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Tuveg Priest Lord (ツヴェーク・プリーストロード) is a high ranking Tuveg that serves Aura Bella Fiora.


In the Web Novel, Tuveg Priest Lord is an upright frog monster with a glowing glittering staff dressed up in Shinto robes. His skin color is a pinkish color and although his image is cute he is in fact disgustingly powerful.


The Tuveg Priest Lord appears to be very respectful to his superiors, despite wearing a crown of his own, he removes it in the face of the Supreme Being displaying his humility. Contract to frog-like mouth, his voice was a clear and austere voice. One would make a wry smile at the gap between his voice and appearance.


Presumably, he is the leader of the Tuveg tribe that lives within the Great Tomb of Nazarick, serving Ainz Ooal Gown.


Overlord First Half Arc

In the Web Novel, the Tuveg Priest Lord who stood alongside Aura Bella Fiora when attending Ainz's court. During the gathering, the Tuveg Priest Lord took off its crown, so it would not insult the Overlord.[1]

Later he was riding Quetzalcoatl with Aura, overseeing the capture of the spies from the Baharuth Empire.[2]

Abilities and Powers

In the Web Novel, Tuveg Priest Lord is estimated to be level 70 and above. He can use up to 10th tier divine magic but only has six spells. In addition, he has command over the Tuveg Singer Songwriters.

A Tuveg Priest Lord had a special method of communication and this ability allowed them to communicate over several kilometers much like [Message]. In YGGDRASIL, one had to be prepared to face the whole tribe consisting of them when sneaking into their territory.


  • So far the Web Novel leaves it ambiguous on whether the Tuveg Priest Lord is a Custom NPC or a Spawned NPC.
  • When Ainz Ooal Gown conquered the Great Tomb of Nazarick, there was a Tuveg Priest that lived Grenbera Swamp guarding the area, however, a Priest Lord is unheard of in the Light Novel so far.


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