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Total Calmness Modified Mark 2 is a magic toy hammer.


This item was created by Pandora's Actor. Shortly after Ainz Ooal Gown visited him to inform him of the outbreak of the NPCs doing overreacting poses in response to "Ainz Ooal Gown's" example in Re-Estize. In actuality, Pandora's Actor started the fad when he impersonated Ainz whilst interrogating Sebas Tian to determine his loyalty.


Total Calmness appears similar to a child's toy hammer with a compressible red hammerhead and a yellow handle. On its side, it has the Roman numeral II.


Total Calmness Modified Mark 2 is a mind-stabilizing item. If you tap the person on the head once, their mind will be stabilized. However, it only works on those that have been influenced by mental effects. If used on a being whose nature is erratic personality is their norm then it will have no effect.


  • Upon receiving this item from his creation, Ainz attempted to use it on Pandora's Actor only to discover the item has no effect on him since he is also dramatic when calm.[1]


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