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Torturers (トーチャー) is a demon from YGGDRASIL.


Torturers wear black leather aprons that clung tightly to their figures. With skin that was ghastly pale, almost transparent, and purple veins are visible as if their blood was purple. They wear tight black leather masks with no visible openings, which they could see or breathe. Their arms are long as well. They are about two meters in height, but their arms are long enough to reach their knees.


Judging by their occupation, Torturers must excel in interrogation and sadistic torture. They are also capable of using healing magic with their interrogation techniques.[1]


  • After Heavy Masher's group had set off a trap, at least one of its members was sent directly to Neuronist Painkill's torture chamber, where he was repeatedly tortured by her and the Torturers.[2]
  • When Torturers tortured one of Heavy Masher members, they used healing magic to "practice his singing".
  • In the Web Novel, a Torturer worked at Demiurge's ranch, harvesting skin for Magic Scrolls.[3]


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