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Tsaindorcus Vaision (ツァインドルクス=ヴァイシオン), (Yen Press: Zeyndelux Vaishion), also known as the Platinum Dragon Lord, is a Dragon Lord and the son of the Dragon Emperor. He is also a former member of the Thirteen Heroes and a councilor of the Argland Council State. He regards Players as great threats to the New World.


Tsaindorcus Vaision is a large dragon with a very majestic form. He has white sparkling scales as if it was wearing a white faint light that flows glittery. He is graceful and elegant enough to make you think whether this is really the strongest species or a work of art. Despite the Dragon Lord's colossal body, the tone of his voice can emanate gentleness.


It seems that Tsaindorcus Vaision is good-natured as he respects his colleagues. He is willing to go so far as to help humans in their fight against the Evil Deities. On the other hand, the Dragon Lord is a benevolent person to those he sees as trustworthy. For instance, he gives away some of the Eight Greed Kings' items from Eryuentiu to the Thirteen Heroes for aid. Nonetheless, he can't help but deeply apologize to his colleagues still to this day after deceiving them, reasoning to a few like Rigrit that he can't travel with them with his current body.

As a former member of the Thirteen Heroes, he is friendly and respectful around a few humans in the group, one of which is Rigrit Bers Caurau. In a way, Platinum Dragon Lord can also be reminiscent of his past time spent with the Thirteen Heroes and fighting the Evil Deities. On the other hand, Tsaindorcus Vaision doesn't seem to bear any form of arrogance unlike his fellow Dragon Lords, refusing the claim made by Rigrit as being the strongest. Rather maintain his dignity as a Dragon Lord, he would bow any number of times if it allowed him to curry favor with another party.

Meanwhile, he was known to be a worrisome person that shows deep concerns for the safety of the New World, worrying that players may once again pollute it with their powerful Tier Magic. He saw how the player's power can corrupt absolutely and permanently, refusing to standby and let it be carried on unchecked. During his confrontation with Shalltear Bloodfallen for the first time, he has shown to act very cautiously and analytical towards his foe's powers who are above his level. From that encounter alone, he is a levelheaded Dragon Lord who was able to realize their difference in strength, deciding to have his drone armor retreat back to its main base of operation.

Although he is a kind and compassionate being, he is capable of seeing and prioritizing the bigger picture and will not hesitate to shed blood if necessary. This also extends to his allies, as he has and is willing to kill them if he cannot reign them in to prevent catastrophic losses.

He was willing to bear responsibility for any actions caused by those who gathered around his mother as well as his father. He is very apprehensive about the wrongdoings they brought to the New World in the past. For that reason, he does not seek or expect any forgiveness from players as a result of it. He dislikes the abuse of power used by high-level entities like Ainz and felt it was his duty to put a stop to that player before their actions bring more harm to others. Tsaindorcus is willing to cooperate with other fellow Dragon Lords when interests align but as his ultimate goal differs, such relationships are strained.

Due to his empathy and kindness and his belief that the Players themselves can't be blamed for their predicament for being sent to the New World, Tsaindorcus has been shown to be easily susceptible to psychological manipulation and guilt tripping when facing one, as seen where he had purposefully began restraining himself and weakening his attacks after he had believed to have weakened the "Sorcerer King" and had him in his last rope and the "Sorcerer King" had begun to beg for his life.


Tsaindorcus Vaision was born as the son of the Dragon Emperor and is one of the Five Dragon Counselors of the Argland Council State. He was one of the few surviving True Dragon Lords who did not in anyways get involved in the war with the Eight Greed Kings. He continues to live on while most of his kind was annihilated during the ensuing war which took place five hundred years ago. After the fallout between the Eight Greed Kings which led to their civilization's demise, he took residence in their floating castle with the intention of trying to guard their magic items and prevent anyone from ever misusing them. He has been executing this self-imposed duty for centuries ever since.

The Platinum Dragon Lord came to regard Players and the powers they've brought with them as a severe threat corrupting the New World. The one exception was the leader of the Thirteen Heroes, who he allowed to take a few of the Eight Greed Kings' magic items to aid them in their fight against the Evil Deities. He joined the Thirteen Heroes group under a fake identity by remote controlling an empty armor from a distance using magic. When he eventually revealed his true identity, the other members were angered by the deception and they never fully forgive him for that. Even after the disbandment of that group, he still controlled his armor to move about outside in the open as shown when he encounter Shalltear Bloodfallen.

