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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Work Style Reform in a Suit (働き方改革はスーツ姿で) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on March 31, 2024 to April 14, 2024.


The battle maids have been established as spies in human society by disguising themselves as adventurers and workers. Now, a study session is being held in Nazarick to deepen their understanding of the role money and work play in human society.

Shalltear and Albedo suddenly get excited...?[1]


On the 9th Floor: Royal Suite, at the Bar, one customer there stands out in the subdued light. That customer after guzzling down another cocktail, loudly demands another from the barkeep, Sous-chef. The cook finds the behavior of this customer to be inappropriate for his bar which is reserved for quite drinking.

Even so the myconid, pours the customer a drink, Maiden's Tears. The customer, Shalltear Bloodfallen asks if the name comes from the blue color, which the myconid affirms. The cook highly doubts Shalltear is even drunk, in spite of her behavior, as "intoxication" is supposed to have the same effect as being poisoned. So there is no way for an undead, who are completely immune to such things, can be intoxicated.

Shalltear goes on another tirade of want to help someone and restore her honor. Nearby a voice greets Shalltear, though calls her lamentation a pleasant sound. It is the Assistant Butler Éclair Éklair Éklare. The penguin says that he has seen Shalltear come more often to the bar more recently. Shalltear asks Éclair asks if there is a problem for a bad Guardian to be drowning in her drinks? Éclair though finds it odd, given Shalltear is the keystone of the defense of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

He understands that Shalltear caused a great deal of trouble for Nazarick and Momonga as a result of being brainwashed, a fact that will not change. This only causes the vampire to go into deeper despair. But the butler points out that Momonga has already forgiven Shalltear, and it would be awe-inspiring to go against his will. The penguin hits a sore spot for Shalltear, but laments that she knows this but wants to be useful and a chance to clear her name.

The penguin then decides to take off some burden from her, by declaring that he Éclair Éklair Éklare, is the individual who has been vigilantly seeking to usurp Nazarick and will now take a stand. Sous-chef though remarks that his desire for that is the will of his creator, Ankoro Mocchi Mochi, but asks he refrain from repeating that knowledge. The cook doesn't want to lose anymore customers. The butler responds for Sous-chef in being too kind, promising to give the myconid a suitable high position once he becomes King of Nazarick much to Sous-chef's angst.

Shalltear moans that she wants to play an active role, like the Pleiades. Éclair comments that the battle maids should be right now hard at work, on their covert operations in the human cities right now. He raises a cheer for those women on their assignments.

At the same time, in the markets of Arwintar in the Baharuth Empire, Regi is seen buzzing around a vendor's wares, selecting various items, trying to haggle with the merchant to give her half price for all the items she wants to buy. The friendly merchant finds the young woman to be quite bold to ask for that, as half price is not a good business deal. Regi still tries to see if she can get a discount for buying in bulk which the merchant is willing to do. But there is common sense and market prices, and she can't by saying so, putting Regi in a impasse.

Shizuni comes over, telling Regi to don't just choose things at random as she requests to buy a Warm Bottle from the merchant, asking for a cheap price, pointing out that the merchandise has not sold since coming in. The merchant seeing that she is a friend of Regi, then offers a discount of 30%. Shizuni though asks if he can round that up for her and she will decide. The merchant though laughs as he sees what the worker is trying to do, surprise him and then bargain. Which Shizuni replies that see something good one can be good at it. The merchant admits that he is no match to the customer, so they have a deal on the purchase and looks forward to their patronage.

Regi then speaks to Shizuni privately, as she though they were suppose to be following Momonga's orders in stocking up on daily necessities for researching new products. And Shizuni only buys one item? The quiet undercover agents explains it would look suspicious if they were making purchases that deviate from what a worker earns. Other items will be purchased at another store at a later date. Above all, Shizuni tells Regi to not be cynical, waste and loss should be minimized as much as possible. Since activity expenses are also part of Nazarick's assets.

Regi asks if she could get a cup of juice for herself then. The other worker then gives Regi money set aside for food as was part of their planned expenses. Regi so glad that she has her sister to rely on for these things, but if things continue like this it's going to affect her good name as a sister.

Sometime later, at the 9th Floor, in the Round Table Room, a certain group of people have gathered, those involved in espionage activities among humans, to make their regular reports. The last report is the protagonist's who states that the plan to move forward with the sales of inventions made in the Sorcerer Kingdom is being move forward with cooperation of the Adventurer's Guild. As it was the last item on the agenda, Momonga is about to close the meeting, when Lupusregina interjects that there is a topic she would like to bring up.

It is unusual for Lupusregina to have something to discuss, by Albedo and Momonga allows the maid to add to the report from the Baharuth Empire. The maid though is in need of some consultation in her continuing undercover activities, and would like to learn the basics of money and transactions with humans. Momonga surprises asks if she is referring to things associated with human labor.

This is the case as stated by Lupusregina as she is worried if she continues with the mission, with incorrect insight she may cause an inconvenience. Demiurge takes a turn to speak, admitting not everyone is so familiar with the monetary system when it comes to labor that involves money. Though truth be said they have not had any issue yet. Cocytus agrees that they are not at all familiar of how a monetary system works. And even Shalltear had thought it was like bartering but when she check found that it was not the case. Aura and Mare share that they have shopped in E-Rantel at times, and still don't know much about currency and still are not sure if their experience is consistent with the perception of humans.

Albedo states that understanding currency was part of intelligence gathering. Though its seems that it is certainly a problem if everyone's perception are wrong about the common economic practices of humans. Momonga seeing this is an issue, thanks Lupusregina for her input from the field as they will now have to consider how to remedy this. The NPCs will need to gave a better understanding of money and labor to help them in the future, not only in espionage but also in trade.

