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  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Hobbyist (for now)
  • I am Male

I'm a big fan of the Overlord story and have watched the Anime (13 episodes and 8 Pleiades Specials), still patiently reading through manga, listened to all of the Drama CDs to-date and have finished the 10 Volumes of the LN plus the Blu-ray specials. (As of August 2016) Overlord has been one of the most entertaining story universes I've gone into and is something I eagerly look forward to coming to completion.

This community has been quite welcoming with many excellent and multi-faceted discussions on the story plot lines, characters and fan-theories. I continue to look forward to informative exchanges and laughs between the fans within this community.

Preferred Party Roles and Guild Duties:        

  • Wildcard- Secondary Support, Sideline Attacker (Physical and Magical), Summoned Creature Controller        
  • Potions and Consumables Crafter        
  • Trade and Resources Manager                

Here's my own ideal character build for Yggdrasil:        

Race: Mechanoid        

Total Level: 100         

Racial Level:  

  • Automaton (15)  
  • Mechanoid (10) 
  • Enchanted Mechanoid (5) 

Job Level:

  • Alchemist (15)
  • Biochemist (10)
  • Geneticist (5)
  • Doctor (5)
  • Pharmacist (5)
  • Merchant (10)
  • Craftsman (5)
  • Gunner (5)
  • Wizard (5)
  • Gun Mage (5)
HP 70
MP 70
Physical Attack 60 (variable)
Physical Defense 60 (variable)
Agility 70 (variable)
Magical Attack 60 (variable)
Magical Defense 60 (variable)
Resistance 60 (variable)
Special Ability 100
Total 610 (variable)

Lore: Automatons and Mechanoids of various designs and purposes arose upon the Fall of the Valkyria. Artificial beings made of technology that are both similar and different from Homunculi and Golems. Alike Golems, they are creatures composed of artificial compounds but upon improvement and enhancement they adapt to become able to recreate the biological functions and begin to mirror living things, now having traits alike that of Homunculi.

Automatons, being the base class of their race, are mere human/creature-shaped objects lacking any form of biological function and boasting abilities that far surpass the being from which they were modeled. Their shortcomings arise from their inability to retain mana and wield magic, though they are able to compensate for this with basic upgrades and improvements in physical abilities.

Race Traits:

  • Critical Hit Invalid
  • Food, Drink, and Breathing are Unnecessary
  • Ineffective Mental Function
  • Machine Detection Radar: Can detect other Automaton-types
  • Mana Penalty: Has significantly lower base MP stats than other races
  • Necromancy Resistance and Death Magic Immunity
  • Physical Penalty Resistance
  • Poisoning/Sick/Sleep/Instant Death/Paralysis Invalid
  • Recover by Wind (Electric) Element Attacks
  • Second Skin Armor Slot: Allows user an additional equipment slot for equipping an item called a "skin" which encases the character avatar. "Skins" are items unique to automatons that grant base stat augmentations and act as a additional armor layer.
  • Status Damage Invalid
  • Striking Weapon Weakness III

Mechanoids, being a step ahead of Automatons, are highly enhanced versions of the lower race class and far surpass their predecessors in a vast array of physical ability. From this point they adopt biological components that allow them to further mimic the beings from which they are modeled and access the innate abilities of their biological counterparts. Now they further recreate an image of life and begin to show something akin to a living soul and not just programmed machinery.

Enchanted-Mechanoids, the highest tier of their racial order, are "living" machines. Either by the blessings of mana or the birth of a true soul, these beings possess the best traits of their artificial nature and the ability to fully resemble and thrive alongside their biological counterparts. They are now able to wield magic and exploit their own artificial nature in optimizing themselves for certain tasks and specializations and even remodeling themselves, to a certain extent, in order to compensate for their weak points. They embody the ideal of preserving the immortal soul in a vessel not bound by a mortal coil.

