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Valentine's Day (バレンタインデーだ) was a holiday game event in YGGDRASIL.


A holiday event that occurred on in YGGDRASIL. In the World of 2138, it was a time when it was customary to hand out chocolate and a letter as an obligation to the opposite gender.

Purpose of Event[]

In the game on Valentine's Day, players were able to make large quantities of chocolate. What was unique about the event on that day, any player could make the confection without a Cook class or skills.


According to Momonga, the Valentine Chocolates made by the players were solely to be given to Non-Playable Characters. However these chocolate event items made by the players possessed no buff effects. Years after YGGDRASIL's shutdown, the traditions of Valentine's Day were rediscovered by Mare Bello Fiore after reading a book in Ashurbanipal mentioning it. Momonga later provided more details on its significance to Mare, Slimeko and the protagonist. The holiday was revived by the protagonist who saw its potential in using chocolate as a tool for diplomacy in the New World.[1]