To give them a learning opportunity, Momonga suggests that they hold a study session for the Pleiades who go out and about a lot. Demiurge agrees that one needs to be held, and asks the protagonist to head it, given the character's has many opportunities to interact with people and should be suitable to play the role as lecturer.

The protagonist is fine to take the role, though Albedo while appreciative for his willingness to cooperate, does not want to overburden the homunculus. Already the protagonist is busy laying the groundwork for the distributions for the inventions made by the Sorcerer Kingdom. Even Momonga is aware that the task is vital, as the inventions they developed are not only trade items but also serve as a means of spreading the falsehood that the Sorcerer Kingdom is associate with the Boastful Sage and thus he should focus on that.

A person is still needed to be lecturer. and the protagonist has someone in mind to fill that role. Momonga dreads the answer as he thinks that the protagonist will recommend he do it, as he is believed by the majority of the NPCs to be the most knowledgeable, but even Momonga has doubts on his capability of teaching people. The protagonist goes on to describe the person who he nominates as lectures, as someone with superior intellect that manages Nazarick's assets, including the increasing number of trade goods and locally produced resources, and the providers of supplies and equipment necessary for their intelligence gathering activities. One who not only takes care of the valuable relics left by the Supreme Beings, but has tact and ability to recreate their likenesses when needed. Above all he is a man who has received the favor of the Supreme Being: Pandora's Actor.

The protagonist selection is accepted by Albedo and Demiurge due to the Area Guardian's shrewdness in financial management. Momonga is left incredulous, his emotion s nearly losing control, before his racial status nullifies it. While the protagonist did not select him, as he thought, Pandora's selection as the role of lecture, is still painfully embarrassing to the Overlord.

Even so he manages to keep a straight face, and praise his subordinate on his choice, claiming Pandora's Actor is right for the job. However he warns the protagonist that the Area Guardian is more of a financial vault keeper and expresses that he is a bit insecure of his diplomacy. So Momonga decides that he will attend Pandora's Actor's lecture as an observer. It would look bad if Momonga doesn't know what everyone will learn from Pandora' Actor and it will satisfy his curiosity.

Demiurge then goes to proceed to recruit participants and arrange a venue for the workshop class. While Momonga heads to invite Pandora's Actor for the instructor position with Albedo accompanying him. The debriefing session is then dismissed with Momonga thanking all of them for their past hard work.

Later while walking in the corridors of the 9th Floor with Aura and Mare, Shalltear mutters how she is itching for something to do. It attracts the attention of the dark elves who wonder if the vampire is alright. The vampire takes a moment to tell the twins her woes of wanting a part of the action, like the ones who have an undercover identity. Aura though reminds Shalltear that she has an important job of defending Nazarick, which Mare agrees pointing out Shalltear is due to subjugate the Chaos Beasts in the Throne Room. On that last note, Shalltear hurries away to head to her post. After she leaves Mare comments how Shllatear has lately been in the dumps, and wonders Shalltear is still affected by the time when she was mind controlled. Aura while trying not to show her worry for Shalltear still wants to help the other Floor Guardian.[2]

At the Treasury, Momonga is escorted there by Albedo and Yuri Alpha. Yuri reports that her sisters have agreed to suggestion proposed by Momonga, thanking him.

Though Momonga says that there is no need to thank him. His informing her of the latest updates in Nazarick, are simply the result of the correct functioning of the "reporting and communications" that he has always been promoting. In fact, Momonga was thinking that he should reflect on the fact that he had left it up to each individual without giving them even the basic knowledge.

Yuri finds this awe-inspiring replying that the Pleiades all understand that it was a step taken by Momonga because of his trust in them.

Momonga hopes so as Yuri asks that since the battle maids who are out in the field, will be attending the study session, may she also be allowed? Albedo has no issue, and also invites Entoma to attend. The idea is agreed to by Momonga who will inform Demiurge of the changes in the participating rooster.

Yuri promised to meet with them again, after she finishes organizing the current room in the Treasury. Although the room is enchanted with a protective spell, Yuri can't overlook the clutter. She adds that recently, the number of items brought in from outside has been increasing. On behalf of Pandora's Actor, who is very busy, she was asked to sort and organize them properly.

Momonga salutes her for her moderation. After she leaves he voices to Albedo that he will have to rethink the inventory placement of inventions, etc. Albedo comments they are currently using a corner of Treasury as a temporary stockroom, but for the future, it seems that the protagonist is managing them in E-Rantel well.

Eventually, the duo arrive at the sealed door, Momonga's former companion---one of the supreme beings, Tabla Smaragdina---required members to recite a "password" to open it.

Momonga recites it: "Then shalt thou have the glory of the whole world for thyself, and all that is dark shall depart from thee." The doors to the inner part of the Treasury opens. As the two walk through the Armory, Momonga muses that the last time they walked here together in here was when they came to pick up a World Class Item on the occasion of Shalltear’s case.

A lot has happened since then, as confirmed by Albedo, but now Shalltear is back to normal. Although Albedo thinks  the vampire may be in a bit of a hurry to make up for her failure. Momonga knows the feeling, but now would be a good time to prepare rather than dive back in. Albedo agrees, as Nazarick is now investing in reconstruction and gaining control of people's hearts and minds. Since they believe that it is important to obtain stable foreign currency through trade, the study sessions that Lupusregina has proposed would be beneficial in terms of preparation. Not only that she had created opportunities in buying "inventions" for reference to increase their trade goods of the Sorcerer Kingdom and it has worked, and wishes to make good use of Lupusregina's current suggestion.