According to the Slane Theocracy's Cardinals, Platinum Dragon Lord was on the lookout for what sorts of actions their nation may be planning politically. For instance, it was believed by the Cardinals that he knows about the identity of the Theocracy's trump card that was kept in secret from its countrymen and the New World. Platinum Dragon Lord was presumably the sole reason why the Cardinals are unable to freely use their trump card as they please due to him opposing their decision of deploying her. Under their supposed notion, this could infer that Platinum Dragon Lord is making sure to not let their trump card be used in a direct battle with the Elf Country.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Platinum Dragon Lord is an unknown foe who had caused Shalltear Bloodfallen to utilize her Valkyrie Armor and Spuit Lance. Platinum Dragon Lord's confrontation with Shalltear in combat occurs shortly after the Black Scripture retreated and before Ainz learned of her whereabouts.[1]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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During the demonic disturbance, Evileye believes Jaldabaoth to be as powerful as Platinum Dragon Lord when comparing the two. In the end, though, she concluded that both beings were beyond her understanding and hence, the exact power level was left unknown.[2]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Platinum Dragon Lord awakens from his slumber as he is greeted with a visit by Rigrit and the two discuss the strange occurrences happening in the world lately. At the same time, she has taken notice of the Dragon Lord's suit of armor being partly damaged for some odd reason. Thereafter, they have a brief conversation in regard to what happened to the ring made through Wild Magic formerly in the hands of Rigrit, and about Evileye's skills and growth. The Dragon Lord later on also spoke of his encounter with an unknown, but a very powerful vampire and that it being the sole cause for the hole created in the armor's right shoulder.

Because of that, the vampire's presence and strength does help him confirm his own suspicions that the threat of players who corrupt the world according to him have appeared yet again after some centuries past. Rigrit was willing to offer Platinum Dragon Lord ideas on how to prepare for it as he should seek aid from potential allies that might want to work with him. She recommended that the best possible candidates out there for him to recruit allies will be his fellow Dragon Lords who back then didn't take up arms against the Eight Greed Kings. However, the Dragon Lord quickly dismisses that idea aside, since he knows they aren't the type to lend him aid. He felt the chances of waking an unnamed female individual up at the deepest level of the sea city is higher and can likely assist him.

Though Rigrit doubts such an event will happen anytime soon, stating that their leader could've given them more necessary information in regard to players if he didn't die so abruptly two hundred years ago. The Dragon Lord concludes that their leader's death could not be prevented after he had killed his friend who arrived in this world with him and understands why one would want to reject the resurrection. Regardless of what happened in the past, the Dragon Lord then proceeds to request Rigrit's help to gather information which matches the guild weapon he has in possession or other YGGDRASIL's special items like the reinforced armor owned by Red Drop.[3]

The Rule of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

When thinking about the potential dangers that the Argland Council State can pose to their nation, the Slane Theocracy's Cardinals narrow such threat down to Platinum Dragon Lord. Among the councilors in control of the Argland Council State, he is the one that the Cardinals are most likely to be wary of. They didn't want to face off with the said Dragon Lord in combat as long as he is around, fearing the worst consequences of their nation end up being destroyed if such an event happen.

Moreover, the Cardinals assumed that if they were to deploy Zesshi Zetsumei against the Elf Country, then Platinum Dragon Lord might respond in kind due to their action. They have also considered the possibility that their World Item, Downfall of Castle and Country will probably not work on him, unlike with Catastrophe Dragon Lord. Left with no other choice but to set up a meeting between them, the Cardinals decided to send a messenger to talk with Platinum Dragon Lord in regard to the Elves.[4]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

When hearing news of the war on the Re-Estize Kingdom declared by the Sorcerer Kingdom, Tsaindorcus Vaision immediately decides to intervene in the war himself. Before carrying through with his decision to confront the Sorcerer King in combat, he made plans with Azuth Aindra of Red Drop ahead of time. Tsaindorcus made it his plan to use Azuth as a decoy/bait to draw Albedo away from the Sorcerer King's side while he is off to fight the Ainz one-on-one. At the same time, Tsaindorcus had assigned Azuth the mission to draw Albedo away as far as possible from the barrier he plans to set up and trapped the Sorcerer King in. While discussing with Azuth about their plans, he gives the Red Drop adventurer enough information about the appropriate level of alertness against the Sorcerer King’s invasion. Particularly, he had discussed the likely outcomes of the invasion with him in detail.

