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Visor Mirror Shade is a magic item originating from YGGDRASIL.

Description Edit

A pair of magic glasses given to Neia Baraja by Ainz Ooal Gown. It was a very handy item for archers like Neia, who used the bow as her main choice of weaponry.

Appearance Edit

A magic item with a visor-shaped appearance.

Abilities Edit

For every three minutes, the user could use a technique called [Snake Shot] which allowed a user's arrows to turn mid-air and hunt targets like that of a wild beast.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Ainz has chosen to give this item to Neia, so she could hide her sinister eyes. Because of that, he would not feel the need to be troubled by her gaze.
  • Due to the visor she has equipped, Neia is now able to interact and get along fairly well with the people around her without the same problems from before.
  • Since Neia typically concealed her face with her visor, it had a great impact on others when she removed it. For instance, they wouldn't have dared to come near Neia without the latter wearing it beforehand.[2]
  • With her visor on, Neia preached to her wounded countrymen about the excellence of the Sorcerer King during the liberation of the city and the battle with Jaldabaoth.[3]
  • Through wearing this mask, Neia was famously refer as such to be "The Faceless One" by both Prince Zanac and Princess Renner of the Re-Estize Kingdom.[4]

References Edit

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