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The following is a list of events that take place chronologically in the world of the Overlord series, starting from the past and heading toward the present storyline.

Chronological Order of Overlord

  1. Blu-ray BOX4 Special Story: Overlord Prologue (Former Part)
  2. Blu-ray BOX6 Special Story: Overlord Prologue (Latter Part)
  3. Light Novel Vol.01: The Undead King
  4. Blu-ray BOX1 Special Short Story: Emissary of the King
  5. Blu-ray BOX2 Special Drama CD (#3): Guardians' Vacation
  6. Blu-ray BOX1 Special Manga Supplementary Short Story: Drama of the Three Ladies
  7. Overlord Volume 10 Side Story
  8. Light Novel Vol.02: The Dark Warrior
  9. Light Novel Vol.03: The Bloody Valkyrie
  10. Overlord Manga Vol.06 Special Edition Drama CD: Show Must Go On!
  11. Light Novel Vol.04 Special Drama CD (#1): The Sealed Evil Tree
  12. Light Novel Vol.04: The Lizard Man Heroes
  13. Blu-ray BOX3 Special Drama CD (#4): Hamsuke Lost Child
  14. Light Novel Vol.08: The Two Leaders
  15. Light Novel Vol.06 Special Drama CD (#2): The Dark Hero's Story
  16. Blu-ray II BOX1 Special Drama CD: Ainz Raises Money
  17. Overlord Manga Vol.10 Special Edition Drama CD: Table Game to Understand Humans
  18. Light Novel Vol.06 Special Drama CD (#2): The Maid Tea Party
  19. Light Novel Vol.05: The Men in the Kingdom (Part 1)
  20. Light Novel Vol.06: The Men in the Kingdom (Part 2)
  21. Light Novel Vol.07: The Invaders of the Large Tomb
  22. Light Novel Vol.09: The Magic Caster of Destroy
  23. Light Novel Vol.10: The Ruler of Conspiracy
  24. Overlord Compilation Movie 01 Bonus: The Pleiades Day
  25. Light Novel Vol.11: The Craftsman of Dwarf
  26. Blue-ray IV BOX2 Special Drama CD: Shalltear's Travel Diary
  27. Overlord: The Undead Oh! Special: Ainz's Ambition
  28. Blu-ray BOX1 Special Drama CD (#1): Nazarick Mythology
  29. Light Novel Vol.12: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Part 1)
  30. Light Novel Vol.13: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Part 2)
  31. Light Novel Vol.14: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom
  32. The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue
  33. Light Novel Vol.15: The Half Elf God-Kin (Part 1)
  34. Light Novel Vol.16: The Half Elf God-Kin (Part 2)
  35. Light Novel Vol.16 Special Edition: The Dinner Is All Nazarick Members

Real World Timeline

2079 (59 Years Ago)

2118 (20 Years Ago)

  • The Arcology War broke out in Europe and the Neo Nazi's Uniform became a hot topic.

2126 (12 Years Ago)

  • A local Japanese producer released the Neural Nano-Interface system.
  • YGGDRASIL game service started.


  • Touch Me became the World Champion of Álfheimr.
  • Touch Me saved Momonga from PKers who were hunting down Heteromorphic players.
  • The Formation of the First Nine known as the Nine's Own Goal.
  • The Dissolution of the Nine's Own Goal and the Formation of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Ainz Ooal Gown conquered the Great Tomb of Nazarick and it became its guild headquarters.
  • The Great Tomb of Nazarick was invaded by the largest alliance assembled in the game, but they were defeated before they could go beyond the Eighth Floor.

2138 (Starting Point)

  • The shutdown of YGGDRASIL.
  • Momonga meets and talks with Herohero before YGGDRASIL's shutdown for the last time.
  • Momonga changes Albedo's setting to be in love with him as a joke moment before YGGDRASIL's shutdown.
  • Momonga and his guild base are transported to the New World.

New World Timeline

~Unknown Years Ago

~600 Years Ago

~500 Years Ago

  • The Eight Greed Kings appeared and conquered the New World, spreading the influence of Tier Magic and leading to the decline of Wild Magic.
  • Surshana, the last surviving of the Six Great Gods, encountered and was slain by the Eight Greed Kings.
  • All out war between the Eight Greed Kings and the Dragon Lords.
  • The Age of the Dragon Lords came to an end.
  • The internal conflict of the Eight Greed Kings, which led to their demise.

~300 Years Ago

~250 Years Ago

~200 Years Ago

~100 Years Ago

  • Carne Village was founded by pioneer Thomas Carne.
  • All traces of Runecraft magic items from the Dwarf Kingdom ceased with the Baharuth Empire.

60 Years Ago

39 Years Ago

  • The reign of King Ramposa III began.

30 Years Ago

  • A group consisting of an adamantite adventurer team led by Vesture Kloff Di Laufen and two mithril adventurer teams collected a rare herb from Zy'tl Q'ae in the Great Forest of Tob.

25 Years Ago

22 Years Ago

20 Years Ago

  • Zurrernorn occupied a ruin and conducted horrifying experiments, which led to catastrophic results.
  • A city south of the Baharuth Empire was destroyed by a dragon.

19 Years Ago

16 Years Ago

10 Years Ago

  • Nemu Emmot was born.
  • Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix was crowned Emperor of the Baharuth Empire. Using his new authority, he commanded the imperial knights to purge the imperial nobles in the capital.
  • Osk encountered Go Gin in the Empire's frontier.
    • Go Gin became the Martial Lord and champion of the Imperial Arena.
  • Calca Bessarez was crowned Holy Queen of the Roble Holy Kingdom, becoming the first female monarch in the Holy Kingdom's history. However, this resulted in a strained relationship between the northern and southern parts of the kingdom.