The two reach the lobby of the inner part of the Treasury, where they are welcomed by Pandora's Actor. Momonga greets his creation and gives his regrets for putting Pandora's Actor in charge of the inventions created by the Sorcerer Kingdom. The Area Guardian feels that it is outrageous to think of that! And while Pandora's Actor does find it a hassle to bring back and manage the inventions made by the dwarf in E-Rantel, he understands it is for the sake of disguising them as products of their country. Above all, he is extremely grateful to Momonga for allowing him to stamp his special "Made in the Sorcerer Kingdom" logo on the products in a disguised way.

As much as Pandora's Actor wants to talk about his personal project, Albedo ask if he can set it aside for the moment. Apologizing Pandora's Actor is all ears on what his creator would like for him to do. Once he receives the context of the upcoming workshop that Momonga wants him to instruct, the Area Guardian is aware of what he wants to do. For the workshop, he requests that he would like to ask all active undercover operatives on how assets are earned in the humans cities that are managed by Nazarick. He believes it would prove useful explanation and be a good motivator for them.

Albedo finds the idea agreeable, though at this point is unsure if the undercover agents would be able to come up with that sort of answer. For now she thinks its important for them to gain knowledge and a sense of what it's like to work for money.

Momonga agrees with her as the primary purpose of this project is to ensure that those who are working in the area to have the same financial sense as the average person. Pandora sees this now, and is slightly disappointed as he thought he was able to simulate the concept of currency and accumulation using chips when he presented the "casino policy" in the past, but looks like it was not enough. Momonga points out that at the time, the main purpose was to investigate the psychology people who gambled. And since the chips were rationed, it would have been difficult to imagine the lifestyles of people who lived on a daily basis for a price.

Pandora's Actor still wonders on why humans are obsessed with money, before accepting the role as lecturer stating to his master he is the right person for the job. Momonga though mentally wonders if it is safe to explain why to Pandora's Actor, given he has little contact with humans. But since he was recommended by everyone, he can't do much but be worried.

In spite of his worries, Albedo voices that Pandora's Actor is perfect for the role. Pandora's Actor believes he is, in other words his passion that he has always poured into items, and his devotion to things of value give him insight on human desires. Albedo couldn't say it any better as while she understands the basics of the monetary system in human society, in regard to human greed and human obsession, Pandora's Actor is brighter, hence why the protagonist recommended him as Momonga now sees.

Albedo assures that she and Demiurge will follow up with Pandora's Actor, as she will also be going through the literature. Momonga then tells Pandora's Actor while he knows he is busy with managing the shipment of trade goods, he adds that he himself will be participating in the workshop as an observer. Pandora's Actor hearing this asks if this is an example of "classroom visits" he read in a book one. Momonga dumfounded tells the NPC that it is not, as the latter is the one doing the instructing. From there on the frank discussion between the three went on and on.[3]

At the Adventurer's Guild in E-Rantel, a meeting was carefully being conducted in the lobby between Guildmaster Pluton Ainzach, a receptionist, the protagonist, and Surako. Said meeting was held to discuss the purchase of "daily necessities," a new trade item prepared by the Sorcerer Kingdom. From a report of the receptionist the current number of orders is only increasing. The demand even surpasses what the protagonist expected for the new daily necessities, but is glad that they were well received.

Ainzach humbly admits that he may have something to do with it, as he lightly introduced the trade items through his contacts. But it was enough to drive up the orders and anticipates even more will follow. The receptionist asks how they should handle the delivery of goods so as not to make their customers wait. The protagonist guarantees that those who made their orders will receive them in a timely fashion so that there will be no sense of unfairness. First they will need to prepare the goods and asks if it is possible to reserve a warehouse for storage, as many of the items are bulkier than the previous traded goods.

Ainzach declares that he has that covered. The moment he saw the momentum of the orders he went ahead to have warehouses set up. Due to the short notice, that meant that some of the warehouses had to be moved to remote locations, but believes that they will not have any trouble finding a place to put the items. The receptionist answers that people have already started moving some of the trade inventory to free up some space for commodities this time around.

The attention to detail is frightening to the protagonist and Ainzach adds that they have nothing to worry as thanks to this the city will be energized, and the Adventurer's Guild will have ample funds for its activities. When they start full-scale sales, even if they have to sell from other cooperatives------as long as the guild provides the warehouse, there will naturally be a profit, and he will owe other guilds a favor in that area. Surako thanks the guildmaster for his gratitude.

The only concern that the guildmaster has is the protagonist's health, aware that the adventurer has been busy in the past, and will be even busier in the future. So he asks if the protagonist is getting enough rest? The protagonist reassures him that he is and everyone in the Sorcerer Kingdom is working hard for them, and will be well rewarded.

To himself, the protagonist reflects on what a fruitful person his, and thinks about the soon-to-be-opened undercover study group on money. It's supposed to make up for his false identity some more, but hi is sure Momonga also thinks it will help him. But sees that it doesn't have to be for him. It's his hope that those at the workshop will be reminded of the greatness of the subject to which they owe allegiance and the significance of their work in helping Nazarick prosper. Like when the protagonist was guided by Momonga through the various floors of Nazarick, and he told me that the repairs were made possible by his work through the acquisition of foreign currency.

Meanwhile, in a corner of Ashurbanipal on the 10th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Shalltear is busy reading through some texts. Albedo walks into the library, spotting her, finding it rare for the vampire to be by herself reading.

Shalltear scoffs at Albedo telling her superior that she is ahead of her in the preliminary research for the workshop. Albedo is amazed to learn that Shalltear is going to attend the study group. While that's fine, she hopes Shalltear is not going to ask to go out into the field given her past incident of being mind controlled. The vampire rebukes that there is not need to remind her, and that she wants to attend the workshop so she won't miss the opportunity to gain knowledge of humans that could be useful in the future.

