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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Witches' Costume Party (魔女たちの仮装パーティー) is a game event that will occur in Mass for the Dead. It was released on October 15, 2021 to November 8, 2021. The event was re-released on October 24, 2022 to November 4, 2022.[1] And again on October 18, 2023 to October 27, 2023.[2]


A good harvest is brought to Nazarick's experimental farm. Albedo's desire for the Halloween Festival comes again from the idea of tricks or treats, develops into a "dress-up" party that involves the surroundings. Take a look at the witches' trick or treat![3]

Purpose of Event[]

On the 6th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, where the experimental site is located to cultivate various food crops, Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore happily present the rewards of the harvest of pumpkins to Albedo. The twins feel proud at the great lengths they took to make the harvest as they learned from their mistakes from the previous batch of contaminated pumpkins. Albedo tells them that they did a good job and will leave the decision for Momonga to appraise the crop before they are sent to the Head Chef to be cooked as dishes.

Besides the pumpkins, Albedo notes that the food from the fields have successfully been distributed as rations to E-Rantel thus the work of the two elves have been vital for Nazarick's future plans. This pleases the dark elves as they really want to make up for their blunder previously. The incident in mind has Albedo ask if they wish to do a Halloween Festival. While the incident could be considered a Halloween, it was ad hoc and created at the spur of the moment to be considered as a formal event. Aura is not sure as there are still bitter memories of that time, especially for Foire as a Pumpkin Monster used her body to attack her own friends.

Albedo though thinks that the failure served as a lesson and while it did not lead to a good harvest then, it improved their safety. Aura considers this and states that she is right, before she and Mare head to the Crack to cull the Chaos Beasts promising to meet up again to give their report to Momonga later. After they leave, Albedo is left with some concerns stating that she needs to fix this. However she is unaware that the twin Floor Guardians are watching from beyond the forest seeing that their superior cares for their well being on the Halloween incident.

Later at the Round Table Room, Momonga receives the report from Aura, Mare and Albedo. Momonga is glad to hear of their success and plans to head to the 6th Floor to see the results himself. Taking the opportunity, Albedo suggests to Momonga that the should hold a Halloween Festival to celebrate to occasion. Momonga is aware of the previous incident concerning Halloween and is hesitant believing they should avoid the old wound. However Albedo argues that leaving it unattended will affect the morale of Nazarick, stating that the festival should be held again to honor their achievements. Momonga still recalls how mutant Pumpkin Monsters at the time invaded Nazarick and also took control of Foire forcing her to fight her own, but is interested in overwriting this image with Albedo's idea of creating a fun event during the harvest season.

He then relents with Albedo's idea as the work they put into the crop fields on the 6th Floor are indeed vital for their relief supplies to the Tripartite Alliance. His approval is met with praise by the other Floor Guardians. Though this time Momonga wishes to have an original Halloween Festival. Albedo has already planned for that, with a costume for the event. Shalltear at the meeting asks to be excused from the festivities as it would be inappropriate for her to attend. Albedo inquires why and receives an answer from the vampire that she does not wish to celebrate given her disgrace. Since she was under mental control and attacked her colleagues, forcing them to kill her and later waste Nazarick's resources to bring her back, Shalltear feels that celebrating is something she does not deserve.

Many of her colleagues though feel that she is being too hard on herself. Momonga also adds that there was no other way and that reviving her was worth the trouble and loss of resources. Instead he shifts the blame for her predicament to himself for not taking into account of mental control measures for his servants. And points out it was his failure to predict that there were World Items in the world. Demiurge seeing his motivational speech realizes his master is telling them to not shut themselves down but to rejoice their achievements with their friends and colleagues. The NPCs hail the plan by Momonga who then proclaims that their Halloween Festival will be a joyous time. Momonga then directs Albedo to make the preparations for the event.[4]

Later at the canteen on the 9th Floor, the Homunculus Maids are seen eating their breakfast. Among them are Cixous and Foire. While Cixous is enjoying her meal, she notices that Foire strangely is lacking an appetite. She guesses that her friend is still troubled by her experience from last Halloween. Foire admits that even though she was a victim, she can't really remember what happened to her and yet it nags at her. The two maids are soon joined by CZ2128 Delta and Lupusregina Beta, the latter who heard the somber words of Foire jokingly muses that Foire helped out by improving Nazarick's defense. Foire feeling a little better at the mirth by her two idols and regains her appetite and plans to devote all her energy to Nazarick. They are joined by Pestonya Shortcake Wanko happy to see the homunculus at her usual self. Now feeling empowered, Foire hopes to be useful in the upcoming event such as helping with the sweets for Halloween.

