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Vampire Lord (ヴァンパイア・ロード) refers to the title of powerful vampires that are apparently well-known in the New World.


Vampire Lords are regarded as high-end vampires who were said to be of superior ranking to its lesser undead kind.[1]

Landfall was considered to be the most powerful Vampire Lord surpassing that of the Evil Deities.

Based on how Marques Raeven viewed them in legends, he described the Vampire Lord as an evil being who etched her name in the continent's history as a monster among monsters. According to the original legend, the Vampire Lord Landfall was someone who a country might barely equal to if they managed to pull all the stops against her.[2]


Based on Landfall's strength, Vampire Lords like herself are estimated as being very powerful in their own right since the last one which appeared two centuries ago, had managed to cause ruin to an entire country. They are basically comparable in terms of power level to the Evil Deities with the ability to at least cast 5th tier magic or higher.[3]

In accordance to the author Maruyama's based level ranking, there is a Vampire Lord who has more based levels than even Platinum Dragon Lord's Armor and the other four dragon councilors working alongside it in the Argland Council State.[4] Based on the information provided from the Overlord Bonus Volume, such Vampire Lord is presumed to be the Elder Coffin Dragon Lord, Cure Elim Los Malvar.[5]



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