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Unknown Debris is the tentative name for an unknown substance discovered in Kalinsha in Mass for the Dead.


This item was discovered in the Cathedral of Kalinsha, guarded by a Dragon Chaos Beast after Momonga slew it. After noticing this find, it was later brought to the Great Tomb of Nazarick where Demiurge and Pandora's Actor began to study it.


It resembles some sort of organic metal with a hollow inside and a complicated shape that seemed naturally formed.


According to Demiurge's analysis, although the substance is close to ore, it did not match any identified ore but a bit more like temperate stone. According to the Floor Guardian's report, it seems to be related to the rifts and was formed for artificial reasons.


  • Aura believed perhaps this materiel was some sort of fossil, but Demiurge disproved this stating that the material consists of an outer layer that is hardened, but with an inner side that is soft and not uniform, indicating it to be not that old in age.[1]


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