Wina Harshia is a receptionist at the Adventurer's Guild in E-Rantel.

Appearance Edit

Wina is described as a woman with a rear that is said to be suitable for childbirth.

Personality Edit

A person with normal sensitivity.[1] 

Background Edit

Wina works as a receptionist at the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild alongside her friend, Ishpen Ronble.

Chronology Edit

Overlord First Half Arc Edit

While waiting for adventurers by the reception counter, she would sit back and listen to her coworker and an unknown adventurer leader together talking about repelling monsters that appeared near the Great Forest of Tob.

When the adventurer Momon arrived, Wina is given orders from the guildmaster to escort a Brass ranked adventurer to a meeting involving all the major factions of E-Rantel. She guided the adventurer to the meeting room on the fourth floor of the Adventurer's Guild, which had the heaviest guarded secrets according to her.

After Wina return from escorting him to the meeting room, she confronted Ishpen and noticed that her colleague was smitten with the adventurer, Momon. Ishpen's behavior is commented on by Wina much to the former's denial. Wina would briefly discussed with Ishpen about the reason for sending Momon to the fourth floor where an important meeting is being held at.[2]

Various adventurers present curious to why Momon was summoned, were shocked when Wina revealed he was having a meeting with the Mayor.[3]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Ishpen RonbleEdit

Wina was able to notice Ishpen’s attraction to Momon based on the girl's behavior towards him. If she sees Ishpen act inappropriately on the job, Wina would reprimand her for not acting as a professional receptionist properly. Wina believes Ishpen was not a bad person, but the latter had one quirk that she disliked. Wina felt that without such quirk, Ishpen would have been a great friend to be around. She considers her colleague's thoughts as strange and weird.


She thought of Momon as an unattractive man that had nothing special about him. After seeing Momon got invited by the guildmaster and how Ishpen behaves around him, Wina begun to grow curious about the adventurer.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is only named in the Web Novel.


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