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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Tripartite Alliance (三国の同盟関係) was a political coalition of three human nations in the New World in Mass for the Dead. However its has since been replaced by the Quadripartite Alliance.


Tripartite Alliance Nations

The Three Kingdoms

In the aftermath of the appearances of the Cracks, their emergence brought forth disasters in the form of the Contaminated Beasts and the Chaos Beasts. In a new and terrifying world, the three humans nations: the Slane Theocracy, the Re-Estize Kingdom, and the Baharuth Empire, decided to join forces together in order to ensure their peoples' survival against these new threats. At the first summit meeting, which was held after the upheaval, a trilateral alliance was formed after the three nations signed the Tripartite Agreement.[1]

To cement their alliance, the three nations even chose to gather and share their resources together in order to help rebuild the city of E-Rantel. While so, making the fortress city their base of operations, as it laid in the central route of all three nations.

The Empire sent two members of the Four Imperial Knights, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch and Leinas Rockbruise and knights to shore up the city's defenses.[2] Later relief provisions were shipped by the Theocracy with the aid of the Sunlight Scripture led by Ian Als Heim.[3]


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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The state of world affairs has become pretty dire with the situation looking grim outside the three nations. So far rumors have it that the Dragon Kingdom and the Argland Council State were destroyed. Additionally, contact was lost with the Roble Holy Kingdom in the west due to the Chaos Beasts in the Abelion Hills. The Empire, however, has managed to contact the Karsanas City-State Alliance and are in the process of beginning negotiations. Before the second summit meeting of the Alliance could be held at E-Rantel, Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself contracted Blue Roses and the protagonist in investigating a series of disappearances that could potentially undermine the safety of the meeting.[4]

After the situation was under control, the meeting proceeded and representatives from all three nations met at a private venue. While the meeting started on cordial terms, with the Kingdom proposing to begin full investigations on the Chaos Beasts and Cracks. However, issues began to arise on the allocation of funds. Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix accused that King Ramposa III of using the situation of the increase in profits from the city to bolster his own Kingdom at the expense of the Alliance. Though the Emperor did not wish for reimbursement. He demanded that the funds made in the city should go the Alliance and be divided based on contribution. He also went as far as to demand an implementation of a merit-based system. While his arguments were sound, King Ramposa III feared that the who could not contribute, particularly the weak would be left behind and at the mercy of the strong.

At an impasse, the Bloody Emperor was willing to call of his proposal, if the Kingdom would contribute more manpower to the Alliance's forces. In order to prove that the Kingdom was capable of its strength, he suggested holding a mock battle between his escorts and the Kingdom's. The match was supervised by Enhela Read Gahi of the Slane Theocracy. Of the three matches, two of them were won by the Kingdom with the help of the protagonist. Gazef Stronoff and his allies. However the last battle was against Fluder Paradyne proved difficult, however, the match was halted after the representatives learned of a massive invasion force of Chaos Beasts were coming north of the city. The Alliance was saved from annihilation thanks to the protagonist and his friends. The Kingdom who had hired the adventurer, then used the momentum of this success to call for a large-scale investigation of the Chaos Beast force and where they originated. Gazef volunteered his Warrior Troop to accomplish this mission to locate the source of the threat.[5]

Unfortunately Gazef and his warriors lose contact with the royal family in E-Rantel. The King fearing the worst, decided to sent out Blue Roses and the protagonist to find the missing warrior. The movements of the Kingdom are not unnoticed by the Bloody Emperor, and sees it as an opportunity to subvert the power of the Kingdom. Thus he orders his forces to increase their military presence in the fortress city, putting the balance of the Alliance in jeopardy.[6][7]

The protagonist managed to rescue a contaminated Warrior Captain from the depths of a cave north of E-Rantel which was infested with Chaos Beasts in the underground caverns due to the Crack. Emperor Jircniv, continued to consolidate his forces at E-Rantel, not simply as a show of force, but also as a contingency against a resurgence of Chaos Beasts attacks from the new Crack. Due to outside interference, the cave network containing the Chaos Beasts collapsed, releasing the ten thousand monsters to the surface. The monsters then turned their attention to the closest human settlement. The Bloody Emperor having expected this outcome then marshaled several worker teams to lead majority of the beasts into a quarry at the pretense of holding them off until the Imperial Knights came. However the workers were sacrificed when the knights activated a trap called the Melting Pot that sent the workers and monsters to be dissolved in acid. Thousands of Chaos Beasts were killed, thinning the numbers for the Alliance.

