Like i said earlier. My name is Armada D. Blitz. I'm also once known as 'The Lord of Terror, Despair and Regret'.- To the Holy Light Scripture

Armada D. Blitz is the current guild master of the Leaders 101 and the team leader of his adventuring group known as 'Black Reptile'. He is among the thirty-six strongest being created by The Almighty One. He is also among the oldest living 'Rulers' and among the first many creation to be created from nothing that existed even before the creation of the entire infinite omniverse itself.


Armada is a hybrid bahamut dragon with two forms. One is his human form and the others is his true dragon form.

In his human form, he is tall and quite muscular. Measuring at about nine feet tall, he is among the tallest member in the guild and the tallest one. His face can be describe as handsome to the point of drawing the attention of many women. His eyes were red in color as if it was glowing like that of a vampire and his black silky hair seems to be gleaming. He's also possessed three pair of huge wings on his back. This three pair of wings are black dragon wings, white angel wings and crimson flame phoenix wings. He has the ability to hide his wings by making them invisible or hide them on his back. In addition to that, he also possessed two very long tails on his back. This two tails were packed with tough muscles and covered with hard scales and spikes on it. He can hide his tails in a similar ways on how he hide his wings. His guildmates describe his human appearance as perfectly match almost everything about him. Due to his extraordinary height too, his guildmates make a joke about his height as calling him 'The Skyscraper Man' in which he's describe it as a quite an annoying nickname.

His attire in his human form is that similar to that of a high ranking military officer. Wearing a Jet black uniform with various items like medal adorned his chest and five stars adorned on both of his shoulders. He also wearing jet black pants and in addition to that, he wore a black cloak with a 'Bahamut' name sewn on its back. He also had an officer hat upon his head with the crest of Leaders 101 on it. On his hands, he wears a pair of black gloves and also adorned it with five magical enchanted rings on his fingers (three on his right and two on his left). In addition to all of the magic items, he also possessed two large swords in sheath strap at his waist.

In his true dragon form, he was bigger than a mountain but he can alter his size as he wish. His dragon form was so menacing to the point that even the most hardcore elite fighter tremble when witness his true form. His true dragon form is look like a black humanoid dragon covered in black scales like that of an armor with various spikes on his back. His head bears seven great curved horns acting like that of a great crown. In his true form also, he possessed three pair of huge different wings (black dragon wings, white angel wings and crimson flame phoenix wings). Instead of one, he possessed two very long tails covered with hard scales and spikes on it and it's also packed with super tough muscles. His two tails is so long and it was even longer than his own body. At the end of his two tails are shaped more look like a blade giving him the ability to use his tails as a slashing weapon.

In his dark warrior persona as Zara-Talon, Armada would wear a fully jet-black body armour with golden and silver markings on it. In addition, he also adorned himself with jet-black cape and two large swords and a single lance while carrying it behind him. He also change his facial appearance in this persona. In his dark warrior persona, his facial appearance can be describe as a very fine young man with deep blue colour eyes along with short length black hair that does not reach his shoulder. He also change his voice that is more fitting for a young men. The reason he make this change is because if he decided to make his appearance as Armada D. Blitz, people will never recognize him.


Armada can best be describe as predictable and unpredictable at the same time but most of the time is unpredictable. His personality describe by his colleague as someone who wants to keep everything in check due to his cautious nature despite being one of the strongest creature created by The Almighty One.

Personally, he himself admitted that he is very stingy and of course as a dragon has a feeling of pride and sometime arrogant in his self. Also as a dragon, he has fondness towards treasure but he kept his fondness at bay so that he will not let his own desire get in his way to achieve his goal. He's also an open minded person and is always waiting to hear other peoples opinion if his own opinion is not good enough. He is also can sometime be describe as opportunistic.

Almost all the times, he would also try to plan ahead and control some details beforehand in order to avoid any danger that can threat Eclipse's existence. He will do anything in his capability to protect his guild along with its residents. Armada is actually quite a talented person. As many of his guildmates notices, Armada is quite an expert when it comes to strategizing to defeat his opponent. One could say his way of devise a strategy is equal to both Erich Von Manstein and Konstantin Romanovs, both of which were consider great strategist in the Leaders 101.

Other than good at planning a battle, Armada is also a good schemer. Because of one of his special ability to see the future, he can put up a plan to make sure that everything is going according to the plan. For instance, when he realized that an enemy is going to attack them he will quickly hatch a plan to put the enemy at the receiving end.