At Ashurbanipal, Shalltear and Albedo are searching for any knowledge on Halloween. Their research yield results on Halloween's various origins and purposes. From it being a time when demons roam and costumes used to scare them away or hide from them. Shalltear reading through the material becomes confused as to how demons were driven away by the disguises to stoop to begging out for sweets with the chant "Trick or Treat". Albedo reasons it could be differences depending on the region or era. A phrase from a book stating that "Evil spirits come to this world through the gate." causes Shalltear to wonder if this is a "transfer gate" and if someone like a magic caster is necessary. Albedo takes the chance to ask if Shalltear should be at the Crack to subdue the Chaos Beast, by Shalltear states that it's still too early for her shift and is taking the time to learn all she can about Halloween. Albedo doesn't mind the extra help, though reminds her not to let her guard down as it will reduce Nazarick's defenses and affect the morale of everyone. She also asks if Shalltear is giving up on the Queen War, as Shalltear isn't quite herself lately.

The vampire though has no intention of giving but feels ashamed as she has been neglecting her love to Momonga, still guilty of consuming Nazarick's resources. Albedo is relieved to hear that her rival has not lost her spark of competition. Albedo then goes over the activities for the Halloween Festival as she intends to have the upper echelons of the tomb participate. It will be a time where those within Nazarick will experience what it is like to dress up in disguise like those in the field. The Overseer Guardian adds that this will give Shalltear the opportunity to don her "Shall" identity for the festival. At this time Shalltear asks Albedo not to pull any stunts in wearing something to draw Momonga's eyes especially if she intends to lend her outfits from her closet.

The two are interrupted when Slimeko and the protagonist return to the library surprised at the duo there. Shalltear seeing that she needs to hurry to her next shift bids trio goodbye and leaves. Albedo now alone with the two field agents then asks the protagonist how was his report to Momonga? The protagonist was brought up to speed on the development in Nazarick and approves of the idea to host a formal Halloween Festival. Slimeko notes that the material Albedo has researched is on Halloween, which the demoness elaborates focused on stage costumes to create a wonderful atmosphere for the party.

When the question on whether there will be sweet prepared, Albedo did not take that into account, though recalls that the maids will be handling that part. However she asks what is the protagonist interest in sweets which the latter prepares to explain what is occurring in E-Rantel that relates to the issue. At the Throne Room, Shalltear secretly admires Albedo's skill as Overseer Guardian, as her time with her made Shalltear feel motivated and recognize what she must do as her job as the strongest of the Floor Guardians. Momentarily, ignoring the looming threat of the approaching Chaos Beasts, Shalltear declares to show her resolve and prepares to subdue her opponents.[5]

In Albedo's room, members such as Pestonya, Foire, Cixous, the protagonist, Slimeko and Albedo gather to plan the preparations of new sweets for Halloween. The five also agree to seek the help of the Head Chef and the Patissier. Beside that, Albedo adds that there is a request from the protagonist related to this matter. He of course refers to the high-class chocolate confectionery that was used as a trade item to be distributed in E-Rantel. Said item was used to recruit adventurers for an event at the time. The sweets as expected got the humans hooked on them and it appears that the Adventurer's Guild in charge of the distribution have been receiving inquires about more. The demands have become dangerous to be left alone as the guildmaster fears that his position is being threatened.

Those who seek chocolate have barged into the guildmaster's office thinking that the latter has a stockpile hidden somewhere. According to Slimeko while its a disaster for the guildmaster, it's a good situation for them. Since Nazarick only has the supply for the demand and could promptly to obtain tangible and intangible profits. Pestonya realizes that the two field agents want to increase chocolate production. That is the plan of the protagonist, but has heard from the guild that chocolate is desired by others in E-Rantel, like the less wealthy. Therefore, this time the protagonist would like to prepare something that can be provided as cheaply as possible. Last time he made chocolate as a rare high-class chocolate confectionery, but this time around he intends to make it cheap and be seen as a special product of the Sorcerer Kingdom. If that is done, then the issues with the guildmaster will resolved as the protagonist and Slimeko intend to leave the distribution to his guild.

