subjugation in the Katze Plains was a plan concocted by Emperor Jircniv to further his political agenda. At the same time the slave dealers and nobles that were captured by the Imperial Knights have been extricated to the Kingdom. From the report it seems that Jircniv expressed his willingness to respect the law prohibiting the sale of slaves promoted by the Kingdom and to express his remorse for the abuse of other races.

In other words, the emperor is attempting a friendly approach to the Sorcerer Kingdom through the Re-Estize Kingdom or is repaying the "Dark Warrior". Either way the benefits are good for Nazarick. Demiurge declares that it was due to the success of the Dark Warrior who was played by Pandora's Actor in E-Rantel fighting against the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. To Albedo though the result "to expose the Anti-Jircniv faction and exhaust it." showed that the emperor would not hesitate to risk his reputation. All in all it was a good miscalculation for Nazarick in Momonga's opinion as it is better to appeal to the protagonist than to domestic affairs.

The protagonist notes that everything worked out as though there are still slaves in the Empire, he heard from the Kingdom that there are plans to regulate at the behest of the emperor and treat them humanely. A report from Lupusregina also adds that the contracts of elven slaves are being bought in the Empire and say if one is talented in the knight class, will be added to the army. So externally, by arranging the protection of the elves, the Baharuth Empire gained a cause of increasing its military power while being under the Alliance. In addition to the elves, there are many old nobles who have elves as slaves, and it can be said that there is going to be a measure to confiscate the armed forces from those were in on the rebellion.

Albedo comments that it is a clever plan devised by a human. Momonga agrees as this case was a good assist for the Empire's condition. In addition, Iguva, Lupusregina, and CZ have infiltrated the Empire, and became the new members of Six Arms so it can be said that it is not a bad result. More to the point, Demiurge states that by promoting the empire's agenda it will lead to obtaining measures to weaken the Theocracy. With the Kingdom and Empire agreeing to improve the treatment of elves, the Sorcerer Kingdom can put pressure on the Theocracy.

The great success of their though does not blind Momonga who tells his subordinates that the need to be alert, as they are in a position to take the initiative with the other countries. Once everyone understand the news, Momonga tells everyone that it is good to finally be getting some good news. A few though like Aura are still disappointed that they were unable to find any information on who controlled Shalltear. On the contrary Shalltear is more pleased with the success of her master in taking control of the Katze Plains and for Lupusregina and CZ in establishing a base in the Empire. The two Pleiades are lauded on ho unexpectedly suited they are to being workers.

The protagonist raises some concerns that while the two maids are in an advantageous position, he wonders if it will be difficult to move because of the establishment of a base and becoming members of an outside organization. To Momonga it should not be a issue as from what he heard from Lupusregina, in order to earn the fame of the new Six Arms, it was decided that each person would first make a request and earn a lot of achievements. This means that there will be many independent activities among Six Arms for a while. It will be better to let the Lupusreginas and CZ return once in a while and show up at the hideout to the extent that the members of Six Arms are not suspicious.

As for そIguva, Momonga plans to have the undead patrol and monitor the Katze Plain, or maybe act as a liaison between E-Rantel and the Empire, but also inviting the protagonist to make use of the elder lich. Albedo turns the meeting to the improvement plan for the Theocracy. But since they are still dealing with the case of Shalltear, everyone should be more cautious than ever, even there is a benefit to Nazarick.

In his mind Momonga is curious to know more about the "rune weapon" mentioned by Lupusregina. According to his knowledge YGGDRASIL had runes, but is unsure if the ones in this world are the same. Since it was said to be crafted by a dwarf he thinks that Tsuibayaya might know. After accidentally saying the Dwarf Kingdom, the Floor Guardians and those present think that it is the next target of conquest. Momonga seeing he spoke out unintentionally scolds himself, but his thoughts drift towards the rare and powerful weapons called "rune weapons", musing if the Sorcerer Kingdom could trade it and market it exclusively.

At their inn room, Regi receives a order from Momonga to bring back a sample of a "rune weapon". Shizuni hearing the order, curses that they should have stolen the armor set in the nobles' cargo, though Regi states that would have interfered with the mission at the time. The two head out immediately with the intention of stealing the "rune weapon" from before, and also promote their new team Six Arms under the names "Laughing Mace" and "One Eye in a Hundred".[9]


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