5 Years Ago

  • Fluder Paradyne and his disciples captured a Death Knight and transported it to Arwintar. It was imprisoned deep within the vaults of the Ministry of Magic for further research.
  • Under the leadership of Khajiit Dale Badantel, Zurrernorn infiltrated the fortress city of E-Rantel and prepared for the 'Spiral of Death' ritual.

Present Timeline

Transition 1st Day

  • Momonga and the Great Tomb of Nazarick were transported to the New World.
  • Momonga held an emergency meeting with the Floor Guardians on the 6th Floor.

Transition 3rd Day

  • Momonga went outside of Nazarick along with Demiurge to see the new world.
  • Momonga jokingly suggested on taking over the world which Demiurge misinterpreted as his intention.

Transition 4th Day

Transition 8th Day

Transition 9th Day

Transition 10th Day

Transition 11th Day

  • The Swords of Darkness and company arrived at Carne Village.
  • Nfirea revealed to Momon that he knew that he was actually Ainz Ooal Gown and sought to learn the secret of the red potion from him.
  • Momon tamed the Wise King of the Forest in the southern part of Tob Forest.
  • Zach on his way to the Death Spreading Brigade-branch bumped into Clementine on her way to the workers which she engaged and returned to the cemetery she also assailed Khajiit.
  • Sebas and Solution left E-Rantel and headed to the Royal Capital.
  • Shalltear encountered the Death Spreading Brigade and Brain Unglaus. She soundlessly defeated them while Brain escaped.
  • An adventurer team on patrol encountered Shalltear and got slaughtered, with only Brita left alive.
  • Shalltear encountered and engaged the Black Scripture but was summarily afflicted with an incomplete mind control spell.
  • The Adventurer's Guild received a message that a powerful vampire appeared at the Land of Karst.

Transition 12th Day

  • Momon, Nabe, Nfirea, and the Swords of Darkness returned from Carne Village.
  • Clementine and Khajiit killed all members of Swords of Darkness and kidnapped Nfirea.
  • During the Cemetery Incident, Lizzie Bareare hired Momon and Nabe to rescue his grandson. Momon vanquished Clementine and Nabe defeated Khajiit in the E-Rantel Cemetery.

Transition 13th Day

  • The Adventurer's Guild promoted Momon and Nabe to mithril class adventurer.
  • Lizzie Bareare and Nfirea were relocated to Carne Village to fulfill the pact made with Ainz.
  • Ainz received a message from Albedo that Shalltear had rebelled against him.
  • E-Rantel authorities dispatched Momon in an emergency meeting concerning a powerful vampire.
  • Ainz Ooal Gown battled against Shalltear Bloodfallen and succeeded in killing her. The resurrection afterward annulled the mind-control.

Transition 14th Day

  • The Adventurer's Guild promoted both Momon and Nabe to adamantite class adventurers after the examination of the battle remnants against the vampire.

Transition 28th Day

Transition 29th Day

  • Zaryusu reaches Red Eye and meets Crusch Lulu, who agrees to the alliance.

Transition 30th Day

  • Zaryusu and Crusch journey together to Dragon Tusk and encounter Zenberu Gugu. After a duel between the two warriors, the tribe joins the alliance.

Transition 31st Day

  • The five lizardmen tribes gather at Green Claw Village and begin stockpiling and fortifying their position.
  • The tribes unite to form the Lizardmen Alliance.

Transition 35th Day

  • The Lizardmen Alliance wage war against the undead army of Nazarick and are victorious.

Transition 36th Day

  • Cocytus requested Ainz to spare the lizardmen and Ainz agrees to make them subordinates.
  • An army of undead led by Ainz and the Floor Guardians arrives at the Lizardmen Settlement.
  • Ainz meets Shasuryu and Zaryusu and tells them to prepare their forces to fight Cocytus tomorrow.

Transition 37th Day

  • Cocytus fights and kills all of the Lizardmen who faced him.
  • The Lizardmen Alliance agree to become Nazarick's servants.
  • Crusch Lulu agrees to spy on the Lizardmen in exchange for Zaryusu's resurrection.
  • Zaryusu is resurrected by Ainz in front of all the Lizardmen, who now see the latter as a deity.

~Transition 2nd Month

~Transition 3rd Month

~Transition 4th Month

  • In the royal palace of Valencia, the royal family and the Six Great Nobles of the Re-Estize Kingdom, discuss the declaration of war of the Baharuth Empire and Ainz Ooal Gown.

~Transition 6th Month

  • During the winter, the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire prepare for the Annual Wars.
  • The Massacre at Katze Plains occurs leading to an overwhelming victory to the Sorcerer Kingdom and Baharuth Empire.
  • By spring, the Fortress City of E-Rantel is officially ceded to the Sorcerer King.

~Transition 2nd Year

  • Enri and Nfirea have been married for approximately six months, living peacefully in the Sorcerer Kingdom.
  • Enri was greeted by Lupusregina, who lamentably informed her of Ainz Ooal Gown's rumored death.


  • The main storyline of the Overlord series is set in the New World's timeline.
  • In the Overlord Bonus Volume, its setting diverges from the main timeline after Momonga edited Albedo's character profile, made the Pleiades kneel before him, and later exiting the Great Tomb of Nazarick thereafter.
  • For the Overlord Bonus Volume, Ainz Ooal Gown's counterpart, Suzuki Satoru began his journey in the New World two centuries early compared to the main light novel series.