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Wayne Delvin (ヴィアネ・デルヴィ) was a noble from the Re-Estize Kingdom and a member of the New Faction.


Wayne Delvin was a man who lacked the status and prestige expected of a noble of his rank due to his short stature and delicate constitution. The only aspect of him that matched with his status would be his raiment, so if he was to wear common clothes, no one would be able to tell that he was one with the aristocracy. As it stands, you could convince a large group of people into believing that he was just an actor pretending to be a nobleman for a comedic play.


Wayne appears to have no class as noted by his companions, befitting of a noble. Wayne was never the extroverted type, he just plain disliked conversing with other people. To do so, Wayne would have to create layers upon layers of facades as he desperately attempts to pretend he was the extroverted and effusive type.


The noble had inherited his position, in the aftermath of the Massacre at Katze Plains. Soon after gaining his position, he became friends with Baron Montserrat and Baron Rokerson in the New Faction. He was among the third and fourth sons of his family. According to Christopher Olson, his demesne has also been stable under his management. Christopher noted that if he was to learn more about the etiquette of the aristocracy and political strategies, Wayne would have a bright future ahead of himself.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Baron Rokerson and Baron Delvin going out for drinks at an establishment encountered Baron Montserrat. Joining him they shared mugs of pale ale, and drank in a rambunctious manner. Later they shared their woes on the struggles they have been facing as noblemen, specifically in their lack of funds coming from their demesnes. They agreed collectively that the fault not laid with them by their 'incompetent' peasants they commanded. Philip lamented on the current situation if nothing changed then all he could do was wait for a bad harvest so the price of grain would go up. When Delvin brought up, Philip's territory, Wayne interrupted him and whispered that even if a bad harvest occurs, the price won’t necessarily rise. He informed him that there was a huge amount of cheap grain being transported from the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Kingdom.

Having acquired the intel from a trustworthy source, the baron told Philip the Sorcerer Kingdom had stored large quantities of grain in warehouses owned by the merchants in the capital. He didn't know much about the exact details other than the fact that the grain was there for storage only and that the Sorcerer Kingdom had already paid for the storage fee. Additionally, the grain was being casted with [Preserve] to prolong its shelf-life and undead workers were being used on farmland. The food though was being transported to another location, as food relief, to the Roble Holy Kingdom which was still recovering from the attack from Jaldabaoth. It was from this information that Philip concocted a scheme to drive the price of grain up, by stealing the stockpile from the Sorcerer Kingdom which he invited Wayne and Igor into his plan.

Once Philip left, the two secretly begun to conspire on how to deal with the former's plan of raiding the Sorcerer Kingdom's caravan of grains while looking to come up with a proposed plan of their own.

While helping to carry out the battle plan, both Wayne and Igor later met up with Philip at their destination, a patch of road in his personal demesne. There, they suggest to Philip about using the Crane-Wing Formation to ambush the Sorcerer Kingdom's caravan. The two inform Philip that each of them have brought around 75 soldiers with them to their intended location. Wayne advised that Philip have his 50 soldiers advance first. Meanwhile, Wayne and Igor's forces will be covering the side flanks. The right flank is the direction where Wayne's forces will be at. However, given the decision Philip made, his 50 soldiers are going to retreat to the left flank where Igor's forces are at. Considering that Philip's plan is to set up an ambush in the forest, Igor and Wayne have already prepared such a place where twigs, weeds, and whatnot have already been cleared out ahead of time. This was done so that it could allow them to form a successful retreat on horseback. Although the operation is a success for Philip, neither Wayne nor Igor were expecting it to turn out that way.[1]

The fate of the baron is later revealed towards the end of the war with the Sorcerer Kingdom, when Philip drunkenly brooding in his depression is visited by Albedo who presented him a box containing the heads of Wayne and Igor.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

According to himself, Delvin cannot find any appeal in alcohol, only drinking in social events when needed. Though Wayne might be more intelligent than the average person, he was completely outmatched in terms of athleticism. While a poor noble, the paved road in his territory seemed to be a major source of income for Baron Delvin.

