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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

White Silver and the Undead King (白銀と不死者の王) is a collaboration game event in Mass for the Dead with characters from Overlord and Youji Senki. It was released on November 8, 2019 to November 22, 2019. The event was re-released on February 18, 2021 to March 4, 2021.[1]


A summoning phenomenon caused by the stones embedded in the Throne of Kings and the stones dropped from the Chaos Beasts. In front of Momonga, who witnessed the verification experiment, six new visitors from another world appear. The Imperial 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion belonging to the Imperial Army - a military unit headed by a "little girl."[2]


Maj. von Degurechaff and the members of the Imperial 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion are currently in the air testing out the Elenium Type 97 ‘Mobile Assault’ Operation Orb for Professor Adelheid von Schugel. During Tanya's activation of the magic equipment, her orb malfunction and it at the verge of a meltdown. Seeing her soldiers around her, she orders them to distance themselves from her to save themselves. The others are conflicted to what to do when a Crack suddenly appears and sucks the Major followed by the rest of her team into its grip. The soldiers land in the middle of the ruined Throne Room on the 10th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Recovering slightly they find themselves amongst a troop of Skeleton Warriors, led by a demon and a robed undead. Tanya upon seeing the monsters originally thinks perhaps they are costumes and at an amusements park in the Unified States, however, changes her mind when she notices the realistic qualities of the so-called costumes. The members of the battalion tense and grip their weapons at the confusion of their new surroundings. The robed undead says that the summoning was successful though wonders if the group would be sent back. The undead introduces himself as Momonga, and request who in the group speaks for them. Initially mistaking Matheus Johan Weiss as the leader, followed by the denials of Wilibald Koenig, Rhiner Neumann, and Vooren Grantz, Momonga comes to Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov who directs him to Tanya von Degurechaff. Momonga is surprised as Tanya is just a little girl.

The two leaders then discuss the current circumstances they find themselves in. Momonga after hearing Tanya's story of how her team came through a Crack is certain acted as a doorway to another world and quite different to the one that it previously connected to given the level of technology and culture. Likewise, Tanya thinks to herself and suspects this all to be Being X's meddling. Momonga decides to allow Tanya's group to stay within Nazarick for the time being, in hopes of utilizing their unique skills for Nazarick's benefit. To ensure her soldiers' safety Tanya decides to accept the hospitality offered by the Overlord while they figure out a way to return home. Momonga makes it clear that their stay in Nazarick is by no means free of charge. In return for Nazarick's protection Momonga expects Tanya's team to assist the dungeon in subjugating Chaos Beasts. Tanya, however, informs him that his conditions may be unacceptable, as under military law her unit is to allowed to commit military action and submit themselves to another sovereign entity for. Her reason is a for of legality that even convinces Demiurge to agree as such non-compliance of the local law would be acceptable. The demon suggests a compromise, rather than the battalion provide military aid, terms of the conditions can be changed to "hunting" rather than "battling" Chaos Beasts. In this way, Tanya can circumvent their regulation without breaking their code despite it being only a degree of semantics. During the negotiations on the conditions of her team's employment as exterminators for pests, Tanya and Momonga analyzing each of their negotiations strategies, realize they are dealing with a former Japanese salaryman.[3]

The mage battalion are sent to the 6th Floor, where they are astounded by the forest and sky. Seeing the open air, some of the members of Tanya's battalion suggest they take the chance to escape. Weiss motions against that action as he suspects that the monsters of Nazarick wouldn't allow them this opportunity if they were not confident on recapturing them. Tanya also is suspicious of the sky and wonders if its fake and ultimate orders her men to carry out their duties as they agreed with Momonga to maintain cooperation. The battalion are soon joined by Yuri Alpha who is assigned to guide them to a location in the forest on the 6th Floor where a crowd of Chaos Beasts will emerge. Tanya orders her battalion to get into formation and advance. The group engage the Chaos Beasts with effectiveness alongside Yuri. Tanya notes that while the Chaos Beasts are fearsome beasts in this world are no match for her soldiers. She is equally impressed by Yuri who uses her bare hands to smash several opponents and wonders if the executives of Nazarick have similar strength and abilities.