Once that was over, he sets out onto the battlefield using his armor as a proxy to travel to where the Sorcerer King was at via [World Teleportation]. Upon finally arriving at the scene of the battlefield where the capital city Re-Estize was being attacked by the Sorcerer Kingdom's army, he confronted the Sorcerer King Ainz directly face-to-face. Not looking to engage in a conversation with Ainz, Tsaindorcus Vaision manipulates his armor to engage and fight the Sorcerer King in combat silently without saying much of a word except for activating his Wild Magic spell, [World-Isolating Barrier] to trap the undead from escaping and later, the [Cloak of Light] spell. Refusing to stay quiet any longer, he decides to give Ainz a fake name which is Riku Aganeia to represent the identity he masked behind the puppet armor. When Ainz offers Riku (Tsaindorcus Vaision) to become a subordinate to him, he turns it down and resumes fighting with the Sorcerer King once more.

As Ainz teleports away to the end of the barrier, he used his armor to chase the Sorcerer King down through casting [World Teleportation] but has its movement hampered temporarily by one of the latter's spells. After the enemy spell wore off, he was able to come face-to-face with Ainz again but this time around, throwing and striking an unknown object at him simultaneously during arrival. When Ainz appears surprised due to the unusual manner of his attack, Tsaindorcus as Riku was asked by the Sorcerer King on how he was able to send him flying with the same bludgeoning weapon he used last time on him as that did not happen before. Ignoring the question, he warns the Sorcerer King that even if he was to try to teleport away from him, the latter cannot use it to escape this barrier. He threateningly stated that his fate was to perish here by his own hands.

During his fight against the Sorcerer King, Tsaindorcus had his armor deflected one of Ainz's two swords with his greatsword while as for the other, he unnaturally dodged it without problem by performing a sideways somersault at head’s height. Tsaindorcus counterattacked using his greatsword while having his other floating weapons parry Ainz's twin blades. Having destroyed Ainz's [Wall of Skeleton] with the greatsword, he had that same weapon automatically follow after Ainz at great speeds to the point that the latter had no way of evading or tanking the blow on time. When Ainz retreated to the sky after taking that heavy blow, the warrior followed suit and ascended on air and chased the latter from above once he spotted where it was at. When he saw Ainz drop the two floating obsidian swords above him, Tsaindorcus made the armor deflect them with its floating weapons. Seeing the Sorcerer King finally descend to the ground, he manipulated the spear among his weapons to be thrown at him in ludicrous speed, to which the latter barely managed to dodge. Before long, he also descended back to the ground with his three flying weapons that were quickly rejoined by the fourth weapon, the spear used earlier in its ranks.

He decides to reach out his hand for one of the floating weapons, the greatsword before charging in towards the Sorcerer King at a frightening speed with it for a close-range attack. Knowing that the Sorcerer King will attempt to intercept his attack with the two obsidian swords, he had his other flying weapons parry the blow for him. At the same time, as he approaches Ainz without slowing down, he painfully tanks the undead's powerful lightning spell along the way while continuing onward. Upon coming into close contact with Ainz, he raises his greatsword high before immediately swinging it down at the Sorcerer King while the latter simultaneously retaliate back with a swipe at the armor using a Blasting Staff which the former tanks again. Between the two strikes from both sides, the floating katana’s strikes Tsaindorcus inflicted on the Sorcerer King only grazed the latter a little while the former got knocked back far away by Ainz's staff. Nevertheless, Riku (Tsaindorcus Vaision) retains his composure and once again, tried to close the distance between them and beelined for Ainz without hesitation at all while the latter summons forth a Doom Lord to defend against the former.

Tsaindorcus clashed his floating greatsword with the Doom Lord's scythe. As an ear-piercing noise echoed around the two, neither Tsaindorcus nor the Doom Lord were knocked back or backed off a single step. While Tsaindorcus's weapons continued clashing with the Doom Lord's scythe at high speed, his greatsword’s hack was rendered inert by the scythe and the scythe’s pierce was blocked by his hammer. Tsaindorcus's darting spear was deflected by the scythe’s handle as the Doom Lord gracefully dodged the greatsword’s cleave. Soon enough, to take advantage of the distance created by the dodge, Tsaindorcus caused the armor to leap forward. When Ainz used [Negative Burst], Tsaindorcus did not sustain damage from the spell whatsoever.

