Tsar's Skirmish with the Vampire was a duel between the Platinum Dragon Lord and Floor Guardian Shalltear Bloodfallen

Background Edit

Shortly after the Black Scripture retreated, having failed to subdue Shalltear Bloodfallen, Shalltear was approached by another entity that engaged her in battle.

Battle Edit

Within Shalltear's range of proximity, the vampire leap into the air and launch an attack against Platinum Dragon Lord, scratching his armor. Although her strike does not appear to be effective against it, the armor controlled by Platinum Dragon Lord then quickly counters back with an attack his own. As a result, the said Dragon Lord raises one of his two arms up high to the sky, motioning several floating weapons under his control to all strike at Shalltear simultaneously. Due to the blow taken from it, she was thrown down to the ground by the aerial assault, leaving herself to emerge fully-equipped with her armor and weapon. Platinum Dragon Lord's counterattack was apparently strong enough to cause a crater-like mark to be stain in the spot where Shalltear was standing at even after the end of their battle.[1][2]

Aftermath Edit

In the end, Tsar decided to no longer continue fighting Shalltear after realizing their difference in power. Instead, he made a full retreat as his armor was badly damaged from her Spuit Lance.[3]


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