Her query is later answered when Momonga comes to assist and casts [Reality Slash] taking out several Chaos Beasts in one shot stunning the commander. Momonga who had been observing the battle was interested in the abilities her soldiers displayed, in that they performed aerial attacks through the trees and their projectile magic, and wanted to learn more. Tanya suspects that Momonga intentional allowed her battalion to battle the Chaos Beasts and then took the opportunity to display his power as a psychological tactic to prevent her from betraying Momonga. Tanya subtly thanks him for the assist and the two share unspoken words to convey hidden meaning of the need for cooperation so long as their goals align. Seeing that they understand one another Momonga allows his military contractors to proceed with their duties.[4]

A day after Momonga had observed the battle between Tanya's unit and the Chaos Beasts, Momonga is with Albedo to discuss their new allies. Momonga finds the mage unit to be interesting, conveys to the Overseer Guardians that his impression of the unit, particularly Tanya, is that she is a "battle maniac", similar to Shalltear Bloodfallen. While the Imperial 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion would eventually return to their world, if the previous summoning serves as a example, Momonga wishes to obtain more information as soon as possible. Thus he decides to arrange a meeting with Tanya von Degurechaff and have Demiurge present.

While the major is attending a meeting with Momonga, the 203rd Air Mage Battalion at waiting in the Lemegeton to prepare to do another sweep to wipe out the Chaos Beasts in the Throne Room. Grantz wonders if Tanya will be fine alone with the monsters, but others like Koenig and Neumann think they should be more worried about themselves. Weiss tells his men to keep their cool and take comfort that if they die they will go to Valhalla. Narberal Gamma soon comes with Slimeko and the protagonist to tag along on their operation. Seeing they are all present Weiss takes command and leads the battalion to the next hunt.

In the Round Table Room, Tanya is explaining the concept of the Operation Orb and its function to Momonga, Albedo and Demiurge. While she is forbidden from providing information that conflicts with the military code, she is able to give them a general scope of her world's technology. Demiurge is fascinated by the magical tool and Momonga is impressed with her advanced education as he thinks she is on par with some of the Floor Guardians in intelligence. Tanya merely states it is a result of her training as an specialist officer. Momonga comments that it is a shame that her intelligence is waste at the front lines, which causes Tanya to have an internal fit.[5]

A few days after Tanya and the other were summoned to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the battalion are once again on the 6th Floor on another hunt for Chaos Beasts. Tanya had been slightly injured by a beast but is nevertheless alright. SO far her relationship with Momonga has remained professional, both sides have shared their knowledge on their respective worlds. Just as the battalion finishes cleaning up the Chaos Beasts, they are approached by CZ2I28 Delta. The automaton taking a liking to Tanya, immediately puts a sticker on her and cuddles her, declaring she wants to keep her. Tanya is aback at being treated like a stuff animal, but decides to let it go in order to maintain good relations with the denizens of Nazarick. The incident causes some damage to her dignity but bears with it and befriends Shizu, much to the amusement of her subordinates.[6]

Days later Tanya, she finds herself leading the 203rd Aerial Magic Battalion out in the New World. Flying high in the skies guarding a resource convoy. Tanya's managed to befriend most of the Pleiades, though Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is interested in eating her making her uncomfortable. Visha reports that she spots a horde of Chaos Beasts heading towards the convoy. Tanya then takes the initiative to defend Nazarick's assets. Back in Nazarick, Albedo and Momonga are viewing the battle via magic. Momonga briefly muses on the strength of the battalion, making Albedo ask if he considers them a threat. Momonga says that is not the case as Tanya's group do not have enough power, however the battalion does surpass them in efficiency. He particularly finds their aerial tactics to be interesting as well as their formations. Albedo believes that such skills are worth introducing to their forces that are able to fly.