That is fine with Albedo, but questions if what she is reading will be very relevant to the workshop. From the glance at the book Shalltear has open, its some kind of how-to book. The other Floor Guardian then shows Albedo what she has been reading, who after scanning the pages, is utterly shocked that there is a quintessence of business being discussed in a seemingly unrelated book.

Shalltear laughs at her colleague's disbelief, as she should thank her for stumbling on such as rare find. She even suggests that they adopt some of the content, causing Albedo to audibly gulp.

Elsewhere in the Guest Room, preparations are underway for a study session on working for money where Demiurge and Pandora's Actor are discussing the content. Pandora's Actor has decided that it would be good to touch on the financial sense for adventurers, which is necessary for a false identity, and the economic activities of humans that accompany it. And touch on the economic activities of the people who are involved. With a topic starting with, how "vulnerable people formed herds, divided roles, and bartered for the necessities of life."

Demiurge notes that the value of things differs from person to person, so itis not easy and inefficient to establish. Therefore, money, which has a common value---if they could tie it to how "money is born," that would suffice for the basics of economic activity. He even suggests that what matters, perhaps, is what comes next, on the role assigned, or "the price of labor." Since people seem to be obsessed with the amount of money they receive for their work.

Pandora reflects on the stark difference between humans and the NPCs who work for Momonga and Nazarick which is their joy and reason for being, but not for humans. On this the demon looks for to collaborating with Pandora's Actor. He then tells the Area Guardian that all the Pleiades will be participating along with many other attendees, which excites Pandora's Actor.

On the 6th Floor, Aura and Mare are heading towards the Crack located on their floor. Mare wonders if it would be a nuisance for them to participate at the workshop. Aura does not believe so as they'll probably have more opportunities to go to E-Rantel in the future, so it's probably better for them to know. And it'll be more efficient than having to hold another study session when they need it. And on a personal note, Shalltear will feel more comfortable if they joined her. Mare responds that she is correct as he and her sister approach the Crack just as it glows releasing scores of Chaos Beasts for them to fight off.[4]

At Casino Resort Nazarick, on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, which was closed, and exuded a glamorous yet calm atmosphere. Uing this place as a temporary venue, the study group on financial sense and the economic activities of humans is progressing smoothly.

Several NPCs including Cocytus, Aura, Mare, Narberal Gamma, Lupusregina Beta, CZ and Entoma are present for the study, listening intently as Pandora's Actor continued his lecture without a hitch. Even Momonga, who was listening in the back, found the content easy to understand.

After Pandora's Actor finishes elucidating of why money was invented and why humans are desperate to collect it he thanks everyone for listening to his lecture, hoping that they found it helpful in their undercover assignments. Some of the Pleiades mads such as Lupusregina and Yuri found the talk to be insightful on human obsessiveness toward money. And it allows them to understand their undercover work is converting their expended energy into a common value. Although Yuri finds it is a little difficult to understand what the compensation for labor is.

Entoma who thinks that being helpful is the greatest joy finds it interesting for the desire of wanting more money. Cocytus thinks the desire is similar to military achievements, which he can grasp. If the amount you receive changes depending on the amount you work, then you should be in approval even if you insist on that amount.

Lupusregina finds this all to be a little difficult to have a sense of being "gifted", noting that it seems that workers often change employers in pursuit of money. Sadly Entoma states that in many cases, they are not worthy of respect. As a result, their only joy may be getting something in return. Which Lupusregina now sees is defined as a "relationship based only on money."

Cocytus is clueless on this phrase, which Solution takes over the explanation, stating that it seems that humans also use money as a measure of their own worth. It seems that "rich people" are given preferential treatment over other people. Pandora's Actor then tells his audience that people with money often become new employers. As the saying goes, "money is power."

Aura finds it is a shame in a way, that humans don't have an absolute ruler like Momonga which her twin agrees on. Without money, food, clothing, and shelter are not stable according to Demiurge. Moreover, both clothing and food are limited resources. As a result, the value of what you can get with money also fluctuates.

Narberal sees that this explains why the prices of things sold in stores sometimes change. This concludes with Lupusregina realizing that in order to prove one's worth and to maintain one's livelihood... money is important. CZ sees that for now they should manage their finances carefully. The money they earn also goes to benefit Nazarick, after all.

Pandora's Actor is glad his lecture is being absorbed and goes on to say that the rewards one earn as an adventurer or worker during their espionage activities, as well as the profits from sales of trade goods, are diverted to funds for external commercial transactions.

Demiurge is glad that everyone's understanding has deepened. Momonga is asked if there is any other additional material that should be gone over, but the Overlord believe there is not, as it was a good lecture that taught the

about human habits through understanding money. While Pandora’s Actor and Demiurge express being honored, Momonga has a moment to notice that Albedo and Shalltear are in odd gear.

He is answered that their attire reflects on how serious they are. Said attire to Momonga resembles work clothes or business suits. Albedo exclaims that in order to become a competent secretary who understands the job and can be of help to her boss, she started by looking at the formalities. Their equipment was provided by Shalltear, from her collection she received from Peroroncino.

Albedo sheepishly asks Momonga how she looks in her new attire, which Momonga compliments her and Shalltear as they look like capable secretaries. Although he thinks is a bit redundant as Albedo has a similar role. To which Albedo declares that she intends to support Momonga behind the scenes. As does SHalltear who wants to be a subordinate who is loved by her boss.

From the way they talk, Demiurge inquires if they found something in the books. This is confirmed by Albedo, adding that she and Shalltear learned about human financial sense, and also gained a deeper understanding of how humans work. To elaborate Shalltear answers that they are wearing combat gear of a professional...a businessperson. And that it's sure to increase their work efficiency.