Delvin was stated by Christopher Olson through his analysis and experience in dealing with Nobility, that Delvin himself possessed enough talent and potential to become a high level Noble. This is only possible if he had enough time to study aristocratic pedigree and etiquette. At the same time, once he properly obtain sufficient experience and knowledge in political strategy, where it could help to establish a bright future for him as a Noble.


Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat[]

Wayne was one of the few members of the New faction that chose not to distance themselves from Philip. He even allowed the other noble to call him by his first name. However, in truth, Wayne believed Philip to be reckless and sought to undermine him. While at first appearing they are on mutually good terms, but in reality, he despises and resents him for being the head of the faction as well as the sheer idiocy he shows.

Igor Rokerson[]

Delvin's land neighbored Rokerson's thus it was a common sight for them to be working together. While it was unusual for neighboring lords to be friendly with each other, but since they were the third and fourth sons of their family, they weren’t indoctrinated with animosity from the past. That was why they were so close.

Hilma Cygnaeus[]

Both Himself and Igor are suspicious of Hilma with her supporting Philips exploits in controlling the New Faction and actually suspect that she might be the real one who is controlling things behind the scenes and possibly might be working with the Eight Fingers organization and prefer not to get involved with her if they can.

Christopher Olson[]

Christopher didn’t know Wayne well, though they had had conversations back when Christopher supplied alcohol to some tavern in the capital that was being funded by the Eight Fingers.


  • The garment he wore used to be his father’s and was quite old in both texture and design, making it quite a rare item.
  • It seems that the Delvin's demesne contains a forest cultivated for pig foraging and raising.


  • (To Philip): "We’re no strangers, Baron Montserrat. Feel free to call me Wayne and him Igor."
  • (To Igor): "No need, if you’re really sorry, go practice a few of these pleasantries. Lower level nobility like us have to put in real effort to appease those at the top."
  • (To Igor): "Pffft, what are you talking about...? Peasants have to deal with the same shit. Never mind who has it worse, everybody who's working under somebody has to be a bootlicker of sorts."
  • (To Igor about Philip): "There’s no going back so don’t think about it. Anyways, just learn to flatter others. That brainlet seems to be a good candidate to practice on, right? Even if we fuck it up our losses would be small."
  • (To Igor): "Yeah, that’ll do, that'll do. No one dislikes pleasantries. If someone you’re talking to is annoyed at you, it just means that your ability to hold a conversation isn't there yet...Igor, I know this is hard. I'll make up for your flaws and you can make up for mine, that was our deal, but you can't just stop trying to overcome your own weaknesses because of that. It’s not like we’ll be with each other forever."
  • (To Igor about Philip): "So to even think of robbing a Sorcerer Kingdom's caravan of grain is evidence that he's got brain damage. Surely no one is stupid enough to not understand that attacking a caravan that’s flying the Sorcerer Kingdom's flag would be treated as a declaration of war and would result in serious retribution? Even if he's this- Hold up. Were we being deceived?"
  • (To Igor about Philip): "Perhaps that is that idiot's plan, to make us his scapegoats and pocket the stolen goods for himself. How about we go along with his plan? We'll be patrolling our own territories and will just so happen to stumble upon a group of bandits, the group that was responsible for the attack on the Sorcerer Kingdom's caravan. After that, we'll kill them all. It's crucial that we alone are responsible for taking care of them."
  • (To Igor): "How about that? Not a bad plan to gain favor with the Sorcerer Kingdom, right? Even if we are suspected of involvement, we can just say that we were attempting to help aid the caravan. We'll be fine as long as the perpetrators are all dead. You know what they say - dead men tell no tales."
  • (To Igor): "...Do you seriously believe that there are priests capable of resurrection in the Sorcerer Kingdom? In a country where the undead are said to proudly walk the streets, tormenting the living?"


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