Wild Magic (ワイルド・マジック, Wairudo Majikku) is the ancient or primal magic that has existed in the New World long before the introduction of Tier Magic. It may even perhaps be known as the magic of the soul. Fluder Paradyne stated that this type of magic tends to go by many different names. They're considered to be one of the powers alongside Martial ArtsTalents, and Runecraft that did not exist in YGGDRASIL


Six hundred years ago, prior to Tier Magic, Wild Magic was looked upon as the dominant magical art in the New World. The masters of Wild Magic, in particular, were the True Dragon Lords. The most powerful Dragons, the True Dragon Lords, made the secret treasures of dragonkind, possibly through using Wild Magic.[1]

However, Wild Magic fell into disuse when the players from YGGDRASIL introduced the more effective and efficient power known as Tier Magic. The decline of Wild Magic became even more apparent after the Eight Greed Kings defeated the True Dragon Lords. In the end, Wild Magic was lost and the New World was defiled with the Tier Magic the Eight Greed Kings had spread.[2]

And because of the genocidal slaughter of most of the Dragon Lords by the Eight Greed Kings five hundred years prior, there are now only a few known users of Wild Magic remaining. This includes the surviving Dragon Lords who did not participate in the war against the Eight Greed Kings and descendants like Draudillon Oriculus. At some point in time, it seems apparent that the extremely rare users of Wild Magic are still being sought out by the likes of Fluder Paradyne and the Slane Theocracy.


Wild Magic differs from Tier Magic, as instead of mana, it requires the caster to release souls in the casting of a powerful spell. Although the cost of spellcasting via Wild Magic is grisly, the results speak for themselves. The more beings offered up as sacrifices, the stronger the magic when released. Using Wild Magic can also destroy the link to the user's own soul, as well as making the casting of stronger magic a risky gamble in of itself.

In order to gain access to Wild Magic, one must either possess the blood of a Dragon Lord or be born with a Talent that can let potential individuals used it.[3] However, even if a person does possess such heritage, the weaker the descendant, the greater the sacrifice of lives to perform Wild Magic with estimates upwards of millions of souls. As a result, even a descendant such as Draudillon Oriculus had difficulty utilizing it properly. According to Draudillon Oriculus's grandfather, with the power of Wild Magic, one could create an explosion that could closely rival the Platinum Dragon Lord’s ultimate attack.[4]

Fortunately, pure-blooded Dragon Lords can cast Wild Magic with ease compared to those who're hybrids with partial dragon blood. However, due to the intrusion of YGGDRASIL Players and their magic, it has somehow caused their ability to use Wild Magic difficult. According to Platinum Dragon Lord's words, now, with the powers of Wild Magic tainted and twisted, it would be very difficult to create something like Climb's ring ever again.[5]

Users of Wild Magic


  • Wild Magic can also be used to forge magical items, such as Gazef's ring.[6]
  • According to Maruyama, magic items created from Wild Magic like Gazef's ring which is now in the hands of Climb could be allowed a warrior's level to rise. However, if someone such as Cocytus had it, he would go over level 100.
  • According to Ainz, Fluder stated that Gazef's sword was spontaneously created by the natural absorption of mana, or perhaps through the magic of the dragons, implying that he does know about the existence of Wild Magic.[7]
  • According to Fluder, he heard that the Dragon Lords and their ancient magic could possibly return the dead to life without the loss of any life force.[8] Additionally, resurrection magic was a miracle which could only be performed by legendary Lizardmen who bore the bloodline of the Dragon Lords.[9]
  • Apparently, it seems that most if not all users of Wild Magic were mainly Dragon Lords.
  • It seems that the sacrifices used as a catalyst for Wild Magic are similar to the magic ritual, Death Spiral or a Super-Tier spell like Iä Shub-Niggurath.
  • According to the Slane Theocracy, the proof of power known as Wild Magic, an extremely rare ability served as a way to distinguished the difference between a true Dragon Lord and an impostor.


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