Albedo wants to clear these two tasks by using the confections baking to not just make sweets for their Halloween Festival but also for the humans. Not only that this activity will has cheer up Foire, as Albedo had heard from Lupusregina about the maid feeling down. The maid are excited to participate to serve Nazarick and Momonga. Foire though asks the protagonist why not use the prototype confection dish made from Valentine Chocolate? As it is cheap and affordable. Having somewhere to start production, the NPCs make preparations. The protagonist and Slimeko plan to return to E-Rantel to relay the news to the guild that chocolate production will be released soon.

Some time later, Albedo has made various adjustments in security shifts at each floor. The debut of "costumes" was initiated by the Guardians and the Pleiades. At the Round Table Room, Halloween is announced by Albedo in a maid costume. Momonga notes the others company, such as Foire who he hopes will make new happy memories this Halloween. Turning his attention Aura and Mare, he observes that they are the same costumes that were provided to them by the protagonist. Aura admitted that she intended to dress in her LittleMass outfit, however Shalltear did not wish to use that costume prefering to wear her undercover attire of "Shall". Foire is introduced to Shalltear's adventurer identity, a former princess who's home was destroyed by Chaos Beasts and cursed with her abilities sealed. There is a Dark Warrior, revealed to be Pandora's Actor, using his shapeshifting abilities to take the form that allured so many humans in E-Rantel in defeating the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth.

Amongs these disguises, Momonga praises the hard work each one put in them. He also bring about acclaim to Sebas Tian and Solution Epsilon, present in the field disguises as a miner and adventurer, calling them to be the pioneers in the art of disguise and covert operations. Others have followed in their example such as Lupusregina Beta and CZ2128 Delta who operate as undercover workers in the Baharuth Empire. Other maids such as Entoma Vasilissa Zeta dressed in a Christmas Costume is hailed for her achievements in saving the lizardmen during the cold front incident.

Momonga declares no matter how small their actions in supporting are, they contribute to Nazarick's continued prosperity and praises them all. For the festival Momonga asks who the event will proceed, which Demiurge informs him that a "surprise event" unique to Halloween, has been planned by him and Albedo. The event will begin as soon as they are ready, but until then, it would be better for each person to spend time in "dress-up" and have them get to know each other's subordinates and colleagues.[6]

The Guardians and Pleiades in their costumes returned to their respective workplaces, their eyes set on the "surprise" that would occur in the future. Momonga left alone in the room with Albedo and Demiurge. The three discuss with high expectations of the bonding experience of the NPCs to improve the working environment at Nazarick. Curious though Momonga asks Demiurge and Albedo what kind of event they are planning. Demiurge states at the time of conception to the event, the two had re-examined the Halloween slogan "Trick or Treat". As a result, it turned out that the word "treat" had no meaning to give sweets, but "treatment" and "hospitality". From there they consider what applies to those actions for them—To protect Nazarik's fortune and the Supreme One, they came to the conclusion that the act of satisfying the significance of existence is the "treat" for them.

Momonga unsure what that means though agrees to their logic, and Albedo reveals that they will then proceed with the defense training as they had done before. This brings confusion to Momonga as while he understands that defense training has been a prevalent routine for his subordinate it may not apply now. But the two Floor Guardians acknowledge the effectiveness of the activity as the mood of the celebration gained from "dressing up", practical training, and the battle with the compatriots will be harmonized. It would dispel the negative image of their compatriots and satisfy the significance of each person's existence, which will lead to a brighter workplace and increased motivation. Knowing that their intentions, Momonga acquiesces to the plan.

To get into the spirit of things, Momonga asks the two Guardians to prepare some adversaries using illusions in the form of the Pumpkin Monsters, though the mention of the grim faced pumpkins spark some unpleasant memories from the maid. Albedo seeing her lord's mistake, apologizes to the maid assuring her that Momonga is aware of the maid's trauma. Momonga too apologizes knowing her aversion but also wants her to know she is no less important to him. Returning to the preparation for the defense training Momonga lends Albedo the use of Eight-Edge Assassins to use to create a corps of Pumpkin Monsters. Albedo already having a plan for the training is left the job by Momonga to devise several situations for the participating Guardians and Pleiades. to act as challenges. Not just that she also intends to wear another costume which Momonga looks forward to seeing.

