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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Tsuibayaya (どごその馬鹿 (ツイバヤヤ) ) is a dwarf craftsman from Mass for the Dead.


He is a dwarf with rust-colored hair and beard with a rosy nose. Tsuibayaya has muscular arms and wears a blue tunic underneath a green coverall with suspenders and thick green gloves. On his brow are a pair of lens goggles.


Tsuibayaya though hailed by his human neighbors as a grumpy yet reliable craftsman, it is just a ruse that he created for the sake of his work. He was the kind of dwarf craftsman who has a personal hobby in making swimsuits to the point of obsession.

Tsuibayaya is quite the manipulative and selfish person as he expressly state’s that the fortunes of his adopted village or even the Kingdom matter to him not. All his deeds that he had done such as making tools for free and high-quality armor were merely to buy him social capital to gain the trust of the humans in the village to continue his swimwear research.


Some years ago, Tsuibayaya had become enthralled by the concept of the swimsuit from oral histories of his people. This was from during the time of when the Boastful Sage lived two hundred years ago. Unable to handle having just an imperfect concept of the object of his obsession, he left his hometown and chose to live in a seaside village in the Re-Estize Kingdom where there were legends of a mermaid. However to fund his work, Tsuibayaya may have stolen some ores and materials for his own purposes.

Though the villagers at the time were hesitant to accept an outsider, he eventually won them over, using all manners of tricks such as making tools for free and even teaching the men how to properly fight. While outwardly it appeared that he was a generous and vital member of the community, the dwarf only cared about setting up a shop to continue his research into water repellent materials for swimwear. After using various materials to craft his swimwear such as fish scales, animal fat, and livers, he came to the realization that the scales from the village's local legend, the "Legendary Mermaid" were a vital piece to his work. By studying an ancient poem that detailed on how to meet the mermaid, the dwarf realized that the time to meet would coincide when four stars shone specifically in the sky. In addition, the meeting place was located somewhere on the seaside, which was accessed through a cave that was unfortunately locked and gated by the village chief. Knowing full well he would need the key to get to the beach, in order to win over the chief, he started sharing alcohol from his homeland with the man.

At some point, Tsuibayaya's research required much needed funding. Thus to support his work, the craftsman entered into a private contract with the royal family of the Kingdom and began crafting high-quality armors several times a year.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Tsuibayaya in search for water repellent materials for his swimsuits believed that he needed the scales of the "Legendary Mermaid" to complete them. After many years of winning over the villagers in a seaside village, Tsuibayaya managed to make a copy of a key to the locked cave that led to the shore. He urgently needed to meet the mermaid soon as the time for a meeting would soon pass. His desire to complete his work, made him neglect his previous obligation to ready the armors for the Kingdom. Hence when he received a notice informing of the deadline, he chose to ignore it and went on to go do his quest.

To avoid suspicion from his neighbors, Tsuibayaya told the village that he would be away to attend a meeting. After leaving, the dwarf headed to the forbidden cave and used his key to open it. Traveling through the cave tunnel, he made his way to the isolated beach. Making camp at the shore, Tsuibayaya was attacked by Giant Crustaceans, but he managed to escape and head towards the cave network where he was pursued. Tsuibayaya was eventually found by the Nazarick contact party led by the protagonist and the adventurers of Blue Roses.

Despite being healed by Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and rescued from monsters, the dwarf refused to turn back to the village to give the adventurers the promised armors as he was busy. The dwarf was blackmailed by Lakyus, who threatened to inform the village that he was trespassing on an off limits area by the village. The dwarf then revealed his reasons to the group, and insisted in putting his own obsession before the Kingdom, stating all his efforts were for this moment to get the best materials for his swimsuits. After showing them his swimsuits, the dwarf would not back down to return to the village until he is able to meet with the Legendary Mermaid.

However, he did offer the adventurers a deal, in that he would give the armors to them if they helped him find the mermaid to get his materials. While the adventurers found his offer reprehensible, Lakyus accepted it to get the armors, inviting the protagonist and his friends along on the adventure. Once they agreed to get the armors for him, Tsuibayaya told them about the Legend of the Mermaid which possessed instructions of where and how to summon the Legendary Mermaid. Knowing that the beach happen to contain various types of aquatic monsters, the dwarf offered to lend his prototype swimwear equipment for Blue Roses to use minus Gagaran. While the adventurers accepted the items, his offer to help fit them into his gear properly was turned down by Lakyus who had Evileye use [Fly] to take him back to the village for his safety. Though the dwarf complained about being roughly handled by the ride back home, he did gift Evileye one of his other prototypes for her to use when she returned to her friends.