At the front lines, the Emperor led the Imperial Army to engage the horde. At his back were the Sunlight Scripture of the Theocracy and the Royal Army of the Kingdom. United under his military leadership the Alliance prevailed thanks mainly to the Empire due to the disciplined knights, leadership, specialized units and latest magical weaponry. All looked like the Baharuth Empire would be seen as the true master of humanity and seize the leadership of the Alliance. That is until an even greater army of Chaos Beasts rose from the cave network, at thirty thousand strong. Exhausted and outnumbered the Alliance realized that they had no chance to defeat this new threat. However the Alliance's forces was reach out to by an unlikely ally, the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth, offering them salvation.[8]

Jaldabaoth hovering in the sky before the human armies, casted an image in the sky that broadcasted to them and all of E-Rantel, displaying the doom coming for them, in the form of a horde of thirty thousand Chaos Beasts. While the information was previously known to the leadership of the united armies, such revelation threw the soldiers and civilians off-guard and disarray. The Demon Emperor though offered the humans to make a contract with him. For a certain price in exchange, he would destroy the approaching Chaos Beasts and thus saving them from death. Though the humans upon seeing Jaldabaoth and his his forces were of demonkind, outright rejected his sweet words. The leaders of the Alliance though, namely Emperor Jircniv considered the offer and requested to the Demon Emperor for more time to decide. Once the Emperor of the Baharuth Empire got in contact with the representatives of the Alliance: Deputy Assistant Enhela of the Slane Theocracy and King Ramposa III of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the matter was formally discussed.

Enhela stated that his country would reject the offer by the demon under religious pretenses. To prepare for the worst, the Theocracy had decided to recall all of its forces from the area to escape not only the Chaos Beasts but also possible retaliation from the demons as well. King Ramposa III was neutral on the decision to accept the offer of aid from the Demon Emperor, at least not until more information was acquired on Jaldabaoth's motives. The answers from his fellow colleagues annoyed the Emperor of the Baharuth Empire, as he was put in a difficult conundrum. Having already invested too much of his nation's forces in E-Rantel, he could not allow it to be destroy, as it would damage his bid to claim leadership of the Tripartite Alliance.

It was only when a single demon wiped out several stranglers from the previous horde, did it convince the Bloody Emperor to finally make the decision for the Alliance. A contract was sealed between the Demon Emperor and Jircniv. At the Demon Emperor's command, his demons laid waste to the Chaos Beasts and in a matter of minutes slayed every single monster in the field. The speed at which the demons dealt with the Chaos Beasts shocked Jircniv who originally had planned to betray the demons once they were exhausted, but seeing that none lost their vitality it only furthered his feelings of dread for the demons. Upon completing their task, Jaldabaoth demanded compensation for the deed. His first demand was the seizure of all property in E-Rantel and the second was Emperor Jircniv's life. While Jircniv was all for the first option, the Emperor refused to give the last demand. Jaldabaoth did not care what the human thinks, reminding him that he and his kind were not doing this out of benevolence or material wealth, but only to entertain themselves. Knowing full well that if Emperor Jircniv were to die, would mean an end to not just the Empire, but also the Alliance, the Four Imperial Knights attempted to assassinate the Demon Emperor before he could capture Jircniv. The actions of the Four Imperial Knights led to their defeat and the death of Nazami Enec within the group. The other knights having been cowed by the power of the demons were helpless to stop them. Go Gin, the Martial Lord of the Baharuth Empire took a stand against the demons. His appearance that was suppose to spark pride and strength among the knights only devolved in fear after he was cut down by just one of the demons.

