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|image =
|image =
|Japanese = ヴァディス自由都市
|Japanese = ヴァディス自由都市
|Romaji = Vu~adisu jiyū toshi
|Romaji = Vu~adisu jiyū Toshi
|Leader =
|Leader =
|Leader-2 =
|Leader-2 =
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|Debut-anime =
|Debut-anime =
'''Vadis Free City''' is a small independent city in the New World.
'''Vadis Free City''' (ヴァディス自由都市) is a small independent city in the New World.
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Vadis Free City (ヴァディス自由都市) is a small independent city in the New World.


The city was among the small towns that the Baharuth Empire and Re-Estize Kingdom jointly constructed to keep the undead prone Katze Plains area at bay. Cities like these help adventurers and knights of the Empire to clear up the undead.[1]


Mass for the Dead Arc

In the game, this city appears when Leinas Rockbruise guides the protagonist and his team, composed of Soi and Slimeko, to assist in undead subjugation in the Katze Plains.


A small city located on the highway on the north side of the Katze Plains southeast of E-Rantel.


  • The age of the city's establishment is unknown but since the Kingdom and Empire have a stake, it seems that the city was most likely founded since about 200 years ago, when the two countries split from the same nation.[2]
  • Undead elimination in the Empire was treated as government work, and thus one could head to the Empire's Administrative office to collect payment for their undead subjugation.[3]


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