Cocytus curious of their combat equipment asks if businesspeople have to fight? Albedo then decides to demonstrate by walking towards Momonga and then bows to him, giving him a formal request to provide a summary of the activities of the sales department members who are currently out on the road undercover

Momonga hearing the term sales department members, immediately realizes that she is referring to the people who go out with undercover identities. And so he allows her to give the summary, wanting to see where this presentation will go.

Albedo rises taking out a stack of papers, which he hands out everyone in preparation of her presentation. Upon seeing the document, Demiurge reads the title: "About the role of the undercover identities and its contribution to the Sorcerer Kingdom." Everyone is told by Albedo to turn to the next page, which details the role of a undercover identity is divided into two parts: 1) Intelligence activities while hiding in human society. 2) Earning foreign currency.——And that it is essential to gain the trust of humans in the process.

On the next page, a graph is shown based on the protagonist's report showing the degree to which everyone's intelligence activities are having an advantageous effect on the diplomacy of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Everyone's activities are working effectively like this. And——as an additional note, Albedo has created a table showing how the people of Nazarick are contributing to the diplomatic affairs of the Sorcerer Kingdom through the development of chocolate confectionery, various goods, and daily necessities.

With this support, the protagonist will infiltrate the Sorcerer Kingdom into the Tripartite Alliance. Currently they are still in the investment phase, but...as shown in the graph on the next page, thanks to everyone's contributions, the Treasury's assets have already increased slightly in relation to the investment. Although it depends on the demand for the inventions they are currently working on, they expect the index to rise steadily.

The presentation leaves the workshop in awe. Pandora's Actor is impressed, even lauding the organization of the documents, and compliment their business suit as it gives off a formal vibe. Demiurge too found it was a good presentation that not only showed the individual data but also the organizational strength of Nazarick and the importance of each role. Momonga found Albedo had some good ideas, noting the conciseness of the materials is also a plus. Usually at such meetings there is a lot more, but found he was able to understand it relatively smoothly. Momonga admits that the formal atmosphere of a business suit...well-dressed attire also had an effect. And that he was able to understand the information more objectively and calmly.

Albedo is honored by his feedback. A question arises from Demiurge, in that if things go smoothly, it'll be Shalltear's turn next. Shalltear did not prepare any paper materials prepared, but as the person in charge of the entrance to Nazarick, she would like to give a presentation on how she handle visitors and complaints. She first explains each room on the 1st Floor and the main traps and also explain the security situation and how to deal with potential visitors.

Shalltear talks at length about the advantages and precautions of the traps set up at each key point on the 1st to 3rd Floors, and the actions of the expected enemies. Her explanation was longer than Albedo's, but the countermeasures were all accurate, and along with the points to keep in mind, it showed Shalltear's honest side. She ends her presentation noting that she keeps these things in mind as she works every day and thanks everyone for listening.

Aura honestly, found it to be long, but was easy to understand. Many of the other Floor Guardians think so. Cocytus found the details of the security of each floor Shalltear supervises to be informative. Even Momonga found both presentations to be ingenious and solid. To his surprise, Shalltear wants to confirm once again what she just explained.

On paper, Shalltear understands her position in general affairs, to deal with the attackers, but she thought that she might be the head of the general affairs department in terms of managing the Vampire Brides. She asks Momonga which is the right one? Her master guesses that general affairs would be the right position for her, considering Shalltear's job involves dealing with intruders. Shalltear is relieved to find out that her interpretation was correct. Adding that the books she read said that the computer is an indispensable behind-the-scenes player in making work smoother and more comfortable.

Momonga confirms that she is right, in addition, although Albedo is called a secretary, in reality she is in charge of both the practical work and on-site management, so she would be more like a managing director. According to the description in the document, from what Demiurge can tell, the Floor Guardians can been seen as the heads of each department. He would say his role is that of the executive director, who is also responsible for planning. While Pandora's Actor would be best suited as Chief Financial Officer.

Mare has his own question. To them, positions are like precious treasures bestowed upon them by their creator...but asks if perhaps they are different for humans? What Mare says is true, as Momonga begins to see that the talk has become a training session for new employees. Though it escapes him of how to answer the question.

Albedo being the managing director explains it instead. She goes to say that the title is that of representative and person in charge. All of them share the same goal of serving Momonga and bringing eternal prosperity to Nazarick. If everyone does the same thing, it will be inefficient to achieve their goals, and they won't be able to absorb what each person is good at or bad at. Therefore, they divide the workforce into departments and clarify the roles that each person should focus on.

Mare now understands as this division of labor is so that each person can do the job that is best suited for them. That being said, human society has a very clear division of roles. Demiurge then says that even in this case, a title is meant to clarify the chain of command. It is important for an organization to operate in a way that orders are passed down from the top to the bottom.

Pandora's Actor adds a bit more to the discussion. That in many cases, the amount of compensation people receive differs depending on their job title. This comes as a shock to Cocytus, as not only does the amount of money a person receives changes depending on the amount of work they do, but does it also changes depending on their position? The Treasurer states that positions - also known as titles - are things people tend to attach importance to, and is best to keep in mind while undercover.

Speaking of titles...Narberal once saw a group of adventurers arguing over who should get the reward. To her it was hilarious to see the bugs boasting about their contributions. Although Solution comments that it seems like the party didn't have a good division of roles. In those cases, the leader usually ends up deciding who gets what. But when they fail, they get scolded by the people around them.

In other words, according to Yuri, when a request is successful, the leader or person in a position of authority gets the lion's share, but when it fails, they are the ones who take responsibility. Entoma muses that high position means high return. While true, Demiurge comments that that person will have more discretion and it'll be more rewarding. The sense of accomplishment when one make a plan a success is a great feeling.

