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Tina (ティナ) is an adamantite ranked adventurer and a member of Blue Roses. She is also the triplet sister Tia and Tira.


Tina has a slender body figure and dresses herself in light clothes and armor for the purpose of speed and stealth. Like her twin sister Tia, they both share exactly the same features and attire, the difference between them are the color of their ribbons. Tina's is red whereas Tia's is Blue.


Raised as an assassin, the loss of human life almost never affected her emotionally. However, after joining Blue Rose, she gradually developed feelings for her cherished comrades. She also admits that she is a blabbermouth, stating she couldn't keep a secret even at the risk of her own life.


Both she and her sister were raised in the arts of an assassin and never trusted anyone but themselves. They were once tasked to assassinate Lakyus herself. However, they failed as she wasn't an easy target. From tailing her to find out her weaknesses for a better chance to kill her, they eventually decided that the life of an Adventurer suits them better.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Tina along with her sister, Tia stealthily raids a drug production village belonging to Eight Fingers. After collecting the documents from the village main battlement, they burn down the fields.[1] She later meets Princess Renner, who ordered the raid and hand her a scripted document she found in the village.[2]

She later fought against the demon army along with the rest of the Adventurers and Kingdom's soldiers.[3] Once the crisis had passed she was present along with her other fellow Blue Roses members to bid Momon farewell when he left.[4]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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In the Royal Capital, Tina and Evileye escorted Princess Renner and Climb from the Royal Family sponsored orphanage to the Royal Palace.[5] During this journey, she seizes the opportunity to ask to her friend if she can kill the Sorcerer King but is not surprised when she answered her that she can't.

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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The twins are present in the meeting with the delegates from the Roble Holy Kingdom along with the other members of Blue Rose where they asked for Neia's name, noticing she doesn't have the body of a warrior. Due to their mischievous nature, she and her twin sister then resorted to making jokes concerning Gagaran's unique huge physique and the difference it is in contrast to someone like Neia Baraja. It's unclear who did it, but Evileye signaled to one of the twins including Tina to examine the small pouch of money handed over to them by the envoy Gustav. It is their job to check and see if the small pouch actually contained the expected amount by throwing it up and catching it to feel the weight sensationally.

When Evileye drew the identity of Jaldabaoth on paper to Remedios, it was either one of the twins like Tina who snatched back the former's drawing and tore it in half. While Evileye was furious and distracted about what one of them did, the other twin took the chance to snatch away the pen in the meantime and drew swiftly on the new piece of paper. One of the twins then showed Evileye their finished drawing of Jaldabaoth which was of far greater quality than the picture drawn by their companion. The twins and Evileye ceased their feuding concerning the drawing of Jaldabaoth and turned back towards Remedios after the paladin confirms that was the demon they fought against at the Holy Kingdom.[6]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Before opening the doors to the inn where the secret meeting arranged between Blue Roses, Red Drop, and their unknown client will take place at, Tina and her sister tapped their leader twice on her waist to signal for her to be on alert as they have noticed something. After entering the secret meeting room and seeing that Evileye had done the job of taking out the two women that were with Azuth Aindra, she praise and give a thumbs up toward the vampire for doing a good job on dealing with them.

When the 10th Seat of the Black Scripture revealed his hidden presence to them, Tina and her twin sister were the first to be left utterly shocked by how that assassin appear out of nowhere unnoticed by them. As a result, she and her twin immediately drew their weapon out of caution due to the fact that a new guest having suddenly appear before them, recognizing the latter to be an assassin who is more powerful than the two.[7]

When the capital Re-Estize is already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, Tina and the rest of the members from Blue Roses met up with Renner, Climb, and Brain in the palace. Once Evileye suggests Lakyus that they have enough time to drink some cup of tea together, Tina follow along with her ploy to fool Lakyus into believing it was done so out of the kindness for Renner who offer them a drink. Tina was signal by her sister Tia to escort Brain Unglaus out of the room for her. In according to that, Tina left the room with Brain, bringing him with her to look for where the water is boiled as well as for desserts to pair with the tea.

Since this was a scheme secretly hatched together with the other members of Blue Roses without Lakyus knowing, Tina plots to allow the remaining Blue Roses members as much time as possible to be able to drug their leader to submission. She had chosen to leave the task up to her sister Tia and Gagaran whom together shortly later proceeded to attack Lakyus to the point that their leader was vulnerable and weak enough for being a potential target for brainwashing.

After Evileye's spell was able to successfully cast [Control Person] on Lakyus, she returns to the room with Brain who did not notice what had happen in this room while he was away. Upon returning there with trays of desserts, Tina and the other members of Blue Roses were simultaneously teleported together to the inn where they pick up Lakyus' equipment. Once they retrieve it, they then have Evileye teleport them outside the Royal Capital to begin heading to their new destination at the southeast.[8]

Abilities and Powers

She uses a dagger named "Vampire Blade" which sucks the blood of the victim. She can use the skills "Hide Shadow" and "Dark Crossing," which allow the user to hide and move in the shadows.

Job Classes

Main Equipment

  • Vampire Blade: A dagger that can suck the blood of the victim leaving no evidence of a murder.



Her twin sister, fellow "ninja" and adamantite adventurer of Blue Rose.

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra

Tina and her sister were originally supposed to assassinate Lakyus. However, they ended up failing. They decided to follow her in order to learn her weaknesses. After some time, they decided to quit being assassins and become adventures instead, joining Lakyus' team. Tina now considers her a good friend and trusted teammate. She sometimes calls Lakyus an "evil boss."



As a fellow companion of Blue Roses, the two share the camaraderie of the group. As the same way of Gagaran, she is very frank and a bit mischievous with Evileye. But also thinks very highly of her powers as a magic caster, believing in the possibility that she was able, or had an ace on the hole, to defeat the Sorcerer King.


  • In the Web Novel, she and her twin sister were members of Ijaniya. It is stated that she is a wicked lesbian.


  • (To Evileye): "Alas, I am now Tina of "Blue Rose", also known as 'Can't Keep A Secret To Save Her Life'."
  • (To Renner): "Hmmm. Hime-sama, that's a good head on your shoulders."
  • (To Renner): "Well, I'm pretty annoyed that our evil boss's pretty face got hurt."
  • (To Evileye): "...Hum, this is a good opportunity. I've been wanting to ask you, Evileye — can you kill the Sorcerer King?"


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