Total Maniac is a magic item from YGGDRASIL that cancels the undead's immunity to status changes. A very strong weapon against undead. This item is central to the plot in the Overlord spin-off, Pure Pure Pleiades.

Appearance Edit

Total Maniac is a red triangular party popper with a golden Grammy-like statue sticking out of it. Attached to its string is a warning that says "do not pull".

Abilities Edit

This item cancels natural immunity of the undead to status changes. In Ainz's case, it restored his original human emotions, making him more emotional and easily nervous. Its true power is to ignore racial restrictions, throwing all nearby characters into a state of confusion by the fulfillment of two very specific conditions. Firstly, having 8 of the items in the vicinity. Secondly, in the vicinity, there are one Undead, one Imp, one Dullahan, one Werewolf, one Doppelganger, one Shoggoth, one Arachnid, and one Automaton that gather in one place. The effect wears off after an hour.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • There were originally 9 of these items, but as of episode 8, all were used.


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