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An enthusiastic fan of Overlord. And a person who had read to the latest volume of the novel.

Also, I used to help skythewood's team in their translations of overlord but I am contemplating whether I should join the underground translation team after the novel got licensed. so if you have anything regarding the translations just tell me.

I am going to be less active now in this wikia, since I am getting busy with a lot on my plate lately. Such as helping in the overlord translations, work, other personal time, etc. And also due to the overlord's anime having finished airing already and it's novel's volume at quite a long time between intervals, thus it will be less often and necessary for me to update the page with new info. Therefore, I am going to focus more on other things. But I will still visit the site now and then though, just less often.

Anyway, all hail Ainz Ooal Gown!

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