After the forces in the Empire were forced to prostate before the mental magic of Jaldabaoth, the demons then began to ransack the city for all it valuables and goods. Attempts to escape the city were made but the Demon Emperor made it clear that no one would be allowed to leave until everything of value was his. The soldiers of E-Rantel having seen the power of the demons in the magical broadcast laid down their arms, allowing the demons to do as they pleased. The demons raided the relief supplies, spelling out doom for the city's future and its refugees. However, a single shopkeeper in the streets refused to allow his store to be ransacked. He pleaded to a demon to spare his livelihood but was met with the sadistic grin of his tormentor. It soon became the catalyst when several of the city's local heroes choose to stand up to the demon occupation. Climb was the first to strike the demon, and was soon joined by Brain Unglaus. Seeing their example and having enough of being terrorized by the monsters, several soldiers of the Kingdom rose to fight.

Their rebellion did not go unnoticed as a group of demonic maids arrived to quell the insurrection. The two warriors rebellion was then bolstered by the appearance of Blue Roses and Marquis Boullope. However, their rebellion was eventually halted by the appearance of three strong demons who brutally massacred every single soldier involved including the marquis. With the uprising crushed, Jaldabaoth proceed to host the execution of Emperor Jircniv in the city square for it's inhabitants to see. It was assumed that with Jircniv's death and the crippling of E-Rantel would spell an end to the Tripartite Alliance, however the execution was interrupted by the timely intervention by the protagonist, now equipped with enchanted armor and weapons. To the awe of many, the adventurer defeated all of Jaldabaoth's minions until finally even the Demon Emperor was laid low. Forced to admit defeat, the demon and his remaining forces retreated from the city.[9]

Shortly after witnessing the protagonist's heroic deed in driving way Jaldabaoth, the Alliance began to support the adventurer's leadership of the city who proved equally effective. Before long, the city despite being devastated by the demons' raid soon faced a resurgence in it's labor and militia. Due to the protagonist's reforms, the city was able to restore its defenses in short order by recruiting many of the refugees. The Fourth Wall of the city was completed as well as it had greatly expanded its self-sufficiency. Due to the influx of demi-human races, the capital of the Alliance was slowly becoming a melting pot of cultures. In addition to better organizing and investigating the cause of the Cracks, the protagonist launched an initiative to establish the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute headed by Nfirea Bareare and staff by some of the greatest minds of the Tripartite Alliance.

In light of the protagonist's management successes, his proposal to have the city's administration right transferred to him and his nation was approved by both the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire. The only nation to object against the centralization of power was the Slane Theocracy due to the threat of abuse of privileges. When the protagonist alongside his nation's Prime Minister, Albedo, assured that their nation was only concerned with resolving the Crack incidents and would never betray the Alliance, promising to peacefully step down if there was any breach in trust. With that, the Theocracy was satisfied with the arrangement of acting as a deterrent for the new power, and the Tripartite Alliance signed a treaty with the Sorcerer Kingdom.[10]

At a Money Lecture meeting, Albedo prepared a table of how the people of Nazarick were contributing to the diplomatic affairs of the Sorcerer Kingdom through the development of chocolate confectionery, various goods, and daily necessities. Based on the data shown, the support that the protagonist received was allowing the Sorcerer Kingdom to infiltrate the Alliance.[11]

Later the political harmony the Tripartite Alliance became threatened after Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself led an army with the intent on reclaiming it, as he did not recognize the relinquishment of it to the Sorcerer Kingdom. His army was met by the forces of King Rampossa III who in an effort to talk sense to his foolish son met with him face to face. However the prince refused to follow his father's agreement, and intended to oust him from power.[12]

Before he could signal an attack, an invisible enemy began attacking both armies outside the city, causing chaos and confusion. The attacks compounded when multiple Cracks formed within E-Rantel, sucking many in and unleashing waves of Chaos Beasts on the populace and defenders. All military forces of the Tripartite Alliance and even covert members of the Sorcerer Kingdom tried to re-establish a semblance of order and launch a counter attack, but their efforts were in vain when the invisible entity began targeting their leadership and causing them to vanish.[13]

The attack by the invisible entity and Chaos Beasts on the city eventually subsumed, but the city was left in ruins with enormous losses of life and missing people who were spirted away to whatever laid beyond the Crack. The Tripartite Alliance survived as well, though the remaining leadership was greatly weakened by the ordeal leaving the military strength of each nation to around where they were when the Incident occurred.