Mare thinks he understands the meaning of positions and human habits. If he has the chance to go to E-Rantel next time, he'd like to put it to good use. Momonga chuckles at this and is glad everyone has gained a deeper understanding through this study session. He hopes they will use the knowledge they gained to help you in their future work. His words are met with laughter. While the other participants in the study group left with an understanding look, Albedo and Shalltear, who were looking at Momonga, had a different look on their faces than the others.[5]

After the study session, in Albedo's private room, Albedo and Shalltear were seen relaxing in their business suits. During a tea party just for the two of them, a secretive conversation was taking place. The two talk of how their business suit operation seems to have worked, which is part of the first stage of their plan. Shalltear is pleased with Momonga's reaction to their appearance as she thinks it has lessened the awkwardness of being dressed in their equipment.

The two have taken inspiration from "Office Love of a Capable Woman." A truly wonderful piece of literature in which the main character camouflages her affection with a business suit, appeals to her work-related competence and gains the favor of her boss. The boss's positive feelings will eventually turn to fetishism, triggered by the dignified appearance of the man in a business suit...and then his lust will be directed towards the wearer, or something like that.

Albedo praises the work that Shalltear found, being a real blind spot. None of the fan-based approaches she took to Momonga up until now have been successful. But this time, they have taken a different approach, so to speak and makes it feel like there was a sense of accomplishment. Since Peroroncino was close to Momonga, Shalltear believes it's possible that he prepared this business suit for Momonga's tastes. Albedo is in the same mind. But if that's the case, she wonder if it is okay, as lending her such a nice business suit seems like throwing salt at the enemy.

Shalltear admits that she would would be lying if she said she didn't feel any regret. But, her approach alone is not enough to move Momonga's heart and arouse his fetishism. In other words, she intends to make use of Albedo's charms as well. So she tell Albedo not to worry about it.

Albedo understands and so she starts discussing their next plan. Demiurge asked her about it a little while ago——-Momonga said that the study group was well received and that the content was beneficial. Therefore, he said that he plans to hold more study groups for general maids from other departments in the future. Hearing Demiurge's support. Shalltear asks Albedo if he is aware of ther intentions?

Albedo wonders about that as well. However, their true intention is to solve the "succession problem" that everyone is concerned about. As long as it doesn't interfere with business operations, she don't think there will be any opposition. This is fine with Shalltear, and agrees that this time, the study session is to make operations go more smoothly, so she is sure there won't be any opposition. Albedo will use this opportunity to impress Momonga and awaken his fetishism..as part of a new "Trial of Love." Shalltear is in agreement, claiming it is all for the sake of Momonga and Nazarick. They will combine their powers to defeat Momonga...no, to secure the contract!

Shortly after the study session in Nazarick had finished without incident, in the underground sewers of E-Rantel, in a warehouse room near the water tank. The members of the Swords of Darkness rushed to the scene upon receiving an emergency request to exterminate monsters, but they found themselves in the midst of chaos.

Peter Mauk guarding Guildmaster Pluton Ainzach slays a Sanitary Slime. The guildmaster is stunned at the numbers of slimes in the area. Lukrut Volve having shot a slime, complains that even though they're near the water tank, there should not be this many sanitary slimes spawning.

Dyne Woodwonder and Ninya fighting nearby spot a slime devouring chocolate. This shocks Lukrut as he is incredulous of how chocolate from the Sorcerer Kingdom can be so nutritious to make slimes so strong. Surako and the protagonist barge into the room, and too are stunned by the scene. Ainzach gives the pair a run down, that it was a mistake on his part....the luggage he was entrusted with was damaged.

More slimes appear threatening to overwhelm Peter and the others. Dyne notes that it's obviously going to be difficult to fight while protecting the guildmaster's luggage any further. Worse Ninya adds that in a space this small, attack magic like [Reinforce Armor] is only useful.

The protagonist looking at the situation, it seems that all of the goods in the warehouse are trade goods from the Sorcerer Kingdom. The Swords of Darkness had been hired to protect the goods, but the situation...seems clearly unfavorable. In the unlikely event that a person is injured...it would be fine if it was just to protect the Sorcerer Kingdom's cargo, but their presence could cause reputational problems. He then gives the order to eliminate the slimes and prioritize everyone's safety over protecting his nation's belongings. The other gratefully comply with the order.[6]

Later the Floor Guardians and Pleiades were hastily gathered in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, where the afterglow of the study session had still not yet subsided. Momonga apologizes for the sudden summons but he has just received an urgent [Message] from Slimeko. Albedo reports that part of the warehouse where the Sorcerer Kingdom's trade goods were stored has been damaged by monsters.

According to Demiurge the Sorcerer Kingdom was planning to make new inventions into trade items, and the Adventurer's Guild had arranged for a section of the warehouse to store the inventory, located near the water purification plant. It appears that the sanitary slime from the water purification plant has invaded the area.

Cocytus asks if their inventions were damaged. Momonga answers that it seems that the damage was done to "luxury chocolate sweets." The sanitary slimes have already been defeated and the situation seems to be under control.

Solution though hearing that the situation took place at the water purification plant asks if that means food was stored in a warehouse near the sewer. Narberal finds the idea to be revolting even for humans. It seems that the trouble started when the Adventurer's Guild tried to move the trade goods that were stored in the warehouse district so that the bulky inventions could be stored in one place.

It seems that it was a temporary storage facility to get by in an emergency. There were no plans to store food there, but since it was closer to the warehouse district, they were temporarily storing items that were planned to be traded in the near future. Shalltear points out that they have a problem, they were planning to trade soon, but now it seems they lost their goods.

Albedo states that is the case, as apparently the "luxury chocolate confectionery" was planned to be served at a party for the Kingdom's nobles. At the party, the hosting noble was supposed to advertise the Sorcerer Kingdom's "inventions." This is a serious situation that would mean missing out on a business opportunity. Momonga states that if things continue like this, the party will be in jeopardy, and the trust that the protagonist has built up will be damaged. Something needs to be done immediately.

