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Winged Hero is a legendary figure who was given that name as described in the New World's many folktales.


As its name implied, this person should have wings of their own.



In the fairy tale, the person was referred to as a Winged Hero who is always flying around in the sky.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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After discussion with Momon came to an end, Theo Rakheshir would remember stories about infamous individuals who carry a myth of their own. The Winged Hero was among the people he believed to be real.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As its name implied, the Winged Hero has the ability to fly on air. In addition, it was famed for being able to soar through the sky for long periods of time.


  • Similarly to that of the Heavenly Dragon Lord, this legendary being also has the tendency to spend most of its activity in the sky.
  • Though not confirmed, it is likely that this hero was a member of the Winged Humans.
  • Pinison Pol Perlia partially remembers making a promise to a person with wings alongside its comrades to take care of sealing away Zy'tl Q'ae.[2]


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