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True Vampires (真祖) are powerful vampires originating from YGGDRASIL.


Based on YGGDRASIL lore, True Vampires are treated as bloodsuckers. They are predators that go after the blood of their victims. Once someone falls prey to the True Vampires, they become vampire servants under their masters.

According to the author Maruyama, in the New World, there are also said to be True Vampires with origins that differ from the kinds in YGGDRASIL. Rather than being the vampire's victim who got bitten and turned into a vampire, it was due to the work of magic influencing the creation of a True Vampire.[1]

Furthermore, Keno Fasris Invern noted it was considered as a realm that was only supposed to be reachable by powerful entities like Elder Coffin Dragon Lord who has transcended into this undead state. If a lesser being was to acquire the True Vampire's power with a weak body, its potency will be greatly reduced and scaled down to their low-level.[2]


True Vampires are hideous creatures that are more repulsive-looking than normal vampires. They have gaping jaws that stretch wide enough to form a semicircle, canines that reach past their chin, and crimson eyes glint with the color of blood. Their feet and hands are equipped with razor-sharp claws that are over a dozen centimeters long. Particularly, the high-tier Origin/True Vampires looked more monstrous than the others.


True Vampires are vicious and use their monstrous proportions to their advantage. Using their lamprey-like mouths, they are capable of sucking a human dry of its blood within minutes until it becomes a mummified corpse. Possessing speed even beyond that of normal vampires, escaping from a True Vampire is near impossible. They are capable of creating lesser vampires whose intelligence rivals that of a normal human being.[3]

Known True Vampires


  • Shalltear Bloodfallen and Evileye are True Vampires but are both able to alter their appearances to resemble a normal vampire.
  • It is associated with other names such as True Ancestor or The One.


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