The Re-Estize Kingdom, having many valuable assets such as its king, crown prince, Warrior Captain and his rival, but somehow its princess was missing in the confusion. Leadership fell on the shoulders of Prince Zanac, but even with the aid of Marquis Raeven found his rule being contended by the nobles who sought use the weaken royals as an opportunity to gain more power. Due to the lack in manpower lost in the attack, Prince Zanac found his kingdom forced to rely on the undead army brought by the Sorcerer Kingdom and realized that it was only a matter of time before the other nation would control his, a fate which he was not at all against given it was necessary for humanity's survival.

The Baharuth Empire, managed to recover fairly quickly due to many of its assets being out of the city, and also due to the friendly relationship with the Sorcerer Kingdom, were given the privilege of having those slain in battle be revived using magic. Emperor Jircniv having become a follower of the Territory Guardian, was more convinced that the adventurer was a symbol of hope to humanity and willing to comply with whatever the Sorcerer Kingdom demanded if it meant helping the one he idolized.

The Slane Theocracy, having evacuated most of its forces, suffered little in personnel, save for the dismantlement of the Sunlight Scripture, as Nigun and Ian defied orders to retreat to remain to protect the humans in the city. The entire Scripture was lost at the hands of the invisible entity with their bodies no longer possible of being recovered. Enhela returned to the city once the chaos quelled and re-established a military station there and began coordinating with the members of the Temple of the Four Great Gods.

By all accounts the only nation to have profited from the mayhem in E-Rantel, was the Sorcerer Kingdom, as it was able to solidify its hold over the city. The base of the alliance was now at risk of being overrun by hordes of Chaos Beasts that could emerge at any moment from newly formed Cracks within the city walls. To avoid any more deaths, the Sorcerer Kingdom shared intel that the Chaos Beasts would not be an issue if some of the population was dispersed as large cluster of living being attracted the monsters. The dense population in E-Rantel was then planned to be spread out through the Kingdom and Empire. While this served as a safety measure, Prince Zanac saw this as a method by which the Sorcerer Kingdom could disseminate the glory of the Sorcerer Kingdom via its followers in E-Rantel and beyond.

The Sorcerer Kingdom also provide security through its undead army to be stationed around each new Crack. And while such an army would have been rejected by the human inhabitants, it was taken in stride due to their exposure of working with other races and their trust in the protagonist. Though the plans made by the Sorcerer Kingdom for this outcome were made early, they were a success, however they nation still had its own losses. Among was the total disappearances of their undercover agents: the protagonist, Slimeko and half of the Pleiades.

To maintain the protagonist and his team's reputation as heroes, the Sorcerer Kingdom used Greater Doppelgängers to assume their roles, fooling the entire Alliance and providing the needed hope for it to continue. By then Momonga noted that the Alliance was no longer the Tripartite Alliance, but had evolved into the Quadripartite Alliance, after the other nations recognized the critical role the Sorcerer Kingdom played in helping the Alliance survive in the harsh new world.[14]


The forces of the alliance is composed of the combined armed forces of the Kingdom, the Empire, and the Theocracy. So far the forces that are united in protecting the interests of the three nations include the Sunlight Scripture, the Four Imperial Knights, and the Warrior Troop.


  • The citizens and refugees all situated in E-Rantel have mixed thoughts on the alliance, as it has placed the city's autonomy into question. In addition, while the Kingdom's residents have been accepting of the knights from the Empire, the presence of the Sunlight Scripture is another story. Most are aware of the group's reputation of destroying harmless demi-humans settlements and fear that they may spread their doctrine.
  • The forces of the Great Tomb of Nazarick are interested in strengthening the Alliance. Not out of benevolence but merely to use the gathering military forces in the city to distract the Chaos Beasts from attacking the dungeon. In fact they plan to subtly take control of all three nations in the Alliance.