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Troll Kingdom (トロールの国) is a nation of trolls located in the center of the continent in the New World.


The Troll Kingdom is one of the three non-human countries, and also one of the six largest countries on the continent. Not only that, but it is a nation inhabited by Demi-Humans such as Trolls and Orcs. Furthermore, they view humans as a food source.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Queen Draudillon Oriculus mentioned this nation as one of the largest demi-human nations, where trolls devour human children. She feared this to be the fate of her country if she did not stop the beastmen invasion.[1]


The Troll Kingdom considers 6-month old human fetuses to be an exquisite delicacy, which they served to their most honored guests.

Foreign Relations

Due to how the Troll Kingdom views humans as a food source, it keeps contact with the stronger human nations to a minimum to prevent useless loss of lives with little gain.


  • Interestingly it is surprising that their even exists a troll nation, as most trolls shown so far have displayed bare minimum intelligence and culture.


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