Demiurge states that now is the time to fully utilize the functions of "organization" and "division of roles" that they have all learned. It is also a good opportunity to intervene in human economic activity to their advantage. Albedo states that if he could get through this crisis, the humans ---especially the one who arranged for the warehouse, the guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild, would be owed to him and the guild a huge favor, and save face for the protagonist.

Cocytus then thinks that they should hurry and prepare some "chocolate snacks." That is the idea, however Albedo states that although they do have the chocolate itself, they are running low on other ingredients. So she is planning to have all the regular maids join in, but if it takes time to get the ingredients, he doesn't know if they'll be ready in time.

Aura thinks that it shouldn't be a problem as the ingredients are sourced locally because humans will eat them. That being is the recipe they use different from what she is planning to deliver? Albedo tells Aura that is true, the protagonist told the other party that the promised items were "luxury chocolate sweets". However, if they had told them the contents of the gift it would be contradictory.

In that case, Mare suggest how about telling them, "we have prepared a special new product for you, a rare product from the Sorcerer Kingdom"? The idea is liked by Albedo and due to the case of the emergency, goes with that.

Aura then decides to gather the ingredients in the Great Forest of Tob with Mare. Cocytus this believes Mare should help make the chocolate sweets. In his place the 5th Floor Guardians asks permission from Momonga to accompany Aura instead. This is permitted by Momonga. Shalltear plans to have the materials transported by her subordinates. She thinks they can transport them to Nazarick efficiently by using the Vampire Brides.

Aura finds this agreeable as it will allow her team to concentrate on gathering ingredients. Momonga is happy of the idea and that the he will be working with Shalltear, which pleases Shalltear before ushering everyone to their assigned tasks. Momonga finds that everyone seems so reliable and guesses this is the result of their studies. He reminds of the power of working in a team. Demiurge declares that he will focus on guarding the higher floors together with his subordinates and cover for everyone's work.

The next question is asked by Albedo concerning...the actual working hours of the regular maids. She wonders if we can shorten their assignments as she wants to do her utmost to ensure that they do not become overworked. In an emergency, she thinks everyone will push themselves too hard.

So Shalltear suggests having Pleiades assist the regular maids, given Yuri has some cooking skills. Yuri tells them not to worry as she would love to hp. When it comes to making food for humans, she doesn’t use materials that generate buffs, regardless of whether she has cooking skills or not. Narberal then asks for Momonga to assist them in the cooking. Momonga obliges and tasks Albedo to take command of the coordination.

The Overseer Guardaina without wasting time directs Yuri, Narberal, Lupusregina, and CZ to assist the regular maids. While Solution is ordered go to E-Rantel to support the protagonist. As for Entoma, she is to keep a communication channel open to all the participants in the operation.

Demiurge calls it a brilliant move by Albedo, as it seems as though everything is moving smoothly. And the same is said about Shalltear. This is all attributed as the result of everyone's studies. Shalltear rallies everyone to work together to overcome the organizational crisis! Momonga chuckles at the enthusiasm and goes ahead to call the protagonist to put him at ease.

Thus, making full use of Nazarick's organizational power, the production of a new chocolate confectionery began. At the Canteen, Pestonya announces to the assembled general maids that they will be assisting the Pleiades to quickly prepared a new luxury chocolate confectionery under the direction of Mare. As soon as the ingredients arrive they will begin making sweets.

Maids like Foire and Cixous begin work on the chocolate batter. CZ who is standing nearby is approached by Shalltear who gives the maid a report that the ingredients planned to be added will be mainly nuts, based on the situation in Great Forest of Tob. Aura has contacted her and said that the recipe should be based on the one she made before, and then add cream to give it a more luxurious feel. The instructions are simple enough and Cixous calls out that she tried many high-end chocolate sweets in the past, and also remember the chocolate sweets made by Aura. Yuri has the recipe in hand to start preparations.

The vampire leaves the work to the maids, and then heads out. Foire looking after the departing Floor Guardian, comments to her colleagues of how Shalltear looked very dignified somehow. Cixous agrees, adding that she seems very reliable. Yuri and Narberal tell the general maids to get ready to do their part to maintain the trust that the protagonist has earned and to ensure further success in trade with the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Out in the corridor of the 9th Floor, Albedo is waiting for Shalltear. She tells Albedo that she has contacted each department without any problems. There are no problems at present. She will then start preparing to bring in the ingredients. Albedo thanks Shalltear for her hard work. But still, this is a terrible situation so Albedo decided that she will have to give up on the plan to move proceed with the "Trial of Love" for now.

The other Floor Guardian states that it cannot be helped as this is a situation that humans caused. Her tinge of happiness does not escape Albedo. While it may be a little inappropriate, Shalltear thought it might not be such a bad thing to have the opportunity to immediately put what she had learned to use. This sentiment is shared by Albedo as it's an opportunity to test the cooperation of each department. It's a critical situation that could damage credibility and cause a business opportunity to be missed, but the only worrying factor at the moment is securing ingredients.

Shalltear is sure Aura and Cocytus will be fine as there are also the Kyuko in the Great Tob Forest who know humans well, so they should have plenty of second-best solutions prepared. Albedo cautions Shalltear to not let her guard down. They want to make a strong...good impression for Momonga in their business suits. The two then wish each other luck, parting ways.

On the 1st Floor, Evil Lord Wrath, Evil Lord Envy, and Evil Lord Greed disperse after receiving orders from Demiurge for them to fully utilize their "right talent in the right place" in their own positions. The scene is checked on by Shalltear before she moves unto the surface of the dungeon, where a pair of Vampire Brides are standing guard. At the Round Table, Momonga is with Albedo and Entoma managing the efforts. Thanks to Albedo and Shalltear's work ethic, along with the dignity they displayed in their business suits, it left a deep impression on everyone as something impressive.