While the sounds of both Tsaindorcus and the Doom Lord's weapons colliding with each other rang out non-stop, Ainz casted his next spell which was [Perfect Unknowable] to go invisible. When the invisible Ainz appeared out of the shadow of his tank, the Doom Lord, to circle around them while under complete invisibility, Tsaindorcus was able to immediately see past the spell, as he forced his katana to fly towards Ainz at a speed that he couldn't dodge. As a result, Tsaindorcus was able to pierce through Ainz's robe at the abdomen region by his weapon but the latter ended up suffering no damage from it. Seeing that Ainz retreated back behind the Doom Lord’s figure to shield itself once more, Tsaindorcus had his floating katana switch target and slash towards the Doom Lord instead rather than him. Tsaindorcus wanted to target Ainz directly given how the levitating weapons were all pointed at him, but with the Doom Lord’s presence in front of it, they could not reach the Sorcerer King at all.

Although he had the upper hand, Tsaindorcus was pressuring the Doom Lord ever so slightly with his floating weapons, as neither were seemingly taking significant damage. When Ainz had his Doom Lord release more of its special ability, Tsaindorcus found his armor sustaining more damage after that monster's speed and offensive capabilities were raised even further. However, the rapid loss of HP on the Doom Lord’s part caused it to disappear not long after and before Tsaindorcus could finish it off.

What appeared next within Tsaindorcus's line of sight was a new high-tier undead being, the Elemental Skull by Ainz's side. Despite having two magic casters in front of him, Tsaindorcus did not raise his guard any further and continued to silently and quickly closed the distance between himself and Ainz. He attacked Ainz, who could only block one slash out of his five hits lopsidedly. Ignoring Ainz's Blasting Staff, Tsaindorcus manipulates the greatsword, spear, and katana to attack Ainz simultaneously. After three nullifications from [Body of Effulgent Beryl] using the hammer, Tsaindorcus decided to refrain himself from including the hammer in its attacks again.

Although his armor was caught getting scorched by Ainz's [Vermillion Nova], Tsaindorcus showed no signs of slowing down as he had the greatsword cleaved towards the Sorcerer King again. As his armor was bathed in fire, Tsaindorcus's swordsmanship remained steady and calm. He also received damage from [Polar Claw] cast by the Elemental Skull that started clawing its way towards his armor for damage. Again, Riku once more dealt a combined strike of both the spear and the katana on Ainz. However, Tsaindorcus then felt his armor got struck in unison by the combined power of the Elemental Skull's [Mist of Super Acid] and Ainz's [Call Greater Thunder] spells altogether. Tsaindorcus's armor was instantly surrounded by a mist of strong acid and so were his weapons that got caught up in the damage.

During the battle, Tsaindorcus saw his katana batted away by Ainz's staff. Tsaindorcus retreated as he was chasing after the knocked back katana. The katana then returned to its original position where Tsaindorcus was at. Moving back to the offensive after that, Tsaindorcus quietly slashed towards Ainz as his armor and weapons glided along the ground. Seeing Ainz throw his staff away and kneel down before it, Tsaindorcus confusingly halted the attack on Ainz, stopping and suspending the greatsword from fully reaching its way onto the latter's head.

While discussing with Ainz, Tsaindorcus was told that he had no real reason to bear arms against him. He was informed by Ainz that this whole thing started because the Re-Estize Kingdom stole the Sorcerer Kingdom's grain which was meant to be transported over as food aid to the Holy Kingdom. After hearing from Ainz that the Re-Estize Kingdom was in the wrong of the two nations as it is evil for attacking their grain carriage, Tsaindorcus stated that the Sorcerer King went too far with this war. Tsaindorcus harshly chastised him, saying that there should have been better ways for him to deal with this conflict. In response, Ainz argued that Tsaindorcus was not the victim of this war and asked how the latter would have dealt with this when the grain that his countrymen toiled to produce was stolen away. Tsaindorcus believed otherwise, reasoning that if Ainz did not possess the power that he have, things like this situation between the two would not have turned out the way it is now. Tsaindorcus proclaimed that people like Ainz with power have to be careful about how they use it and take responsibility for their actions, declaring himself as the protector of the New World. Saying all that, he couldn't help but lament at the deeds both his father did and those who gathered around his mother as wrong, seeing that their absolute power brought corruption to the world and is the source of all faults. Tsaindorcus admitted that although the root of every wrongdoing could be traced back to his kind, he had no intention of seeking forgiveness for that. Hence, refusing to let Ainz continue on with his current path of destruction, Tsaindorcus ended their discussion off with a swing from his greatsword at the magic caster.