When battling an opponents that was so boastful of their ability and was so arrogant, he wanted to take them down and teach them a lesson. The way he executed it was very great to the point that he traumatized his opponents to the point of breaking their will. At first he will let them overwhelm him with their strength and make himself feel cornered. After that, he will make sure his opponents thought that they were going to win against him so easily and at that point he knows they were lowering their guard against him for a possible counter-attack. Finally, he let his opponents charge at him and the moment they were going to cut him down, with a sneering smile on his face he strike at they weapons to the point of breaking it and follow up with various strike and counter-attack that giving his opponents no room to breath. Then he finished them with disabling their ability to fight back by giving them a powerful yet non-fatal paralyzing attack to their body.

The moment that his opponent realized that they were defeated, they fill with extreme shock, terror, despair and regret. The reason for that is because the way he counter-attacking them back is very abnormal and does not even resemble a losing opponent. Currently, he rarely used this method of teaching. Instead, he directly teach them a lesson that they will never forget. His favorite method of attack is to strike his enemy from the rear where they were most vulnerable.

In his dark warrior persona as Zara-Talon, he is viewed by people to be very dignified and as an adventurer worthy of adamantite rank. Although possessing such rank, he is not willing to make others uncomfortable around him. He also holds great trust with his comrades but, if they were to slow him down during his job he would refuse they help. Leaving that alone, he sometime used his spare time to exchange greetings with every single adventurer group in Gi-Teraze Kingdom.


Armada D. Blitz was created by The Almighty One during the primordial age in which that age was the beginning of all thing. Even during that time CTMH is not even existed yet and even the infinite omniverse is in the middle of creation. Him along with his brethren of thirty-six Galaxy Class Threat was among the first creation of The Almighty One. To put that into age perspective, him along with the other thirty-six Galaxy Class Threats is older than the infinite omniverse itself.


'Looks like all of us are currently in a different world my friends. We need to be cautious from now on. Who knows what kind of powerful beings reside here or magic the inhabitants of this world is capable of.'- (To his entire guildmates).

'Look at this scenery all of you. A truly magnificent scene. The night sky glittering with countless starlight.'- (To Jaldaboath, Yaldaboath and five of his guildmates that flying to the sky with him).

'You surely have a lot of enemy warrior captain.'- (To warrior captain Gatz Starzif).

'Ah, i still remember that guy. A Galaxy Class Threats just like me. We meet each other a lot. He said something to me about "Another world awaits you" and at first i don't even know what he mean. But, now i know what he mean.'- (To his guildmates about Azathoth).

'It's been so long little sister. I wonder, have you grown senile after so long living in this cave?'- (Meeting Tiamat his little sister once again in a hidden cave in Dragon Kingdom).

'So you want me to help her? Is that what you want me to do? Hiryu, you always gave me trouble even in death'.- (To Hiryu Nianzu that appears in his dream).

'Little Sister, care to join me to go for a little visit to Akai-Hasu Kingdom?'-(To his younger sister Tiamat).

'Princess Leona, the reason i have trust in you is simple. You are the light of hope for your country and what's more is that you are the reincarnation of Hiryu Nianzu himself.'- (To Princess Leona of Akai-Hasu Kingdom).

'Alright. Listen to me, people of Akai-Hasu kingdom and Qin kingdom, Princess Leona here has sacrificed her time to meet me and talk about the negotiation. If she does not come to my Empire, who knows what I will do about both of your respected country after both of you destroy each other.'- (To the entire people of Akai-Hasu Kingdom and Qin Kingdom at the meeting point).

'You all should give her respect worthy of a royal, although she has been exile from the palace. Unknown to all of you, she and her company has done many good thing to Akai-Hasu kingdom in the shadow while it takes a lot of time for your 'king' to take action. Don't you all think you all serve the wrong and false ruler. Soldiers of Akai-Hasu kingdom?- (To the soldiers of the Akai-Hasu Kingdom).

'Ohh! You thought you can stop me from doing what i want? Well let me put this in an easy way for you to understand it very clearly.' Taking a deep breath and he say this phrase with absolute superiority. 'I DO WHAT I WILL!'- (To King Sunghoon of Akai-Hasu Kingdom).

'Sunn Hakku! I can't trust you being the princess bodyguard despite almost all of your success in protecting her this entire time. However, I will acknowledge you as her personnel bodyguard if you manage to stand up against me. In other word, I Armada D. Blitz challenge you, Sunn Hakku to a duel!- (Armada challenge Sunn Hakku to a duel).

'Our enemy should fear us. They supposed to get ready because, Eclipse Is Coming!'- (Preparation for a war with the Alzaref Empire).

'You can't win against me Black Wizard Zerafalon. Even if you possessed that Prime Magic that you just stole from her, it's not going to change anything at all. Things are just going to stay the same. You still below me.'- (To Zerafalon Drakil the Black Wizard who is also the Emperor of Alzaref Empire).


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