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Wands (短杖) are magical items used to cast spells by magic casters.


Usually, wands imbued with spells could only be used by magic casters of the same magic system. For instance, there are those like divine magic casters who could make use of a wand with the first-tier divine magic [Light Healing]. Staves, which were more expensive, could be used by magic casters of all disciplines.

Types of Wands

There are various kinds of wands, utilized for either offensive, defensive and supporting purposes.


A wand's ability varies, depending on the usage and magic system it originates from. Wands had charges, which they consumed to produce their effects.[1]

It was said that magic casters who had run out of mana rely on using wands to cast their spells instead as a last resort.[2]

Wands were a type of item that could hold multiple charges of a single spell. The user could keep casting the spell until the number of charges were all used up.[3] As such, when compared to scrolls that could only be used once, wands were much more valuable for certain applications, such as healing.[4]


  • A common tactic from magic casters to preserve MP during dungeon explorations was the use of Wands.
  • In YGGDRASIL, a patch had made a few wands available to be used for all Players.[5]


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