Enchanted-Mechanoid Bonus Abilities:

  • Advanced Radar System: Allows the user to conduct area scanning that detects traps or hidden objects and players within a specified area.
  • Trap-Disarming Kit: Grants the user the ability to temporarily disable 1 targeted trap every 30 minutes. Disabled traps become vulnerable to remote triggering, removal or destruction without risk of activation effects to the user.
  • Concentrated Scanner: Allows the user to conduct a detailed scan of a hostile target. Grants the user information of the target's present resistances, power ratings and active skills or aura effects. Does not grant viewing of target's inventory, unused/inactive skills and acquired classes.
  • Gear Shift: Grants the user the ability to augment their base stats by temporarily altering portions of their avatar's body. Four alternative forms are granted to the user outside of the default/neutral form. Assault Form (Heavily increases physical attack, moderately increases speed and physical defense, moderately decreases magical attack and defense, no changes to resistance), Entrenched Form (Heavily increases physical and magical defense and resistance, heavily reduces physical and magical attack, no changes to speed), Mana-Charged Form (Heavily increases magical attack and defense, moderately increases resistance and speed, heavily decreases physical attack and defense) Stealth Form (Heavily increases speed and resistance, moderately increases physical and magical attack, heavily decreases physical and magical defense)
  • High Tier Magic Invalidation III: Nullifies all low tier spells.
  • High Tier Physical Invalidation III: Nullifies all low level attacks (below level 60).
  • Poison Invalidation
  • Unlock Recovery by Positive Energy

Unique Job Classes:

Biochemist- "Alchemists intrigued with the inner workings of living things gradually step upon the realm of recreating life and producing artificial beings called homunculi. In their pursuit of "playing God," they discover higher orders of magic that give access to the creation of greater artificial biological constructs, medicine and pharmaceuticals that are infused with higher tiers of magic and even glimpse into the gates of the secrets of life."

Requirements: Job Levels in Alchemist (10), Doctor (1), and Pharmacist (1) classes.

Job Class Perks:

  • Improved Homunculi- Human-like, Plant-like, and Animal-like homunculi have higher base stats.
  • New Homunculi- Allows the user access to 2nd-tier/higher versions of the three base forms and the ability to create Human-Plant, Human-Animal and Plant-Animal hybrids.
  • Dual Assistant Escort- Allows the user to simultaneously have two active homunculi.
  • Improved Potions Crafting- Grants the ability to craft basic potions with a combination of healing and one bonus buff, and the ability to craft Spell-Charged Potions*.
  • Weaponized Body Parts and Biological armor Crafting-Grants the ability to craft improvements for scales, fangs, claws, etc.
  • Potion Toss Ability- The user can toss potions towards friendly/hostile targets (Bonus healing, buff and damage effects are applied).

*Spell-Charged Potions function similar to scrolls but remove class restriction for spell use. Tier 1-5 spells can be infused into Spell-Charged Potions.

Geneticists- "Artificial beings bent on the pursuit of knowing the secrets of life and recreating it in within themselves who have forcefully pushed a fusion of the might of magic and mana through alchemy, the depths of intellect in science through medicine, and the measured practice of craftsmanship are those who reach the Gates of Truth. All that's left now is to open them and usher yourself into the age of a new god of life, You."

Requirements: Racial Class of Automaton/Homunculus/Golem and Job Levels in Alchemist (15), Biochemist (10), Doctor (5), Pharmacist (5), and Craftsman (5) classes.

Job Class Perks:

  • Highest Class of Homunculi- Allows the user to create 3rd-tier/Highest forms for base homunculi, 2nd-tier for hybrid homunculi.
  • Trio Assistant Escort- Allows the user to simultaneously have three active homunculi.
  • Ultima Potions Crafting- Grants the user the ability to stack one additional buff effect on improved potions and allows the user to infuse higher tier spells in Spell-Charged Potions.
  • Improved Weaponized Body Part and Biological Armor Crafting- Higher item crafting efficacy.
  • Specialized Consumable Crafting- Grants the user the ability to craft race-specific consumable items. Specialized consumables grant temporary enhancement to base stats and temporary weakness removal.

*Spell-Charge Potions Crafted by Geneticists can store up to 9th Tier Spells.

Gun Mage- Amalgamating ranged combat and magic ushers in the creation of Gun Mages. This class gives access to the ability to weave magic spells directly into ranged physical attacks that are projected from gun-based weaponry.

Requirements: Racial Class of Automaton and Job Levels in Gunner (5) and Wizard (5) classes.

Job Class Perks:

  • Mana Ammo- User can directly expend MP in order to do magic damage through basic ranged attacks.
  • Physical and Magical Attack Stacking- Allows the user to cast a limited pool of magic while conducting ranged physical attacks. The user can also charge a limited pool of magic spells into ranged physical attacks.

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