Waiting Area is a platform space where players can enter to meet friends before diving for a game session in YGGDRASIL.


The area acts similar to a virtual chatroom, where players can congregate via their avatars. It can be accessed after the loading screen for the DMMO-RPG is complete. The HOME button gives a player the option to clicked it, directing them to the waiting area. Other players can join the same waiting area though the maximum capacity of the space allows only thirty people. The area can be rented with in-game currency and is usually reserved for players or groups such as clans that did not have the luxury to spend data on a Guild Base.[1]


The Waiting Area functions similar to a Guild Base though in truth the space is plainly made, and pales in comparison. When a player accepts to be directed to the Waiting Area, they are instantly transported to a room located within what appears to be a building. The room itself was made of some kind of gray inorganic material, which looked like concrete, and it had a high ceiling. Despite no obvious light sources, a side of the ceiling glowed with white light.

Still, there were advantages to such a bland room. Since the amount of data used was exceedingly small, the room could be made very large.


  • In video games, a waiting area or room is a playable environment where readied players can practice their skills to pass the time needed for all players to come onboard to begin the session.


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