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Ultimate Shooting Star Super (アルティメイト・シューティングスター・スーパー) is a YGGDRASIL magic bow.


A bow that, according to Ainz, was a product of the ancient art of runecrafting. However, the runes held no true practical use and were not the source of power behind the bow.

Originally, Ainz was planning to lend YGGDRASIL weapons, decorated with runes, to various people throughout the Holy Kingdom, so that their overwhelming power may be noticed and heard. While those weapons were not actually crafted by the Dwarves of the New World, the Sorcerer Kingdom's runic weapons would still be able to gain recognition, and the Kingdom's runecrafting industry would thus gain more widespread appeal.

However, due to the difficult political circumstances, Ainz had with the Holy Kingdom's envoys, he decided to instead give one away temporarily to his assigned squire, Neia Baraja. He hoped that she would be able to help spread the news of these runes to the nation by demonstrating the bow's power in combat against the demihumans.[1]


Part of the Ultimate Shooting Star Super was made with animal parts, but there was no air of blood and gore about it; instead, the bow had some sort of a sacred feeling to it. This bow once had runes engraved upon it, but Ainz comments that they can no longer be seen after years of wear and tear.


Given Ultimate Shooting Star Super's accessories and decorations, it seemed much heavier than an average bow, yet it felt abnormally light in the hand of the user. With this bow, Neia felt that her power had increased from holding it. When arrows are fired from this bow, it provides the user an ability to pierce through the foe's armor and straight into the body of the intended target with great ease.[2]


  • According to Neia, she felt that this bow might be a national treasure belonging to the Sorcerer Kingdom, speculating that it holds more value and power than the Holy Kingdom's national treasure which was the holy sword, Safarlisia.
  • Ainz has another bow that is more of a sedate version of this one called the Great Bow Special, which was also a product of YGGDRASIL with runes on it as decorations.[3]
  • Thanks to the archery practice that she had spent her doing while equipped with this bow, Neia noted of how she was able to use it properly.[4]


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