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Vice-Head Priest of the Water God (水神官副長) is a high ranking priest in the Slane Theocracy that exists in the Overlord Web Novel.


Vice-Head Priest of the Water God, is an old woman with wite hair that sprouted from above an extremely wrinkled face. Her clothes were composed of a pure white priest’s outfit, engraved with symbols, and on each hand she wore rings that gave her magical protection. A plain but powerful magical headband decorated her forehead. A mysterious holy accessory hung from her neck.


Vice-Head Priest of the Water God was a woman of wisdom, affection and power. She was a brave woman willing to put her life alongside her subordinates in the face of danger.



Overlord First Half Arc

The Vice-Head Priest oversaw the Planar Eye ritual in order to gather information on the Great Tomb of Nazarick and its occupants. Directing the gathered priests in Tinu Al Rianes, she ordered them to channel their magic into the Miko Princess of Water. While watching the ceremony, she saw that it was a failure as the priests began collapsing and an unknown magical words manifested. She ordered the three of the Temple Guard to take the priests to safety as well as the Miko. Despite the insistence of the guards to escape he chose to stay and face the looming threat. A magical hole appeared bringing forth several Light-Fingered Demons. The Temple Guard led the attack on the demons, however they found themselves hopelessly outmatched by the demons who mocked the humans with their thievery and dodging antics. Though there were no causalities the Vice-Head Priest decided to step in. Using her magic she inhibited some of the demons agility allowing the guards to wound one. The demons having enough fun then choose to retreat through the gateway taking their loot.

After the demons left, Vice-Head Priest wondered why the demons did not seriously attack. She deduced that the master of Nazarick and the demons, Ainz Ooal Gown was a being of tremendous power. Speaking out loud she believed that Ainz could be a god, perhaps even Surshana. Thinking about the severe ramifications of Ainz being the God of Death, she prayed, asking the entity not to punish them.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Vice-Head Priest is a divine magic caster.


  • Holy Aura: A 4th Tier Magic spell that had an effect against beings of evil, inhibiting their movements.


  • Though she worshiped the God of Water, she was fearful of the God of Death.


  1. Overlord First Half Chapter 87: Various Countries Part 5


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