At the start of Nazarick's Halloween Festival the "disguised" Guardians and Pleaides returned to each floor under the command of Momonga, and actively interacted with their colleagues and subordinates. On the 6th Floor, Aura and Mare are shocked to find Pumpkin Monsters roaming their floor. Reflexively Mare attacks one of them, but the monster is revealed to be an Eight-Edge Assassin using illusion skills to appear as a Pumpkin Monster and is part of the "surprise event" organized by Albedo.

Now understanding the surprise, the twins shock turn to delight as they start the first activity which is chasing the disguised Eight-Edge Assassins. Though the latter are faster than actual Pumpkin Monsters the dark elves have the upper hand in ability, but are suddenly attacked at range by an explosion. Aura and Mare manage to avoid and see that the attacker is none other than Narberal Gamma now wearing a witch costume. The twins are shocked as Narberal never displayed using explosion magic before, which the Pleiades member attributes to the equipment lent by Momonga. Albedo soon appears also in a witch costume and explains that she and the maid are dressed as evil witches who love mischief and have invaded Nazarick in a surprise attack.

Aura connects the dots and sees that Albedo is combining the Halloween Festival with a defense training which in her mind is a good idea. The situation on the 6th Floor has the evil witches raising a Jack-O-Lantern corps from the pumpkin patch to launch an invasion of each floor in the dungeon. Momonga is also viewing the festivities via a Death Knight that is shadowing them in order to see how much of Nazarick's defense system has been "improved". With the knowledge that their master is observing their actions, the dark elves ready themselves to defend their floor against the witches. Albedo matching their enthusiasm order the Jack-O-Lanterns to attack.

In the battle between the witches minions and the 6th Floor Guardians, Aura manages to land a blow to Albedo to the latter's shock. The blow signifies that Aura successfully defeated, her and Albedo acknowledged the the 6th Floor was properly defended. That being said Albedo assures also that the two dark elves performed well in Momonga's eyes. The witches then depart to attend to other events for the defense training. As they leave Albedo is informed by Narberal that she has a [Message] from Momonga who expressed that he is pleased with their performance.

Momonga with Demiurge in his office states that defense training has started out wonderfully. While he expects that there will be some damage to Nazarick, it is not a loss as the training is an opportunity to measure the accuracy of repairs and instructions. Plus it would serve the Guardians to be prepared and responsive to exceptional situations. Through this he wants them to develop "confidence" that does not come from pride or carelessness. Momonga still is eager to be entertained by the training and bids it to continue.[7]

While the Halloween Festival continued in Nazarick, the Great Forest of Tob is visited by Aura and Mare where they greet Kyuko, Hamsuke and the Death Knight stationed there wishing them a "Happy Halloween". Hamsuke seeing them takes not of their costumes but also the chocolate sweets they bring. Aura explains that the sweets are a prototype of a new confection that Nazarick has developed. Mare adds that is is a cheaper version of the previous one that was made before, which Hamsuke and Kyuko try noting that it tastes like grain at its core and not as rich but interesting.

Kyuko is happy to hear that the sweets will be soon distributed to E-Rantel, and she reminisces of the time when she went there as an adventurer. Unfamiliar with Halloween, the fox-girl asks them to explain what the holiday is which the elves comply stating it to be a harvest festival to celebrate their successful harvest on the 6th Floor and also the ongoing defense training against Albedo and Narberal. It seems that Kyuko was assigned to be the witches' minions and Aura asks for her cooperation.

Kyuko is willing to participate to serve Nazarick, which Aura then proceeds to give the command from the witch Albedo who is capturing Nazarick. The forces from the Tob Forest should promptly attack from the upper layer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Kyuko and Hamsuke are glad to answer a call from Nazarick. Part of their invitation to this event is to reward the fox and hamster, but Aura confesses to the two that there is another reason. Aura informs them that recently one of their own, Shalltear was under the influence of an enemy. Kyuko being aware of the incident knows and feels sympathy for the vampire. Additionally due to Shalltear being compromised, it is no longer possible to use the adventurer "Shall" at least until they can determine who attacked her in the Katze Plains.

Aura believes that Albedo intentionally sent her and Mare to solicit Kyuko help as her adventurer identity "Ku" as she and Shalltear worked as a duo undercover. Kyuko is willing to do her art to cheer a comrade. Aura and Mare then promise to keep things under control in the Tob Forest whilst Kyuko, Hamsuke and the Death Knight head to Nazarick to attack Shalltear's area in her "Ku"" form.