Upon receiving the scales from the Legendary Mermaid from the adventurers, the craftsman was elated at the find and rushed to work in his studio. Ignoring the impatience growing on Blue Roses, the dwarf revealed his perfect swimsuit to the women and selected Gagaran to wear it as he believed her to be the best to wear a form of ultimate beauty. Once the brawny adventurer wore it, the dwarf was moved by the sight of his masterpiece being finally completed at long last. In gratitude for realizing his dream, he allowed Gagaran to keep the swimsuit as a gift from him to her.

Once Blue Roses left with the armors that Tsuibayaya promised to the royal family he stood outside his village watching them go alongside the protagonist and his companions. Now that Tsuibayaya fully achieved his goal, the dwarf was at a loss of what to do with his life from now on. Tsuibayaya was beginning to have an existential crisis. The protagonist took pity on the passionate craftsmen, and decided to give him something to see. At once, the Pleiades present themselves in full swimwear regalia of the very items the dwarf had been trying to replicate. Seeing the actual item of his dreams and recognizing that they were far superior to his own masterpiece, reignited the dwarf's passion to craft an even better swimwear.

Eventually under Momonga's approval, the dwarf was allowed to keep some of Nazarick's swimwear for study in order to research them to produce superior varieties. Since then, the dwarf has been collaborating with Nazarick, producing new prototype swimwear for the NPCs to try on.[1]

Some time before the protagonist migrated to E-Rantel permanently, Tsuibayaya had already used the ones from Nazarick to reproduce several variations. Nazarick in the process of sending the Pleiades out to assist Cocytus in subjugating the other races in the Great Lake decided to test some of the prototypes out to see if they were well enough to consider mass production for use by their summons. Demiurge also wished to test the dwarves swimsuits to advance the idol project. The new swimsuits were tested out in Spa Resort Nazarick, though the dwarf's creations were durable the Pleiades still favored the swimsuits from the Treasury as they were more comfortable.[2]

After hearing the report from Lupusregina Beta and CZ2128 Delta who had infiltrated Six Arms the existence of "rune weapons" became known to Nazarick. Momonga who was unfamiliar with such weapons wondered if he should inquire Tsuibayaya on the matter.[3]

Just before leading an expedition to the Dwarf Kingdom, the protagonist had originally wanted to bring Tsuibayaya on as a guide, however the dwarf declined as he explained the circumstances of his departure from his homeland and may be regarded as a thief that would not be welcomed back. By chance the expedition encountered a dwarf named Bigosa in the abandoned dwarven city of Feo Raizo who just so happened to be Tsuibayaya's father.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Tsuibayaya is a dwarf whose skills are involved in crafting high-quality armor. His craft-work is noted to be impressive, by members of Nazarick who comment that the weapons he crafts are in a better quality than what most adventurers and soldiers possess. His production skills are highly spoken and regarded for as shown when he successfully replicated swimwear, using oral histories passed down from his ancestors. Furthermore, Tsuibayaya has previous experience as a warrior that even a veteran warrior from his adopted village complimented to be worthy of skill.

Main Equipment[]

  • Blacksmith Hammer: A small forge hammer he wields in his right hand.


Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra[]

The dwarf views her to be a lousy woman as she blackmailed him to reveal his intentions when he was out searching for the Legendary Mermaid.


Their initial interaction only started out as strife between them. Due to this, he refused to give Blue Roses the armors he made for the Kingdom initially, which earned Gagaran's desire to pummel him in the face. However he did bear some form of admiration for her physical form, scouting the female warrior out as the perfect person to wear his masterpiece swimsuit and offering it to her when he saw it on her body.


Bigosa is Tsuibayaya's parent who finds his obsession with swimsuit to be foolish.


  • Tsuibayaya is the first dwarf character to appear in the Mass for the Dead game.
  • In his former profession in his homeland, Tsuibayaya once played a role in logistics in the Dwarf Kingdom.
  • He was briefly mentioned by Evileye while speaking to Narberal on a mission to Re-Blumrushur.[5]


  • (To Blue Roses): "Oh yeah! Now, let's choose from the ones we already have. Due to the magical equipment, the size corresponds to the physique of the wearer, but it is imperative-----"



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