Twelve Magical Power is a pocket watch item.

Description Edit

While large mechanical clocks existed in the New World, personal watches were regarded as magic items. Since pocket watches were closely linked to society, they were fairly cheap, compared to other magical items though possession of one was mostly out of the reach of regular commoners.

Appearance Edit

Just like a regular pocket watch, it fits in the palm of the hand. On its face, there are three hands for: hour, minute, and second.

Abilities Edit

This watch differs from regular time-keeping devices in that it has a built in alarm that vibrates, powered by magic. Sadly, this alarm can only be used once per day and must be recharged for a full day.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Climb had borrowed one from an unspecified person.
  • Pocket watches only existed within the Re-Estize Kingdom as magic items.


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