Elsewhere, at the Adventurer's Guild in E-Rantel, Pluton Ainzach hears from Surako and the protagonist informing him that the Sorcerer Kingdom will arrange for more shipments of chocolate. The protagonist receives the thanks of the guildmaster, though the adventurer feels responsible for the stress Ainzach suffered due to the product from his kingdom that was reserved for the adventurer tournament to attract new recruits. The chocolate at the time did serve its purpose in revitalizing the city and increasing the number of adventurers, who were inspired by the visitors Shall and Ku.

Given that many came from afar to acquire the chocolate goods, Slimeko is curious as to why they came to Ainzach rather than the protagonist. The guildmaster explains that the protagonist is not just a hero, but now a figure in the city that has much authority burden with both the internal and external affairs , so presumed that the visitors did not wish to bother him. Plus they might have assumed that acquiring chocolate would be easier from Ainzach than the adventurer. Unfortunately for those people, Ainzach proved not to give in to such solicitations, much to the guildmaster's bashfulness.

To apologize for putting Ainzach in a spot, the protagonist offers his senior permission to handle all the chocolate transactions within the guild. While the effort would be challenging, Ainzach accepts the task on behalf of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Though he worries that the product may be too expensive for others, but Surako assures that the issue has been handled as their kingdom is currently making a prototype of a new chocolate confectionery that can be mass-produced at low cost to respond to the demand. Hearing this Ainzach worries that this will affect the quality of the chocolate, but the protagonist states that he has been told that the prototype, while using the same "chocolate" as the raw material, through the combination of other ingredients, the amount of chocolate used was relatively reduced and the price was reduced and yet still produced satisfactory results. This news gives some comfort to Ainzach who plans to go ahead to handle the distribution of chocolates to the public as it could help revitalize the city. Likewise the protagonist thinks the same that keeping the humans happy will benefit Nazarick in the long run.[8]

The surprise event "Defense Training" at the Halloween Festival progressed smoothly and was already entering a new phase. Even on the 9th level——where Sebas Tian, Yuri Alpha, and CZ2128 Delta begin conducting an evacuation drill on the assumption that a surprise attack by an intruder was carried out on Nazarick. The Pleiades members have the general maids such as Cixous and Pestonya Shortcake Wanko follow them to the emergency evacuation site for their safety. Keeping vigilance the group make their way to the site and discuss the events of the training. That two powerful witches, Albedo and Narberal, have suddenly appear from the 6th Floor using the pumpkins of the "experimental site" to produce an army. Though thanks to Aura and Mare the witches have been driven from the floor, though the twins have vanished to go outside Nazarick for some reason.

As for the witches Sebas Tian heard from Entoma that they were spotted on the 5th Floor. Though its some distance away they should take some precaution to get to the panic room on the 9th Floor. Their allies should be in good hands for a situation like this as Entoma is paired with Cocytus, Solution with Shalltear, and Lupusregina with Demiurge. The maids hope that Cocytus can stop Albedo and Narberal on the 5th Floor, but given that the enemy is an Overseer Guardian it will be a challenge.

Suddenly CZ calls out to her friends that there are three Chaos Beasts in their path, something that should not be as the Throne Room containing the Crack should be guarded. But its soon revealed that the Chaos Beasts are actually Eight-Edge Assassins using illusion magic. The assassins explain they are suppose to be Chaos Beasts that slipped through the undead security barrier which Momonga failed to block. Seeing that their duty is to protect the maids, the Pleiades engage in battle with the disguised Nazarick agents.

On the 5th Floor, Cocytus and Entoma assess the situation of the invaders of the floor. Neuronist Painkill has been captured by the witches and being held as a hostage as a trick for the scenario of the defense training. All that remains is how Cocytus will act. In Momonga's office the events happening on the 5th Floor are being watched by Momona, Lupusregina and Demiurge via Momonga's Death Knight summon. They are eager to see how Cocytus will response to Albedo and Narberal's "trick". Momonga notes that Neuronist to be having fun, as apparently the torturer did not have time to prepare a costume so was given the role as a hostage.

Back at the cave where Neuronist is being held hostage, Cocytus struggles with the conundrum on how to get Neuronist away from the invaders. However he gets an idea from Entoma when she mentions wind, and uses a strong gust of wind to blow Neuronist safety away from the witches. The witches denied their hostage, Cocytus prepares to battle the two.