Feeling guilty for executing the defenseless Ainz, Riku had his greatsword swung at a much slower speed than before to the point that it was easily caught block by the Elemental Skull. When Ainz started guilt-tripping him psychologically, this impeded Tsaindorcus movements to be much tardier than previously. Once again, Tsaindorcus's greatsword attack was blocked by the Elemental Skull who jump in to protect Ainz. Riku ignored the skull's attempt to stop him and charged for Ainz. When Ainz casted his spell [Wall of Skeleton] to trap both his armor and his floating weapons on the other side with the Elemental Skull, Tsaindorcus angrily calls Ainz out for acting pathetic. Nonetheless, this didn't stop Tsaindorcus from attacking both the Elemental Skull and the wall. The skeletal wall soon crumbled immediately at Tsaindorcus’s strike. Though the Elemental Skull had casted multiple [Vermillion Nova]s to reduce his HP, Tsaindorcus was still far from defeat as his suit of armor had abnormally high magic resistance.

When the next spell Ainz casted was the [Temporal Stasis] spell, Tsaindorcus was able to resist and nullify it completely as he had time-stop countermeasures. At the same time, Tsaindorcus had his floating greatsword swung towards Ainz, while he made the hammer swing towards the Elemental Skull to hold the two at bay. After hitting and damaging Ainz with his greatsword, Tsaindorcus made his other flying weapons pursue him while the latter cast [Greater Break Item] on it. Once again, Tsaindorcus was able to nullify and resist the spell without problem.

Tsaindorcus on the other hand, dealt a massive amount of damage to the Elemental Skull before he then switched his attention towards the sky. There, he can alarmingly spot Albedo falling down on the battlefield to protect Ainz, seeing that she passed through his [World-Separating Wall] barrier without problem due to being equipped with a World Item. Tsaindorcus can only look into the air in panic when the female warrior rapidly descended and landed on him with a powerful halberd strike. While Albedo approached she instantly swung down her halberd with the intention to split his head open, Tsaindorcus raised his greatsword and spear in a cross to intercept her attack from reaching its armor. The impact from the halberd created by Albedo was sizable to the point that the two foots of his armor were sunk into the ground. Before long, Tsaindorcus's armor was quickly blown away to the side. Tsaindorcus felt Albedo stomping on top of his armor's chest much to his painful cry. Shortly thereafter, the distance between the two was closed in an instant as Tsaindorcus received an attack with enough force by Albedo to send him into orbit. The sound of metal clashing together rang out at an ear-piercing volume. Tsaindorcus used two of the floating weapons to block Albedo's attack. While so, he flew backwards with all of his strength.

In the end, Tsaindorcus no longer received an attack from Albedo after Ainz explicitly told her to stop fighting him. No longer wishing to fight against Albedo, Tsaindorcus also had his armor and weapons ascend to pull some distance between them. Tsaindorcus was asked once more by Ainz to become his subordinate, even willing to go as far as to offer the warrior everything he has ever wanted for in the hopes of having him join the Sorcerer Kingdom. Tsaindorcus not looking to accept the deal, stood silent and didn't answer to Ainz's offer. Despite Tsaindorcus refusing to accept silently, he was informed by Ainz that the former is still welcome to join the Sorcerer Kingdom after this battle whenever the latter is ready to come and visit the nation anytime it want. When the two began quietly discussing, Tsaindorcus used this opportunity to flee the scene unnoticed via [World Teleportation] until the latter caught on that he was already gone by then.

Tsaindorcus regrouped with Azuth who had led Albedo as planned. The dragon was surprised that the human was still alive, and suspected that he was betrayed by him. During their conversation, they admitted that they failed in their missions and the Kingdom was doomed. The Dragon Lord in his inner muses thinks perhaps there was a need to call upon the other Dragon Lords. He also contemplates on his use of his old friend's name as a cover and the strengths of his opponents. Tsaindorcus informs Azuth that the latter must use his fake name, Riku Aganeia if the Red Drop adventurer were to ever end up being confronted by the Sorcerer King about it.