In the Great Forest of Tob, Cocytus cuts down a pack of wolves, protecting Kyuko and Hamsuke who are busy gathering ripe nuts for Aura. The harvest has brought good quality nuts and Cocytus praises the fox for keeping note of the places where the nuts grow. The Death Knight emerges from the shrubbery assisting the group in the collection of ingredients. Aura tells her group to hurry. While nuts alone might be enough, since they are going to be serving nobles, it would be better to have some high-end ingredients. The group then plunge into the forest to continue their search.[7]


That night, everyone in Nazarick put all their efforts into replenishing their supply of chocolate sweets.

Elsewhere in a hotel suite in E-Rangel, the protagonist with his team of Darkness is relieved that the chocolate sweets are currently being packed. Once there is a sufficient number, Momonga will use his minions to deliver them.

Soi having not been worried of meeting the deadline, found the replenishment of the sweets faster than expected, as expected. Nothing is left but prepare for the move the goods to the new warehouse location by that night. Before they can proceed the two female undercover adventurers notice the protagonist’s silence and prod him asking what is wrong.

The protagonist!who was deep in though tells his companions that he has always been aware of the support he received from everyone at Nazarick, but once again, he has realized just how amazing their organizational strength is, making him tremble.

On that Soi agrees, finding it really amazing who effective the study session about money and labor, the procurement of ingredients, the production, and the transportation would apply greatly to Nazarick's power of organization and efficiency. With a small comments of how useful humans were in the ordeal.

Surako gives some credit to the members of the Swords of Darkness who worked hard to deal with the aftermath of the slime extermination. She also mentions that it seems that Ainzach himself took the initiative to secure a replacement warehouse. Another guild provided a more convenient and hygienic location than the warehouse where the chocolates were originally stored.

Although this was only possible thanks to the recommendation of the head of the guild, they were happy to lend it to them as they saw it as an opportunity to curry favor with the Sorcerer Kingdom. As it is a good property, there should naturally be a difference in the rent, but they should be grateful to borrow it. After all the protagonist declares that it is his duty to turn this into a new business opportunity, not a liability. With all his heart and soul…..!

Soiis relieved that the homunculus didn't give up. In fact, Momonga asked her to pass a message. Soi explains that Momonga wants him to be considerate so that he doesn't worry more than necessary about what happened this time. He wants the protagonist to reassure him when he has some free time by telling me that "no one else has been able to do this well against humans."

The protagonist is thankful of the thoughtful gesture and Soi thinks that it was only natural that she, who has been on the most missions with the homunculus in E-Rantel, should say that. Those words...they made her feel anew the joy of serving the Supreme Being. Feeling like having been given even more energy the protagonist swears he will definitely make this incident a benefit to the Sorcerer Kingdom!! Soi notes that she and Surako will be busy tonight, with the young slime happy to head out and resume business.

A few days after the E-Rantel warehouse incident, Momonga once again summoned everyone involved with the protagonist's return at the Round Table Room. From the homunculus mouth, he reports that regarding future trade with the Sorcerer Kingdom, the business negotiations went smoothly and the results were what they might call excellent.

The new "luxury chocolate confectionery" was well received by the nobles who were likely to be their favorite customers. Also, it seems that some of them knew about the recent warehouse trouble. On top of that, they were also highly praised for making the most of the organizational power of the Sorcerer Kingdom to get through this time. All of this was possible thanks to everyone's cooperation.

Momonga takes the news in and is glad that not only were they able to avoid a problem, but that they were also able to successfully turn it into a positive situation for the Sorcerer Kingdom. He call it a great achievement by everyone in Nazarick and thanks everyone for their hard work. As his thanks is met with cheers by the NPCs, Momonga extends thanks to Pestonya for her and the general maids help, which the Head Maid grateful accepts on behalf of her staff, saying it was a great opportunity for them to be of service to Nazarick and with the Pleiades.

Others agree wholeheartedly of the collaboration with one another. Demiurge claiming that it was good that the seminar provided an opportunity for participants to immediately get a feel for the organizations and roles they learned about. Pandora's Actor is humble by the words and finds it truly the greatest reward as the role of a teacher. With the invention trade also looking favorable, he will work even harder to manage the Treasury with even more enthusiasm.

Momonga smiles that the matter started with Lupusregina's request and is pleased with the positive outcome as he always wanted to bring about positive change in the way everyone works at Nazarick. Demiurge asks if this is "work style reform". Which Momonga affirms, and on top of that, he thinks that "reporting and consulting" is especially important for those who use undercover identities among humans. In addition, there are only two agents infiltrating the Baharuth Empire.

He then directs his apologies for the burden he placed on Lupusregina and CZ, but looks forward to their continued support. The two maids though find the words kind. Lupusregina for one is grateful and likes to express her gratitude to everyone once again as she is happy that she was able to deepen her understanding not only of money but also of organizations and positions. All thanks to the enthusiastic attitude of Albedo and Shalltear.

In turn Momonga praises the two Floor Guardians in doing an amazing job, complimenting them for wearing their suits that make them look reliable. The two women are enamored by his words, so much so that Shalltear asks if he gets aroused seeing them in suits. The situation soon ends with both women clinging to Momonga, vying for his attention, with Albedo asking for context about events she read, called "office love" in a company much to the dismay of the others. Thus, Nazarick's "Work Style Reform" came to a successful close for the time being. However,——following Momonga's positive response, Floor Guardians in business suits could be seen busily working on each floor.

Momonga, reminded of his time as a corporate slave, begins to feel sick to his non-existent stomach, leading to a "ban on reforms" being issued, but...that's a story for another time.[8]


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