Soon enough Tanya is "requested" to conduct air combat lessons with several members of Nazarick such as Shalltear, Narberal, and Entoma several miles in altitude. The major gets into an uncomfortable conversation with Shalltear who thinks that she might be an worthy snack.[7] They are interrupted when the discover a Crack in the area, which according to Shalltear is their first instance of finding such an anomaly in the sky. As they examine the Crack, they are shocked by the emergence of flying type Chaos Beasts. The group dealing with a new breed of these creatures rush to engage and clear them. They exterminate the beasts with the trio from Nazarick displaying their full abilities, making the battalion wonder if it was really necessary to train them. Visha reports that something else is coming from the Crack, a Giant Flying Chaos Beast. Faced with this new breed of monster Tanya them all to retreat in order report to Momonga on this development.[8]

Once the battalion returns to Nazarick, Tanya reports to Momonga on their discovery of a new Chaos Beast species. Momonga is excited of this and wishes to learn more of it. In order to capitalize on this moment, he requests her team to go and capture the beast for study and glean a reason as why the Chaos Beasts are continually attacking Nazarick. Tanya is unsure of her team's ability to survive and capture the creature suggesting that perhaps Shalltear or one of Momonga's other servants would be more suitable. Unfortunately Momonga cannot spare anyon his Floor Guardians or Pleiades at this time to take this mission. To entice the commander to take the mission, th Overlord offer to give Tanya and her men whatever they wish. Maj. von Degurechaff knowing that if she refuses may cause problems and her teams chances of success outside Nazarick would be slim, given the poor state of affairs of the surrounding nations and marauding Chaos Beasts, ultimately accepts the mission. Outside the Round Table Room Tanya is greeted by Shizu. Tanya who was initially suspicious that Momonga's refusal to send the Pleiades to the field is assured by her friend that her master was telling the truth and the Pleiades will be occupied. Shizu pets Tanya head, which surprises the other girl and asks her why she did that. To which the automaton tells Tanya she fears it may be her last time doing so and wishes she could help Tanya's group. Tanya accepts Shizu's sincerity and tells her not to worry and leaves. Shizu remaining behind whispers good luck to her friend.

Outside the main entrance to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Tanay assembles her men and tells them their new mission to subdue and capture the Giant Flying Chaos Beast. A few of her men like Grantz are apprehensive of pursing the monster, however Tanya converys Momonga's words that they will be greatly reward by whatever wish they want should they succeed. Hearing that the battalion all chime in stating that they would like a feast to be prepared for them.[9]

Returning to the Chaos Beasts' airspace, the group slaughter whatever comes their way, attracting the attention of the Giant Flying Chaos Beast. In the battle the beast knocks away Grantz, Weiss, Visha, Koenig, and Neumann causing them to fall at a lower altitude. Only Tanya is left to fight the monster, however her Operation Orb for her Type 95 malfunctions and she begins to plummet drastically. Her party is unable to help as they watch their leader begins to fall to her death. Tanya starts praying to Being X stating she is a believer and to save her. Almost immediately the orb restarts and Tanya's position in the air stabilizes. Rushing back to face the Chaos Beast she then prepares to fight it one on one. All of a sudden the world turns still, the Chaos Beast and her comrades are frozen in time. Tanya confused by the situation hears an all too familiar voice that emits from the mouths of those around her. Being X declares that the trial though interesting is now over and asks her how was the world she enjoyed. Tanya states that the world was not bad, as it had good food, comfortable beds, and the danger level manageable. Despite her liking to the world, Being X however decides that a more appropriate battlefield is suite for her. Tanya is soon engulfed by a brilliant haze.


The Crack in Tanya's world explodes with Tanya coughing in the smoke. She wonders what happened only to be greeted by Professor Schugel on the radio on the success of the experiment. A confused Tanya is greeted by her battalion who ask her if she is alright. Tanya cautiously asks if they remember any terms like seeing the Crack of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. However the mages have no memories of that ever transpiring. Tanya wonders if this was a result of Beings X's intervention and manipulating their memories or perhaps it was all a figment of her imagination. While pondering if she should go see a therapist, Visha notices something on her back. After trying to remove it Visha describes that something like a sticker is on her but for some reason refuses to come off. It is the sticker Shizu gave her during her stay in Nazarick, confirming that the events she experience were real. Though she knows she may never see Shizu or the other Pleiades again, her worries have disappeared. Tanya secretly laughs to herself much to the confusion of the others, who she tells that it's nothing. The major decides for herself that she does not need therapy.[10]