Meanwhile, he was able to discern that Albedo possessed a World Item, as she was able to penetrate his barrier which the Sorcerer King cannot do without possessing one. Tsaindorcus thinks perhaps the Sorcerer King may have left his World Item behind but was unsure whether that was really the case whatsoever. For Albedo, after seeing the differences in strength he comes to believe that the Sorcerer King is an NPC while Albedo is a player. The two allies then begin to return back to the Council State, with Tsaindorcus casting his spell to take them back to their nation. Just as the spell activates, the Dragon Lord, ponders on weighing Azuth's usefulness in the future, possibly thinking of murdering him and stealing his Powered Suit to give it to someone more worthy. The creation of a cover story of how Azuth died and the suit being recovered was not out of the question. However the Dragon Lord decides against it as it would raise questions back home, as leaving behind the adventurer's body, when resurrection magic was an option, would rouse suspicion and alert others of foul play. In addition, the Dragon Lord does not wish to repeat the mistakes of the past. Just as so, he decides to keep it under consideration on Red Drop's fate in the future.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Apart from once being a member of the Thirteen Heroes, Rigrit regards him as the strongest being in the New World. Thus, Platinum Dragon Lord might possibly be the strongest Dragon Lord at present as he possessed the leftover items from the Eight Greed King's floating castle. Evileye even thought that Jaldabaoth is as strong as Platinum Dragon Lord to the point where she could not determine who was stronger among the two. According to the author Maruyama, he regarded the racial levels Platinum Dragon Lord have were his special dragon exclusive classes that shared a connection to Wild Magic.[6]

Compared to his Deep Darkness Dragon Lord counterpart, he described Platinum Dragon Lord as being the "natural enemy" of both Shalltear Bloodfallen and Ainz Ooal Gown.[7] This would suggest that perhaps he may have been a specific, very powerful Dragon belonging to the Holy or Light Element which is a fatal weakness to undead beings. After fighting against Ainz, Tsaindorcus acknowledges that his abilities are more effective against dealing with the undead. An example of his strength was when Platinum Dragon Lord fought against Shalltear by controlling a suit of armor remotely from afar. He felt the ominous presence of that vampire to be evil in nature. It was highly presumed that Platinum Dragon Lord was able to make out the enemy's negative karma values and evil-alignment similar to a Dragon Paladin.

Nevertheless, it seems apparent that Platinum Dragon Lord was obviously inferior to Shalltear under that condition and wasn't using his main body to fight. While so, he happens to be one of the few remaining users of Wild Magic at present. The cardinals of the Slane Theocracy has even stated that if they did battle with him, they ran the possible risk of their country being reduced to scorched earth.

As a Dragon Lord among Dragon Lords, his perceptive abilities were said to be far better than that of normal dragons. Hence, anyone who wanted to sneak up to him without being caught had to be exceptionally skilled in the area of infiltration or hiding their presence. Despite his long lifespan, he only knew a handful of people who could actually pull this feat off to his acknowledgment. First would be the other Dragon Lords who he considered to be his fellow equals, followed by the assassin Izaniya and the necromancer Rigrit of the Thirteen Heroes. He is able to clearly see pass through Pandor's Actor's (while transformed as invisible spell, [Perfect Unknowable].

Platinum Dragon Lord is considered to be the most powerful dragon out of all the five permanent members within the Argland Council State.[8] He was capable of sensing the power of a super-tier magic spell being used by a nearby player from afar.[9] While controlling his armor in battle from afar, the equipment's abilities were said to be powered by his own health pool.

Job Classes

  • Primitive Caster (?)
  • World Connector (?)
  • Overed Dragon (?)
  • Soul Adorer (?)

Skills (Armor)

  • Platinum Dragon: Causes physical damage to all enemies.
  • True Eye: Cancels all the rising effects of a single enemy, deals physical damage, and raises own mystery gauge.
  • Ambition: Increases own attack, hit and critical rate, and negates physical and magic damage once.
  • Projection: Causes physical damage to all enemies and causes them to bleed. This attack is easy to stun.
  • Hero: When HP is 20% or more, reduce the physical and magic damage received and increase the physical attack power.
  • Utsusemi: Increases physical attack power and evasion.[10]