Demiurge watching from Momonga's office found the display to be surprising albeit a bit unsophisticated. Though Momonga knows that Albedo intends to make a spectacle of the training to show the growth of his subordinates. Still Momonga finds the scene to be a wonderful. Lupusregina though brings that it was an example of Cocytus and Entoma's outside the box thinking. The battle is over and Albedo and Narberal admits to defeat and prepare to head to their next site. Narberal asks if they will attack the 7th Floor, but Albedo tells her that they will not as Demiurge is not there to guard it as he is at Momonga's side making preparations for the after training party. There next opponent will be on the 9th Floor against the Guardian of the Tomb, who will arrive after she defeats the minions invading Nazarick from the outside.[9]

At the 1st Floor, three elder liches report that there to be three intruders at the Central Mausoleum. They inform Shalltear and her two Vampire Brides. Shalltear deduces that this is Albedo's machinations. Kyuko in her "Ku" form, along with Hamsuke and the Death Knight arrive. The Floor Guardian is surprised by their appearance, to which Ku explains that Aura and Mare called to them to enter into the fray. Ku then raising her flaming sword challenges Shalltear to a duel, wishing to see Shalltear's ambition as she was in the past. The two Vampire Brides take this to disrespectful

Shalltear instead finding this to be humorous, but is deeply touched when Ku declares that she wants to enflame her spirit. She accepts and the two women battle. The battle is intense as the two clash. Their audience both at the site and from Momonga's office are enthralled by the scene. Foire watching the battle wonders what the two connection is, which Momonga explains that Shalltear and Kyuko worked together to infiltrate human society as adventurers under the aliases of "Shall" and "Ku". Watching the scene Momonga is glad that the two comrades are supporting each other albeit in their unique way.

The battle ends in Shalltear's victory, Ku admits to the former to be superior and worthy of being the protector of Nazarick. Her task done Ku then tells Shalltear that the witches will be on the 9th Floor to battle her. With words of encouragement, Shalltear and her allies then leave, promising to reunite with Ku and the others at the Halloween banquet victoriously.[10]


Demiurge informs Momonga that the surprise event is soon coming to a close and that they will need to head to the 6th Floor. Momonga found Albedo's planning for this event to be impeccable and looks forward to seeing the main show for the event.

On the 9th Floor, Shalltear and the others of Sebas Tian's group encounters the witches who announce their intent to head to the 6th Floor to do a "trick" on Momonga before the event ends. Hearing that the mads and butler are guided there by the Eight-Edge Assassins whilst Shalltear is left alone with the witches. Shalltear guesses that Albedo organized this event on her behalf to regain her confidence as a Guardian of Nazarick. For that she expresses her thanks to Albedo.

Previously when the Halloween Festival was still being organized, Albedo spoke to Narberal in the Guest Room and asked her to play as a villainous witch with her. Narberal had no problem of accepting the task no matter how outrageous it was, as she believed Albedo was doing it for the sake of Nazarick. It was there Albedo told the maid her frustrations of seeing Shalltear brought to a dismal state due to the mind control incident. Troubled by her pain, and wishing to help her master Momonga improve Shalltear's mood Albedo orchestrated the surprise event to liven the mood.

In the present, Albedo offers Shalltear to defeat her and Narberal's last "trick" before the "treat". The three then battle with each other. Shalltear dodges attacks by Narberal, while Albedo uses her Grimoire to cast spells at the vampire. Their fight ends when Momonga arrives who commends their event to be very satisfying. The three women soak in the adulation by their master before heading to the pumpkin field on the 6th Floor.

There a party venue has been prepared for the purpose of celebrating the harvest, and allow the guests to enjoy the scenery of the rich farmland. Many of Nazarick's denizens gather there, relaxing and happy. The protagonist and Slimeko are the last to arrive along with Aura and Mare. Members like Hamsuke and Kyuko interact with maids such as Cixous and Fiore enjoying the new confections for the party. Lupusregina tries it and compares it to Fried Golden Potato Slices as it is addictive. Their love of the candy convinces the protagonist that it will suit the tastes of the humans in E-Rantel.

Momonga goes to Albedo and Narberal personally to give his thanks for making the event possible, which they humble state it was merely their duty. A chorus of "Happy Halloween" echoes as the party-goers revel in the holiday.[11]


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