White Dragon Bone was an enchanted armor and one of the four treasures of the lizardmen and was in the possession of Kyuku Zuzu, chieftain of the Razor Tail Tribe.

Description Edit

The White Dragon Bone is a set of armor made from the bones of a frost dragon that resided in the Azerlisia Mountains.[1]

Appearance Edit

It appears like a skeleton wrapped around its wearer. It covers almost every part of the user body from the tip of the toes to their head.

Abilities Edit

Usually, bones from a dragon, even a powerful one, would not be imbued with magic. Yet for some strange reason, the White Dragon Bone has been enchanted with it. Many believe it to originate from a curse, in which the power that grants the user the White Dragon Bone's abilities actually comes from the intelligence of the user. If an intelligent lizardman wore it, it would turn harder than steel, matching mythril or even the legendary adamantite. Once it take's off however, the wisdom that was used in exchange can never be recovered afterwards. But the returns for the use of its power allows the user to become invulnerable to damage even against the four treasures such as Frost Pain.[2][3]

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other treasures, in which the owners must prove their strength, it seems that this item requires the wielders to display their wisdom in order to earn its possession.
  • The White Dragon Bone Armor was destroyed by Cocytus during the tribal chieftains' assault.[4][5]
  • A user might be able to reverse the curse with the item's destruction or when the user is resurrected or maybe a combination of both factors.


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