Wild Magic Spells

  • Unnamed Explosive Attack According to Draudillon's grandfather, Platinum Dragon Lord possessed an explosion-like ultimate attack via using Wild Magic.[11] The Web Novel version of Shalltear described Platinum Dragon Lord's attack to be an ultimate explosion, wherein which it stained the world with a blinding white flash. A thunderous roar and an eruption of tremendous heat flare is created from the explosion. The shockwave it generated blew the land away and the rising dirt and sand formed a mushroom cloud in the air. The lethal area of the super-heated pulse was measured in kilometers, and there was no trace of movement within it. A foe who managed to get caught within this blinding light's range suffered from intense effects such as their entire body getting badly burned and charred by the heat-like shockwave. It can even impair the foe's field of vision under a brilliant white light. At the same time, the foe gets tossed and turned about, like a branch swallowed in a whirlpool while losing their sense of balance. This kind of attack left the foe somewhat immobilized to the point that they are unable to move their body, carry out actions, or speak properly. The explosion is potent as it could effectively damage Shalltear who despite possessing fire immunity, took fire damage anyways without resistance.[12]
  • Cloak of Light: A spell designed to emit the same level of a brightness as one would look straight at the sunlight, it forces an opponent to momentary blind them. This spell chips away at the armor's HP.
  • World-Isolating Barrier: This mid-tier wild magic spell can create a space that is separate from reality. It prevented entry through all conventional means as well as any attempts to teleport out of it. The farthest the foe could have simply teleported was to the edge of the barrier. Unlike Cure Elim's version of this spell, they cannot walk right through the barrier itself. Outsiders who are not inside the barrier cannot enter it unless they have access to special means. To be able to enter the barrier meant that someone is either a Wild Magic user, or possessed a World Item. The dome size of the barrier created by Platinum was immense, at least a kilometer wide. An ability that would cover this much ground could rival a Super-Tier spell or a World Item. This was an ability that expended quite a lot of the armor's HP. The barrier is also effective against surveillance-type magics or magic items.
  • World Teleportation: A spell that allows him to get to his predetermined location.

Main Equipment


Rigrit Bers Caurau

The two have known each other for a long time, since the time they were both part of the Thirteen Heroes. They're still friends regardless of what transpired in the past. For instance, she knows that Tsaindorcus deceived the group when he used his armor persona, but didn't let this ruined their friendship. Reasonably so, the two are still in good terms with each other as they were willing to cooperate on issues like players and how to deal with them in the near future. This would include Rigrit's part of offering suggestions or advice to Tsaindorcus such as requesting for military aid from his fellow Dragon Lords.


Tsaindorcus remembers his time with Evileye fondly. He seems to know enough about Evileye, stating that Rigrit is one of the only few humans out there who could defeat her, but with help from friends of Blue Roses.

Leader of the Thirteen Heroes

Despite his disdain towards Players, the Leader of the Thirteen Heroes earned Tsaindorcus's trust and respect. In the Web Novel, his faith in the leader led him to make the choice of lending the Eight Greed Kings' Guild weapon to him in helping combat the Evil Deities. He also claimed to understand why he rejected resurrection after having to kill his fellow Player.


According to the Dragon Lord himself, she was one of the few people that could sneak up on him, earning his respect to the assassin's abilities.

Azuth Aindra

Tsaindorcus views Azuth as an ally who he is willing to cooperate not only for his benefit but for the latter's safety as well. He doesn't want the adventurer's Powered Suit to fall in the wrong hands from the Theocracy, promising to ensure his life is protected from them so that they don't lay a finger on him or the armor. He even offered crucial information to him about the Theocracy so that the nation wouldn't bring any harm to the adventurer as long as it shows proof that someone like Tsaindorcus is backing him. However, Azuth as he stood, was more of an aid to Tsa than a companion. He considers the thought of killing him and taking the adventurer's Powered Suit for himself to give to one of his own subordinates more trustworthy to bring out the full potential of the YGGDRASIL equipment. Although that remains up to question, Tsa felt neither disdain for Azuth, nor did he want to kill him because he wants to.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Tsaindorcus encountered Shalltear by chance while she was brainwashed and they had a brief fight. Afterwards, he described Shalltear as being evil and believed she was stronger than him.

Dragon Emperor

Tsaindorcus is the son of the Dragon Emperor, however, it appears he thinks very little of his sire, seeing him as in the wrong and the cause for the corruption of the New World.

Ainz Ooal Gown

He is not outspoken around Ainz during most of the time spent fighting Ainz. However, Tsaindorcus was not without reason once Ainz threw his weapons away to get him talking with it. He appears critical and judgmental of Ainz's actions towards the Re-Estize Kingdom, harshly reprimanding the Sorcerer King for the war he had brought to the human nation. He views the actions initiated by Ainz while fighting the former to be a pathetic example of who the latter is. He saw Ainz as someone who was irresponsible for not using his power righteously for a just cause. He refuses to let Ainz openly call him by his fake first name, but permitted the latter to call him by his fake last name. For unknown reason, he felt some guilt and hesitation towards killing players like Ainz, seeing that it was not their fault for being transported into the New World in the first place but his father's and those who gathered around his mother.

