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Usurer (高利貸し) is the tentative name for a loan shark that operates in Arwintar.


The man is described as having arms and a chest that were packed with muscles. His appearance alone could force anyone standing in front of him to give him anything he wanted.[1]


Despite his appearance, the loan shark wasn't the type of person that relied on violence. While he tried to keep things civil, by lowering his head, his face showed not a trace of sincerity. Though when faced with a stronger foe, he would change his attitude, but never admit that he was frightened. That being said although he is a loan shark, the man was not without emotions and could feel genuine pity. However, he knew his priorities to recover his money and interests and stayed out of affairs that did not involve him.[2]


The Usurer was a debtor that provided loans to the fallen noble Furt Family. The debt grew in size accumulating by the family's exuberant spending and lavish lifestyle until it amounted to 300 gold coins.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc[]

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The Usurer was looking for Arche Eeb Rile Furt to get her to pay her family's debt. He tracked her to the Singing Apple Pavilion but encountered Imina instead. The ranger refused to tell him where her comrade was, but the man was not satisfied insisting he knows where she is. Just when things were about to get heated, Hekkeran Termite came into the inn and demanded to know what was going on. After being introduced to the leader of Foresight, the loan shark former arrogance wilted after sensing his aggression. The Usurer attempted to explain more cordially that he was looking for Arche to discuss a private matter. When Hekkeran stated that he did not know, the man stated that he would wait, but the worker told him to get lost and subtly threatened him with violence. Confronted with the pressure from Hekkeran, the man decided to leave but not before passing a message for Arche that the "deadline is approaching."[3]

When Arche failed to return from her latest job, her father Sir Furt signed another contract and borrowed an additional hundred gold coins from the Usurer. When inquired about the whereabouts of his daughter, Furt replied that he couldn't care less, stating that she was ungrateful, just because she earned a little money. He stated the next time he saw her he would teach her what being an aristocrat was about. The man however looked around the contents of the Furt manor and estimated that he would acquire all his assets that he originally lent if worse came to worse. Before departing the Usurer reminded Sir Furt to not to forget about the repayments.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Though looking like a thug, he appears well versed in usury, aware of interest rates and loan terms.


Sir Furt[]

Furt was nothing more than a client that the debtor exploited. However seeing the former noble's behavior and disregard for his daughter's sacrifices to pay his loan, he couldn't help be feel disgusted towards the man. However to maintain his relationship with Furt he kept an air of professionalism.

Arche Eeb Rile Furt[]

Personally he had nothing against Arche, as he main concern was recovering his money that he lent. However meeting her father and his decadent behavior, caused him to pity her.


  • Though mentioned in the Light Novel and Web Novel, he makes no appearance in the anime. However, he does make his debut in the Mass for the Dead game as a character for the scenario of Overlord Volume 07.[5]
  • The usurer's image in Mass for the Dead was previously used as a one of the bandits Demiurge tortures in a Memory of Chaos.[6]



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