Due to how his armor avatar's fight played out in the Kingdom, along with the secret ploy played by the "Sorcerer King," Tsaindorcus currently believes himself to be superior to the Undead, suspecting him to be an NPC-led by Albedo, whom he suspects of being a player. Tsaindorcus thinks that he could easily defeat and kill the Undead in his future plans with Azuth to assassinate him.


Tsaindorcus seems to have already known about Rufus long before Azuth did. In the first place, it was Tsaindorcus who told Azuth to use that undead's name during the adventurer's meeting with the Theocracy's Black Scripture as leverage against them.


After his short fight with Albedo, he sees her as a much larger threat than even Ainz, considering that she was able to go through his barrier with a World Item. Seeing her strength with his own eyes while believing the demon to be a player, he decided to be more vigilant and cautious around her than with Ainz due to the difference in their power.


  • In the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord doesn't notice Nazarick until the end of the former part. Rigrit informs him about Ainz Ooal Gown in the epilogue.
  • Maruyama noted that in the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord had a special deal going with the Six Great Gods, to strike the Eight Greed Kings together.[13]
  • It is likely that Platinum Dragon Lord's residence is within the floating castle of the Eight Greed Kings, as it preserves their guild weapon. If the Eight Greed King's guild weapon were to be destroyed by any means, this would also mean the destruction of their guild headquarter.
  • Under the guise of his armor controlled by him from afar, Platinum Dragon Lord may be considered a discreet participant in the war against Evil Deities until the Thirteen Heroes find out about his true identity.
  • Based on the name of this said Dragon Lord, in D&D lore, there is a similar being called Platinum dragons which were said to be metallic dragons and part of the good-alignment. There exist three of the most powerful Platinum dragons that have been revered as deities. The most infamous one was called, Bahamut, who is the god of good dragon-kind and he is known to have Paladins that serve him.
  • According to the author, the Dragon Lord had dealings with the Six Great Gods.[14]


  • (To Rigrit): "Oh? That ring is gone, what happened? I can't imagine anyone taking it from you… But it is still an item that exceed the realms of humanity. It must not fall into the wrong hands. Especially the Slane Theocracy or the likes of the Black Scripture."
  • (To Rigrit): "...The chances for it being just an unlucky encounter is high, but I could feel that the nature of that vampire was evil. And what a coincidence it was. Was the sudden encounter a bad luck, or was I lucky to have learned about their presence?"
  • (To Rigrit): "My answer is the same. It is difficult. To be frank, the ones who survived thus far are the ones who did not fight the Eight Greed Kings back then. And they are the likes of Heavenly Dragon Lord that kept flying around in the sky or Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, who knows what he is doing, holing up in that giant cave underground. I can't imagine these guys lending us aid."
  • (To Rigrit): "... Maybe. But my personal opinion is that the chance of waking 'her' who is sleeping at the deepest level of the sea city would be higher."
  • (To Rigrit): "That couldn't be helped. He was shocked after killing one of the companions who came with him. It was understandable for him to reject resurrection. Back then, weren’t you shocked as well, Rigrit?"
  • (To Rigrit): "This is something I had been doing all this while, but I hope for your assistance. I beseech you to collect information about items that can match that guild weapon-sword over there. Or special items like the Reinforced Armour owned by the Kingdom's Adamantite-ranked adventurers, Red Drop."
  • (To Ainz): "...Even if you can teleport, you cannot use it to escape this barrier. Your fate is to perish here."
  • (To Ainz): "...You went too far. There had to be better ways to deal with that."
  • (To Ainz): "If you did not have the power that you have, things would not have turned out this way. People with power have to be careful about how they use their power and take responsibility for their actions — I, for example, protect the world. Indeed. This world is under my protection."
  • (To Ainz): "The deeds of those who gathered around my loving mother were wrong. They were wrong in the same way that father was. In the end, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is the source of all faults."
  • (To Ainz): "Although the root of every wrong could be traced back to us, I will not seek forgiveness for that, nor can I allow you to continue on your current path of destruction. That is why — Perish."
  • (To Ainz): "How pathetic, Sorcerer King!"


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